Wizard Notes

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Magic awakened early in the world but remained unseen for many of the first generations. It is a force apart from the spirit world that infuses the waking world itself. In time, some folk began to notice and work with it.

The folk see the development of magic as one of the unique arts born and learned exclusively in the waking world, and it is celebrated for this. Wizards are admired as pioneers by most folk and greeted with wonder and delight.

Because there are no books in the world, wizards use a ritualistic method for preparing their spells. In place of a spellbook, each wizard carries a schema. A schema is an object or objects that a wizard carries and uses to pattern energies for their use. One wizard's schema may be a staff carved with intersecting mazes. How the wizard solves these mazes each day determines his spells. Another wizard's schema may be a wardrobe of clothing, and dressing himself each day allows that wizard to prepare spells. Yet another wizard may carry a collection of stones and lay them out in patterns each morning to prepare her spells.