Wardens Character Creation

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  • All characters start at PL 8.
  • Characters should ideally start with 3 - 4 Complications.

Character Types

  • Sorcerer: You are a wielder of the arcane arts, invoking the power of otherworldly entities and drawing their power into the earthly realm in the form of spells.
  • Reliquarian: You have bonded with a magical relic, becoming both guardian and wielder of that object and its powers.
  • Invested: You are the living embodiment of a/n xxx, or an "Awakened" city, invested with the city's awareness of self and manifesting strange powers in line with the city's spirit.
  • Invictus: You are the last warrior of a vanished culture, empowered with its last dying gasps of life, made immortal and powerful in hopes that it will not be forgotten and lost to the ages.