Towns of Anvil Vale

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  • Overseen by dwarven architects and masons in their building.
  • Composed of sections of standard designed buildings along stretches that function well for them, with private, individually designed buildings slotted into spaces between them.
  • First floors are designed with strong dwarven aesthetics: half-sunken into the ground, with stone construction.
    • Upper stories are usually wood, though chimneys and hearths are stone
    • All first floors also lead to the "Winter Roads," sub-street tunnels with access to buildings, for use during winter seasons when the streets are buried in snow. Not all buildings connect to the winter roads, but the standard-design ones do, as do the more expensive private designed ones.
  • Lower levels have running water from ground-level filtered cisterns and privy-drops, which usually connect to drops throughout the rest of the building.