Time of Day in the Realms

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The time of day is rarely measured in precise hours, even with the introduction of precise Lantannese water clocks. Many temples will measure the time of day into hours, marked by bells that count up from 1 to 12, and then repeat the cycle, with highsun and midnight at the 12 bell peals. In far greater use are the ten colloquial names for more practical divisions, based on the sun of the day rather than precise hours.

  • Night's Death: As the sun begins to rise, but has not yet crested the eastern horizon, the sky becomes colored a dim grey, and continues to lighten until dawn. Many folk - whether they are working fields or tending to shops - rise in the latter part of this time to begin tending to their duties for the day. Some, such as those who must work a few hours before others arise (such as bakers) are up when night's death is still young in the sky.
  • Dawn: This is the time of day when the sun rises, marked by the bells of the Spire in its loudest peals. This averages about 6 bells. In winter, this may happen as late in the day as halfway between the 7th and 8 bells, while summer sunrises can happen as early as the midpoint between the 4th and 5th bells. This is the time of day when most markets and shops open, though many workers have been there for a bell or two already.
  • Morning: Once day has broken, the span of several hours between dawn and highsun.
    • Mornfeast: The first meal of the day.
  • Highsun: The middle of the daylight, when the sun is at its peak. This is most often the hour on either side of the 12 bells mark.
    • Highsunfeast: The second meal of the day.
  • Afternoon: As the sun climbs down from its peak, and the day wanes. Frequently the hottest part of the day, as the sun has been in the sky the longest.
  • Dusk: The dim-lit part of the day where the sun has dropped into the west, but has not yet dipped below the horizon proper. Most markets and shops begin to close up around this time of day.
  • Sunset: The setting of the sun below the horizon. Winter sees this time of day come early, somewhere between the 4th and 5th bells close to the solstice; in contrast, this may linger until as late as after the 8th bell in summer.
  • Evening: The early part of the evening, in which the warmth of the day often lingers a little, but the coolness of night has certainly begun to collect. Most folk return to their homes for the evening this time of night, or venture out to their favorite inn halls or taverns for an evening meal and time with their friends and family.
    • Evenfeast: The last meal of the day.
  • Midnight: The midpoint of the night; like highsun, this usually comes round about the 12 bells mark of night.
  • Moondark (or Night's Heart): Sometimes referred to as the "witch's hour", this time is the darkest part of the night. Most good honest folk have been abed for a while by now.