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Practical Repairs

By and large, most ships are repaired by the application of skilled workers, raw materials, and time.

  • A ship repair crew consists of at least one worker skilled with carpenter's tools, and a minimum of four others to assist them. Each such team can repair one hit point per day.
  • If the ship's hit points are above the halfway point, the ship doesn't need to be put into drydock – repairs are possible while the ship is moored normally. (Which saves the cost of drydocks).
  • If the ship's hit points have dropped below the half-way mark, it must be put up in a drydock to repair it at least to 50% hit points.


The costs listed here are for the Rock of Bral and other similar high-traffic spaceports.

  • Materials: 5-10 gp per hit point. These materials can often be found for much cheaper from places that do not have to ship timber and other repair materials, such as groundling locations.
  • Crew: 5-10 gp per day. A crew of one skilled carpenter and four apprentices and assistants, necessary to repair one hit point per day.
    • On the Rock of Bral, a drydocks crew costs 10gp per day, while a crew hired to come to a ship at dock costs 7gp per day. These are all Shipwrights' Guild members. By Bralian law, the only folk who can work repairing a ship are that ship's crew or members of the Shipwrights' Guild, and only Guild wrights can work on the drydocks.

Magical Repairs

  • Mending: Mending can be used to repair light damage to a ship – that is, a ship component that has taken one third of its hit point total in damage or less. Using mending in this way repairs one hit point per minute of focused work with the cantrip.


  • Hiring Magicians: A magician capable of using mending can command between 3 - 5 gp per hit point repaired.
    • On the Rock of Bral, it isn't uncommon for drydock repair crews to repair a vessel up to the two-thirds hit point mark, and then a Shipwright magician come in to tend to the rest of the damage at a discounted rate of 2 gp per hit point. This is only offered on ships that receive mundane repairs at the drydock first, however.