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1) Amarath was found floating on an asteroid fragment in the Halo, surviving on a tiny bubble of air caught by the asteroid's gravity. He refused to speak of how he got there, but it was evident to his rescuers that it had been a traumatic event. Who found him and brought him to Bral is as yet undetermined.

  • Motley: I spend a lot of time on crews and could have been among the crew that found you.
    • Perhaps Motley checked in on Amarath after the crew he had been serving on checked him into the House of Compassion, and they went out to explore the Rock? Amarath was looking for business leads (and Motley would have understood from that that Amarath had concerns about making a living), but they mostly ended up watching street performers and the like, per your #4.

2) Amarath knew nothing of Bral, so his rescuers took him to the House of Compassion to convalesce. While there, his own training allowed him to help in the treatment of others in thanks for the asylum's care. The House also provided Amarath with his first guidance in learning life on the Rock of Bral.

  • Tal'Tich: make the most sense for me as, Tal'Tich has also spent some time in the House of Compassion.
    • Would Amarath have been involved in treating Tal'Tich? I don't know why he was there. But since they're both newcomers to the Rock, perhaps the House of Compassion tour guided both of them together?
      • That could work. I also suspect that Amaranth has been on Bral longer then Tal'Tich, so being involved in his treatment would make a lot of sense.

3) His association with the House of Compassion brought him into contact with Madame Barmetta, whom he helped with an as yet undetermined medical need. She desired discretion in the matter, so only a handful of people ever knew about it.

  • Bricky: make sense for me, as I know more of Lady Barmetta's biznezz
    • I've been leaving whatever Madame Barmetta needed up to Joe, but I was thinking that because he's also a jewelcrafting, it might have involved some mineral treatment that he happened to have specialized knowledge of. Perhaps you were engaged in finding someone who knew of the proper treatment for whatever it was?

4) Outside of his work as a priest and healer, Amarath is also a trained jewelcrafter, and he had put out some feelers for work as a means to support himself after leaving the House of Compassion.

  • Gleblexicor: How are you at turning set jewelry into other, considerably less recognizable jewelry? If you can do that Gleb probably had quite a few jobs for you.


1. I never would have guessed that a tortle would have a thin skin, but there is nothing like a brawl in Bral. Thanks to you, I didn't even spill my beer. The next one's on me.

  • Gleblexicor: Telekenisis is great for not spilling your beer! And Gleblexicor was happy to lend a pseudopod in a brawl.

2. No, I wasn't lost. I was asking directions from the locals because I like meeting people. I don't even think they got that angry, running was just a more efficient way of getting back to the spelljammer. Anyway, all I'm saying is we got back just fine and you've got a good story to tell.

3. Look. I know you saw me swipe the keys off that slaver. Thanks for not turning me in. Yes I have a reason, no I don't want to talk about it. Not now, at least.

  • Bricky: "Listen, I don't need you to explain it. Your crime is your own business, just like mine is my own. If they're rich enough and possess enough hubris to own another person or people, they deserve every loss they receive. You count me in when you decide they need to lose everything."

4. While Motley would never admit it, he loves music and art in general. He claims to like window shopping at the market to spend the money he doesn’t have yet. You went with him once and noticed he spent more time watching the street performers than looking at merchandise.

  • Amarath: Perhaps Motley checked in on Amarath after the crew he had been serving on checked him into the House of Compassion, and they went out to explore the Rock? Amarath was looking for business leads (and Motley would have understood from that that Amarath had concerns about making a living), but they mostly ended up watching street performers and the like, per your #4.


1. Tal'Tich collapsed after his most recent return to Bral. He was taken to the House of Compassion to be cared for. This is where he met Amaranth and possibly others.

2. On board the Hammership "Predator" Tal'Tich plotted a course that stopped at a small asteroid to refresh air and pick up some water. The asteroid was filled with Gibbering Mouthers, and the crew barely escaped without anyone dying. There was so much slime. Perhaps one of you were on that crew.

  • Motley: I could have been there for number 2.

3. Tal'Tich has a small collection of potted desert plants, including a few that bear small fruits and berries. He occasionally takes goodberries from the plant and distributes them to the poorest of Bral. Maybe you have seen him do this or also help the poor.

  • Bricky: I appreciate the care and time you take to raise and nurture these plants, and do my best to learn what I can. I also try to urge Tal'Tich to go and take their poor-feeding-tours through Goblin Town as much as possible.

4. You saw Tal'Tich when he stumbled upon the food stall "Pippin's Hot pies" and saw him rear up in terror of the halfling proprietor. Maybe you explained to him carefully that Pippin doesn't chop people to put into the pies. Or maybe you made fun of him by helping to perpetuate his prejudices.

  • Gleblexicor: "Pies aren't people, well not halflings, but they might be full of bugs. You know, the good stuff."


1. Word was floating around The Rampant Lion that Bricky had his sights set on liberating some rarer goods from one of many traveling merchant vessels coming through The Rock of Bral. Things did not go according to plan, but nobody got hurt or identified. Bricky remains optimistic and undeterred from trying again. Have you gone on one of these romps with Bricky, or maybe served as a lookout? Maybe you told him information that helped keep him alive, or maybe you're a dick who tipped off the merchant?

  • Gleblexicor: Who needs to pick locks when you can just ooze under the door? Gleb definitely helped with a few of these runs.

2. Walking through Goblin Town, you're accidentally knocked into and jostled by a group of adolescent goblin children, playing a game and running through the streets. As they are departing, you realize every money of yours has been taken! You see them round a corner, and you shout at them to stop. You catch up to them just in time to see Bricky stand in their path and pronounce something in Goblin. They hand you back your money. Bricky says he works protection for the guests of The Rampant Lion. You don't believe him.

3. After a rousing night electrifying fans, slamming arcane brews, and devouring all of the horsebread at The Laughing Beholder, Bricky is contented and exhausted. From across the bar, you watch as someone cozies up to him and engages him in conversation. You can't hear the words being said, but the pursuant seems very forward in their body language, and Bricky looks uncharacteristically uncomfortable. Do you step in to give him an out? Do you encourage the groupie? Do you just do nothing and let it play out, observing the awkward and abrupt end to the exchange as Bricky hurriedly runs away?

  • Motley: I would absolutely step up with a drink and drunkenly congratulate you on an awesome concert I engage the would-be paramour in conversation and make sure to direct their eyes elsewhere for just a moment. Lone enough for you to slip away. By the time we turn back to talk to you, we are very disappointed to find you gone. The conversation fizzles out after that.

4. Bricky has been making quite a stir lately in Goblin Town and surrounding burbs, holding events and raising funds for his charity house, Bricky's Little Green Babies: An Orphanage for Goblin Children. He's trying to get his hands on some good leads (and property, and permits, and money, and connections), but keeps running into layers and layers of red tape at every turn. Maybe you know a guy who knows a guy who could help? Maybe you helped him navigate all the bureaucratic nonsense? Maybe you illuminated fliers for an event?

Gleblexicor Ixgortal

1. Gleb is someone useful for moving stolen goods/fencing and definitely has connections to get contraband on and off Bral. What did you have Gleb move/get for you?

2. Gleb is occasionally seen in the company of a small gargoyle-like thing skulking in the back alleys of Bral. Maybe you saw Gleb hand it coin, maybe you heard what it said, maybe you're smart enough to have never mentioned it to Gleb. Maybe you're not, and Gleb held a knife to your throat and told you to tell no one.

3. We were at that fancy-ass inn and Gleb's complete inability to shut the fuck up and respect his "betters" got the both of you thrown out. Where were we and whom did I offend?