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Geographical Information
Size: Large Town • Location: Dessarin Valley
Societal Information
Populace: 2000
Religion: Shrines: Gwaeron Windstrom
Imports: xxx
Exports: Agriculture
Political Information
Government: Elected Official
Ruler: Lord Protector
Military: Local militia

Triboar is a bustling frontier town that sits at the junction of the Long Road and the Evermore Way. It is a favorite stopover for merchants, traders, travelers and adventurers.

Legend states that Triboar was founded about 400 years ago by Oswin Boldfist, who established a traveler’s hostel near the place where he once slew three boars. Years after his death, Oswin was (controversially) canonised by the cult of Gwaeron Windstrom, and he has been known as St Oswin ever since. The town’s founding is celebrated every year on St Oswin’s Day.


The resident population is about two thousand souls, though hundreds of visiting travelers, adventurers and traders may be found there at any given time. About half of the population live in the town proper, while the rest live on the surrounding farms and ranches. The resident population is mostly human, with a sizable minority of halflings.


Triboar is ruled by the Lord Protector, who is elected every seven years on St Oswin’s day. The current Lord Protector is Darathra Shendrel. The laws of Triboar are called the Lord’s Decrees.


Triboar has a frontier feel, with folk mostly obliged to protect their own interests. The Lord’s Decrees are enforced by a mounted squadron known as the Twelve. They are drawn from a larger militia of at least fifty (part-time) soldiers.

Places of Interest

Trade is the major source of wealth in Triboar, with large caravans arriving and departing every week. Agriculture is also a significant part of the economy, with many thousands of acres around the town under cultivation. Triboar is nicknamed “The Town That Never Sleeps”, and is a hive of commercial activity both day and night. In the middle of the town is the famous Market Square, which is packed full of vendors, storekeepers, merchants, tradesmen, stallholders and more.


  • Foehammer’s Forge
  • Happy Horse Ranch
  • Merivold Pony Park
  • Othovir’s Harness Shop
  • Uldinath’s Arms
  • Wainwright’s Wagons


Drinking is popular in Triboar, and the town is home to the following taverns and inns –

  • Boar’s Rest
  • Everwyvern House
  • Northshield House
  • Six Windows
  • The Pleasing Platter
  • The Talking Troll
  • The Triboar Arms

Temples & Shrines

There is little formal religion in Triboar, though the town is always full of itinerant clerics. The exception is a small wood to the west of the town; it is known as Gwaeron’s Slumber, and is considered a holy site by the cult of Gwaeron Windstrom. The Lord’s Decrees prohibit anyone from felling a tree in this wood.

Trade Routes

Roads & Trails