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Group Experience
Group Practical Experience: 5
Group Practical Beats: 1

These are the notes accumulated by the Hunters of Danford House, regarding the monsters they have faced.

Group Tactics

  • Moral Support - Hunter Page 226,
  • Disappear - Hunter Page 221


  • Exorcism works against demons.
  • Hurting their Meatsuit does not necessarily impair the demon.
  • Hurting the body does hurt the host.
  • Demons have psychokinesis.
  • Black eyes are a sign of demonic possession.


  • Vampires are real.
  • Vampires consume the blood of the living.
  • Guns are not particularly effective against Vampires.
  • Fire is extremely effective against vampires.
  • Vampires rot when they are dead.
  • Vampires can be supernaturally fast.
  • Silver is very effective against vampires.
  • Some vampires are more resistant to silver then others.
  • Vampires touch can bliss you out.
  • Holy Water can be effective against vampires.


  • Using Salt Shot against ghosts can cause them to dissipate.
  • Salt will not stop environmental attacks from ghosts.
  • Ghosts can be destroyed by burning their bones.
  • There are ways to trap ghosts
  • Ghosts can be strengthened by Ritual.
  • Ghosts are more lucid right before they cross over.
  • Ghosts can attach to an object instead of their Bones, this will allow them to survive the destruction of their bones.
  • Ghost can influence if not directly control the actions of people.


  • Some Cryptids turn into "Stone" when they die - Sewer Beast
  • Some Cryptids can heal with fire - Sewer Beast
  • Some Cryptids are very territorial (seen via Strop marks) - Sewer Beast
  • SOme Cryptids have natural armor - Sewer beast