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Rumors Collected in Port Nyanzaru

  • Between Laughing Gorge & Kir Sabal: Chult was once a playground for a green dragon. Her bones mark the location of a hidden treasure trove. If you travel to Mezro and head east across the laughing Gorge , then south toward Kir Sabal, you might stumble on the dragon's bones and earn yourself a place in the history books!
  • The great god Ubtao loved mazes. If you happen upon a maze of any kind. trace a path through it. You will earn Ubtao's favor by doing so.
  • Omu: Deep in the heart of the jungle is a city built by minotaurs. It's now overrun by snake people, but even worse things dwell below. In visions, I have seen strange devils screaming in the dark.
    • Has been conquered by Ras Nsi and the yuan-ti.
  • Some city folk were expecting the arrival of a Halruaan airship called the Star Goddess. It never arrived. I bet it crashed in the jungle some where.
  • Long ago, a peaceful tribe of fisherfolk called the Aldani angered Ubtao by catching and eating all the lobsters in a river. As punishment for their greed, they were all transformed into monsters that dwell In the Aldani Basin.
  • Mezro: Emerald Enclave fought undead near ruins of Mezro and Port Castigliar, but have found evidence of giant footprints up and down near Port Castigliar and south near the river.
  • Cullen's Aunt: Was originally in Kir Sabal, but headed south to seek for some treasure.
  • Bay of Chult: A dragon turtle named Aremag lives in the Bay of ChuIt. If you wish to set sail from Port Nyanzaru, you'll need treasure to appease the greedy monster. How much treasure, I can't say. Aremag will tell you what it wants, and you'd best give it what it demands.
  • Nangalore: Chult had many kings and queens, but none more beautiful than Queen Zalkore. Thousands of warriors killed and died for her, but the only memorial of her reign is the garden palace of Nangalore, which lies near the eastern shore of the River Olung, north of Lake Luo.