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Hooks are ways to pull characters further into elements of the setting and campaign. Choosing a Hook is totally optional, and PCs may choose up to two of them. Each Hook comes with a benefit and a drawback that remain unknown until the Hook is chosen, plus includes certain opportunities for connection with the plot as it unfolds.

Eye in the Dark

You are a watcher. Someone has recruited you to watch and report into certain arenas, and you are a gatherer of intelligence, a practitioner of espionage.

Lover in Every Port

You can't help it! There are lovely folk in so many places, and you're the rake with a lover in every port. That can mean a place to crash, but it can also mean trouble waiting for you even before you set foot off the deck.

Mercane Factotum

You're an occasional representative, employee, and go-fer for one of the Mercane, those strange blue-skinned merchants of arcane goods throughout wildspace.

Monsters in the Dark

As a youngling, you had to deal with the fact that horrors do indeed sometimes lurk in the shadows. Fortunately, there was someone there for you.

Noble House Retainer

You have been an agent and retainer for a noble house. Though you're free to pursue your own goals, you still sometimes help out in return for certain considerations.

Seeker Neophyte

You're a junior member of the Seekers, the order of sages and scholars based out of the Library of the Spheres on Bral. You've got some responsibilities, but you've also got access to one of the greatest archives of lore in Realmspace.

Time in Care

Life has been hard, and it's taken its toll on body and mind. You've spent time in the House of Compassion asylum on the Rock of Bral before, for better or worse.


You served in a military or mercenary company in the past. You're technically retired now, though that may very well be the nice story you spin about what actually happened.

Wanted Criminal

It's almost inevitable in your line of work, but there are…certain law enforcement gentlefolk who would like a word or three with you. This can mean the occasional troublesome brush the law or bounty hunters, but it also means your bona fides are well proven to the criminal element.