Vincent 'Ace' Greystone

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Vincent 'Ace' Greystone
Ace greystone.jpg
Race: Human, Class: Rogue (Mastermind)
Background: Veteran Mercenary, Alignment: Neutral Evil
Patron Deity: Mask, Shar
Factions: -
Ability Scores
Strength 8 (-1), Dexterity 18 (+4), Constitution 12 (+1);
Intelligence 8 (-1), Wisdom 13 (+1), Charisma 16 (+3)
Bonus: +3
Saving Throws: Intelligence & Dexterity
Skills: Acrobatics (dex), Atheltics (str), Sleight of Hand (dex), Perception (wis), Persuasion (cha), Stealth (dex), Intimidation (cha), Deception (cha)
Tools: thieves tools, forgery kit, disguise kit
Languages: Common, Espruar, Dethek
Armor: light
Weapons: simple weapons, hand crossbow, longsword, shortsword, rapiers
Lucky, Brave, Nimble, Resistance, Expertise (deception & stealth), Thieves Cant, Sneak Attack (3d6), Cunning Action, Uncanny Dodge, master tactics
Bonus: Dual Wielder
Attacks: Rapier +7, Dagger +7
Armor Class: 18, Initiative: +4, Speed: 30
Hit Points: 36, Hit Dice: 5d8
Personality Traits: Charming, manipulative, vain, greedy, calculating
Ideals: wealth, power, beauty
Bonds: my mercenary band the mist (which includes Phila), my father's bar, my own business
Flaws: sex and drug addiction, cocky, judgmental

"Wealth, power, fame. What more do you need?" - Me


Being honest has never been my strong suit. Tragedy has tainted my story and molded me to be what I am today. My Mother was killed by a band of Orcs while father was serving some rich noble asshole in the military. My older brother left shortly after her death with my Uncle to find better work in Waterdeep (he was 11 years older and tired of Yartar). This left me, at age 8, alone with my grieving Father. My Mother's death changed us all, and father the worst. There wasn't a day that went by that he didn't have a bottle of something in his hand. Always rambling about "if only i'd been there to save her" and "if only our family name was still in tact" and blah blah blah. The only good decision my father made was to buy a broken down tavern with two inn rooms called the Prancing Pony. Sloshed most of the time, my father couldn't really run the bar, much less manage me. I started playing cards at 8 and realized that I had a knack for lying. As i became a teenager I learned to steal, run the bar, and how to stop my Mother's scream from entering my mind every night: Sex! Drugs weren't bad either. But nothing compared to the scream of women (or men) in the throws of pleasure/pain. Seeing that I was a "messed up" kid my father did what he knew how to do. He threw me to the military like Grandfather did to him when he was out of line. The military taught me two things; how to fight and how to manipulate people. I returned to Yartar after my term was up and went back to running the bar (and running a mercenary band called The Mist). Now that I've run my father's bar for almost 10 years (and using it as a front for the best drugs in Yartar) my sights are on the big city. Waterdeep! My brother sent me a letter urging me to join him and my Uncle on their secret mission.


I have black curly hair, blue eyes, and square jaw. I often wear leather armor, dark colors, but with a hint of pattern. When not in armor I have very nice tailored clothes that are very expensive and comfortable (when running the bar). My expression can range from stern to whimsical and light-hearted. I have a stunning smile and have been called a "pretty boy" all my life. I am very nimble, quick, and have confidence for days. That's right, just try me!


Moneys: My Father's bar.

Magic Items: Cloak of Protection

Carried Equipment: 2x Rapiers (Liliana & Elise), 2x Daggers (hidden), Cloak of Protection, common clothes

  • On the Job (Bar Tend): backpack, 2x daggers, Fine Cloths
  • On the Job (Gang): studded leather armor, black travel clothes, backpack, ball bearings, caltrops, dice, cards, crowbar, grappling hook, 50' silk rope, pen, bottle of ink, 2x flask oil, 2x sack, tinderbox, waterskin, climbers kit, mess kit, clothes (fine, common, and travelers)

Stored Equipment:

  • The Lazy Dragon: this is where Ace stores the gear he's not actively carrying around (listed above)

Lifestyle: Comfortable 2gp/day.

  • I will always buy the nicest I can afford. Saving is not my specialty. I will not go as far as to take out loans from others (because there is always a card game or purse to steal) but will spend until I'm broke.

Inn (Business)

  • Lifestyle Provided: Comfortable (60 gp per month)
  • Employees Cost: 90 gp per month
    • Skilled: 1 (60 gp per month each)
    • Unskilled: 5 (6 gp per month each)
  • Building Cost: Large (50gp) • Modest (x1) 50gp per mo
  • Goods Cost: 80gp per mo

Total Business Cost: 280gp per mo

Nightlife Information Network • Small
  • Establishment Time Invested: 0 days • 12 days to next level
  • Establishment Coin Invested: 0 gp • 15 gp to next level
  • Utilize Information Network

nobility Information Network • Unestablished
  • Establishment Time Invested: (+5 for contact) days • 12 days to next level
  • Establishment Coin Invested: 0 gp • 15 gp to next level
  • Utilize Information Network

Important Individuals

Dungsweeper • Smuggler (Contact)
A Waterdhavian dungsweeper who occasionally uses his dung-cart to smuggle illegal goods (particularly drugs) from the docks throughout the city and beyond. You have known him for years, and it was with him that you first got high (at your uncle's bar in Yartar, when Salben used to carry on a slightly more traditional smuggler's career).
Noted Bard & Entertainer (Contact)
A sun elven woman, Nitasili always makes time for you when she comes through your town. Your ability to throw the best parties has won her into your company (and your bed) pretty regularly over the years.
Laithe Massalan
Socialite (Contact)


1354 DR

  • Mirtul:
    • 1st-4th: Establishing a Business (Lazy Dragon Inn)
    • 5th-20th: Running a Business (Inn)
    • 21st-27th: Establish Information Network (Nightlife); Inn counts for 5 days, plus another 7 to establish.
    • 28th-30th: frolic / carouse with laithe massalan sew rumors
  • Kythorn: x
    • 1st- 10th Use Night life information network to find out more about the black coats. specifically heirarchy of the gang and what buildings they own / headquarters
    • 10 - 20th: Work on building nobility network through attending any parties with Laithe massalan
    • 20 - 30th: Focus on the lazy dragon during the day, at night carouse with laithe massalan (as permitted)

Projects, Goals

  • Start my first Inn/tavern -The Lazy Dragon
  • Build a drug ring and recruit children to pedal the drugs
  • Connect with my family in town and see where they are at in their mission
  • Forge documents that back up our trading of drugs (physicians and apothecaries contact)
  • Own property in Waterdeep
  • Become a noble through marriage or other means