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Arc 1: The Spiral & the Sign

Chapter 1: The Crucible

Episode 1: A Sitdown with Madame
Episode 2: Master of the Docks

Chapter 2: Small Tasks

Episode 3: Asteroid Investigation
Episode 4: Back at the Rock p1
Episode 5: Back at the Rock p2

Chapter 3: The Principality

Episode 6: Journey to Sweetgrove, p1
Episode 7: Journey to Sweetgrove, p2
Episode 8: Journey to Sweetgrove, p3
Episode 9: Arrival at Freehold
Episode 10: Aiding in Sweetgrove, p1

Chapter 4: xx

Episode 11: Aiding in Sweetgrove, p2
Episode 12: Aiding in Sweetgrove, p3

Chapter ??