To Find A Way Timeline

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294 AL

The year of 294 is a Summer Year, as it has been since 288 AL. Many are beginning to call this "the Long Summer".

First Month

  • Lord Josian Wisent manages to acquire a pardon for his brother, Ayrant, from spurious accusations from his childhood.
  • Lord Josian Wisent sends word to his brother, Ayrant, asking him to return home as his heir.

Second Month

  • Ayrant Wisent takes passage on the Titan's Daughter to return to Westeros.
  • Story One: Homecoming: In which the Heir of House Wisent returns from a dozen years abroad, and people try to kill him and his compatriots twice in three days as he attempts to get home to the Wisenwood.

Third Month

Fourth Month

Fifth Month

Sixth & Seventh Month

  • Story Six: Spires & Pennants: In which a small contingent of House Wisent travels to Torrhen's Square, and a trip to Highgarden in in the offing.

Eighth Month

  • X

Ninth Month

  • X

Tenth Month

  • X

Eleventh Month

  • X

Twelfth Month

  • X