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Relationships are measured by a Relationship Rating. Positive numbers reflect friendly Acquaintances, while negative numbers reflect unfriendly Rivals.

Contacts (Rating 1 or higher)

NPCs with a positive Relationship Rating are called Contacts. They generally look on the PC with favor, glad to see them when they come around. Contacts are good sources of Rumors and Favors. Contacts start at the Friendly attitude.

Boons: Contacts of Rating 2 or greater grant Boons, which are benefits granted to those they look with favor on. Each NPC's boon will be different, but they will often be certain types of Favors granted for free, discounts on services or goods, automatic access to certain Rumors, and more.

Rivals (Rating -1 or lower)

NPCs with a negative Relationship Rating are called Rivals. They dislike the PC, although they don't work to do actual injury or death to them (although see "Enemy" below). Rivals frequently act to stymie PC actions, particularly as the source of Complications in Downtime Actions. Rivals start at the Hostile attitude.

Banes: Rivals of Rating -2 or less grant Banes, which are specific setbacks that come of being regarded so poorly by that individual. These might be trouble caused by those who favor the NPC, increases in the cost of services or goods, and more.

Changing Relationship Ratings

Increasing: The following are some of the typical ways of increasing a Relationship Rating with an NPC:

  • Favors: An NPC may ask a PC for a favor of some kind. If this favor is performed, increase Relationship Rating by 1 (or possibly more, depending on the favor).
  • Roleplaying: A roleplaying interaction that engages an NPCs Ideals, Bonds, or Flaws in a way favorable to that NPC may increase Relationship Rating by 1.
  • Downtime: PCs who dedicate Downtime Actions to fostering their relationships with NPCs may increase their Relationship Ratings with them.

Decreasing: The following are some of the typical ways of decreasing a Relationship Rating with an NPC:

  • Favors: A PC may ask an NPC for a favor as well. If this favor is performed, decrease Relationship Rating by 1 (or possibly more, depending on the favor).
  • Roleplaying: A roleplaying interaction that engages an NPC's Ideals, Bonds, or Flaws in a way unfavorable to that NPC may decrease Relationship Rating by 1.
  • Complications: When a Downtime Action triggers a Complication, the NPC who acts as the source of that Complication decreases Relationship Rating by 1 – getting a good one over your rival tends to reinforce one's rivalry.

Relationship Conditions

NPCs of certain Relationship Ratings may take on more refined relationships than simple Acquaintance or Rival. Each Condition requires a minimum Rating, but not all NPCs who reach that Rating automatically gain that Condition. Each Condition has an Instigating Event – often an encounter or other deliberate action on the part of the PC – that causes the NPC to gain that Condition.


Rating: -3 or less

No longer content to merely cause trouble and spread nasty rumors, a Rival who becomes an Enemy seeks the PC's downfall. This is usually a downfall within the NPC's normal context, although it may include violence if the NPC is capable or can call upon those who are. NPCs who have little power or influence frequently end up as informants and assistants to adversaries of great power.

Instigating Event: The PC performs some act of great personal or professional harm to the NPC. This should require the loss of livelihood or harm to loved ones, or something of a similar degree.

Bane: Remove the NPC's Relationship Rating entirely – there is no potential for resolving this enmity without some kind of great act. The NPC will work to achieve the PC's downfall in whatever arena they have the most influence, and they are willing to sacrifice a great deal to inflict as much damage as possible.


Rating: 3 or more

Some Contacts may grow into more than that, becoming reciprocally important to PCs. When an NPC becomes meaningful to a PC in more than casual or professional terms, when a relationship develops where each is invested in the other's life and well-being, that is the basis for a friendship.

A Friendship that drops below 2 doesn't necessarily end, but it may indicate trouble between comrades. This Condition is removed if the Relationship Rating drops below 0.

Instigating Event: The player of the PC declares an interest in becoming friends with the NPC, and with the DM plans a roleplaying or Downtime scene that invokes an NPC's Ideals or Bonds.

Boon: A friend is generally willing to sacrifice and take on difficulty on behalf of the PC. They can be counted to show up when they are needed, to lend a bite to eat or place to stay for those in need, or to levy Favors without reduction in Relationship Rating.


Rating: 4 or more

Some bonds are deeper than mere friendships. Although many romantic relationships are reflected by this Relationship Condition, not all Beloved are romantic or passionate in nature. They might be rich familial bonds, deep companionships, or mentor/apprentice connections. Many Beloved characters start as Friends, but this isn't necessarily required – two acquaintances who suddenly discover commonality and connection between them may become Beloved as well.

A Belovedship that drops below 4 doesn't necessarily end, but it may suggest a cooling of the passion, a mellowing of the connection. This Condition is removed if the Relationship Rating drops below 1.

Instigating Event: Much like becoming a Friend, elevating an NPC to Beloved requires the PC to declare an interest in such, and to plan a roleplaying or Downtime scene. In this instance, though, it must not only invoke the NPC's Ideals or Bonds, but do so in a way that demonstrates commonality or attraction between the characters.

Boon: A PC who has 0 Inspiration who spends meaningful quality time with their Beloved gain 1 Inspiration.