Town of Drapuren

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Town of Drapuren

One side of the town is the great sea where there is a small dock that brings in many of the commercial items and supplies from the two great cities near by. The town is build close together and feels smaller than it really is. A big part of this is due to the great forests that surround the other side of the city. Past the docks to the south the land rises to a great cliff side where the Noble Julian Murdock lives. His great house is surrounded by a great wall of stone and the road to access his front gate is out of the way and passed by both the Mayor's Manner and the town guards barracks. The actual town is build around a circular road which houses the town market in the center on the south side and most of the major neighborhood to the north. The docks to the east and the scatters homes to the far west house the two major slums. further to the west is a rough dirt road which leads to the west side of the cliffs and the major mining caves.

Population: 2,728

  • Humans: ~2,200
  • Half-elves: ~275
  • Dwarves: ~135
  • Halflings: ~120

Government: Local noble who resides on the hill above the sea and a Mayor who runs the town

Defense: The city is protected by a local town guard lead by an elected official but it is well know he works for Murdock. He is kind and fair and leads his men to keep the peace more than use violence. Their biggest challenge of late has been the growing gang influence which has become something greater than the Captain of the guard can ignore. Total guard: 18 men and women

Commerce: Basic supplies are easily found and come in regularly on both boats and from the near by large cities. In fact the town would be a major hub except it is dwarfed by two major cities who have a much more stable economy.

Town Business:

  • 2 Inns
    • Roc's Rest Inn: This inn is owned by Borr and Gertrude Landian. There are 4 serving maids at the inn, but the most well known is Lilyanna.
  • 7 Taverns (4 actual buildings, 3 local home-brewers)
  • 6 Blacksmiths (2 shops)
  • 2 Healers
  • 1 Weaponsmith
  • 1 Armorer
  • 1 Bowyer
  • 1 Magic artifact shop
  • 2 Merchants (1 travels, 1 is local)
  • 5 Leather workers (2 Shops)
  • 8 Tailors (2 Shops)
  • 1 Jeweler
  • 8 Cobbler (2 Shops)
  • 2 Fishmongers
  • 5 Farriers (2 Shops)
  • 5 Carpenters (2 Shops)
  • 4 Masons (1 Order)


Julian Murdock.jpg
Julian Murdock
He is the owner of Murdock Mining and many other businesses around the world. He resided on a mansion on the hill overlooking the water. He doesnt often venture into town but when he does he is surrounded by his many bodyguards. His mining operation keeps the town thriving and lets him basically get away with less than "lawful good" practices.
Ruthon Blackwater.jpg
Ruthon Blackwater
Gang Leader
She is ruthless and coy but her only objective is power and money. She has a strict rule about not sleeping with any members of her gang. The former gang member who is now a eunuch and serves in the headquarters serves as a warning to the gang fraction leaders who interact with Ruthon. It is also rumored she has a gangs set up in a few cities which she will disappear to collect her share and check in on from time to time. Despite all these rumors and her reputation, only about 8 of the gang members have ever met and know the identity of Ruthon.
Gertrude Landian.jpg
Gertrude Landian
Inn Keeper, Cook, & Owner of Roc's Rest Inn
She is the inn keeper, cook, and co-owner of Roc's Rest Inn. She is quiet and generally spends her time in kitchens or managing the staff, but is very protective and matronly to workers and patrons under her roof.
Borr Landian.jpg
Borr Landian
Barkeep and co-owner of Roc's Rest Inn
He is the barkeep and backup cook of the Roc's Rest Inn. He is the face of the bar and known by everyone. He is always welcoming of everyone, but will follow his wife's lead when it comes to matters of inn business.
Barmaid of Roc's Rest Inn
She is jovial and full of life. Always quick to smile and you cant help but feel warmth and happy when she is around. The is the most well known of the barmaids of Roc' Rest Inn.
Captain Moxus.jpg
Captain Moxus
Captain of the Fortune of Men
Captain Moxus is a serious man who leads his crew with a kind heart but strict protocol. He is quick to laugh but just as quick to reprimand. He is fairly well trained at the cutlass but tends to avoid fights and bloodshed at all costs. His men are his family and he will not risk their lives needlessly.
Herald Dumphy.jpg
Herald Dumphy
Captain of the Town Guard
Herald Dumphy just wants to get through the day without having to explain to someone why their money was stolen, why their son got beat up, why they have to pay protection money when the "Gods damned city guard was suppose to do that." Sigh. But no day like that exists for Dumphy. He does his best and wants the best for everyone, but he can't please everyone. To be fair, the mayor and Mr. Murdock are the ones paying min and his men. Neither of them usually ask too much…well until recently. Sigh.

Town Map

C = Chapel

T = Tavern

I = Roc Rest Inn

M = Market

BS = Blacksmith

Drapuren map.png