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Ahmadar "Catcatcher" of Clan Darkfell
Race: Shield Dwarf, Class: Wizard (Necromancer) 5th level, Rune Scribe 1st level
Background: Urban Bounty Hunter, Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Patron Deity: Vergadain
Factions: Blackstaff Tower 3 • Citadel Adbar 3
Ability Scores
Strength 11 (0), Dexterity 14 (+2), Constitution 15 (+2);
Intelligence 20 (+5), Wisdom 12 (+1), Charisma 8 (-1)
Bonus: +3
Saving Throws: Intelligence & Wisdom
Skills: Arcane (int), Investigation (int), Perception (wis), Stealth (dex)
Tools: Smith's tools, Citadel gaming set, thieves' tools, mason's tools, calligraphy tools, jeweler's tools
Languages: Common, Dethek, Chondathan, Undercommon, Auld Wyrmish, Espruar, Illuskan, Orc
Armor: light, medium & shields
Weapons: battleaxe, handaxe, throwing hammer, warhammer, dagger, darts, sling, quarterstaff, light crossbow
Darkvision 60', Dwarven Resilience, Stonecunning, Ear to the Ground, Arcane Recovery, Necromancy Savant, Grim Harvest, Undead Thralls, *Ring of Evasion
Bonus: +2 Int, Wizard-4: Medium Armor Master
Attacks: Spell Attacks +9
Armor Class: 20, Initiative: +2, Speed: 25
Hit Points: 44, Hit Dice: 5d6 & 1d8
Personality Traits: blunt, forward & crass, has...questionable fashion tendencies
Ideals: law & order are necessary, magic can make a greater future
Bonds: the arcane, friends & family, dwarven things (especially dwarf magic)
Flaws: afraid of cats, racist, tends towards extremes of distrust or too trusting

"Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty and dies with chaos." - Will Durant


Ahmadar Catcatcher is an established thief taker frequently commissioned by various merchants and the City Watch. He is often found in the Castle Ward, most commonly at Blackstaff Tower, The Yawning Portal or at the Crawling Spider tavern.

Ahmadar is the son of Teshura, a fancy lady who used to be employed at the Crawling Spider tavern in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep. His mother is the daughter of Beldas, once a minor noble of Clan Darkfell, who had been exiled after his father Uldred Darkfell had been executed for treason and conspiracy against the King of Citadel Adbar. While not a legacy to be proud of, it far outshines that of who his father is, infamous agent of both the Eye and the Iron Ring in Skullport, Ahmaergo the Horned Dwarf. His mother had worked the grounds of Gyudd's Distillery before Ahmadar was born and claims with absolute certainty that Ahmaergo was his father. She left Skullport for Waterdeep and began working at the Crawling Spider shortly after his birth. Ahmadar, having no use for either side of his shady family history or their possible legacy, had disowned anything beyond his mother. A great many things have shifted about and changed in the past year. Teshura lives in Silverymoon now and she and Ahmadar have been recognized as scions of Clan Darkfell in Citadel Adbar, where he has spent many months studying old lore and bringing it to light to the dwarven scholars who had commissioned his visit and research.

Ahmadar had no idea he had a gift for magic. It's generally unheard of and an unsavory and suspicious trait when found amongst dwarves. The Blackstaff discovered him because of a mishap following a successful job where he had apprehended Demisante, a young half-elf girl who had been using magic to burglarize homes in the Castle Ward. Ahmadar would never have guessed back then that he would be forced to pursue and capture her again and that they would later become friends after he pushed for her to be released into the custody Khelben as an apprentice.

As part of his reward for turning the thief in, he had been allowed to keep her possessions. Among them was a very strange book. Ahmadar was fascinated by the inscriptions, designs and symbols in the book. He had started using some of these symbols as doodles and decorations and on one occasion when he was tracing one of the symbols from the book, the page flared with a blue-white light and filled his arm with such a terrible chill that it left his hand stiff and numb. Fearing that he had released some sort of terrible curse from the book, he took it and ran to the House of Wonder in search of guidance and healing. Once he had explained the circumstances to a priest, and then another, and then to about six others, all of them puzzling over his tale and the book he had brought them, they finally healed his hand and sat him in a little conference room with a cup of warm tea. He sipped his tea, confused by their keen interest in him until the Blackstaff showed up in the doorway. The Archmage stared at the tiny, tiny dwarf...so tiny. The towering wizard entered the room, closed the door and sat across from poor, doomed Ahmadar. It was as if that icy numbness from the cursed book had returned, but instead of just his hand, it filled him from head to toe and all he could think about was what in the realms had he gotten himself into? Oh. Oh a great deal in fact.


Ahmadar is 5' tall and 220 pounds of stocky dwarf. He has brown hair with a hint of ginger, which he maintains as a short, neat mohawk and a moderate length of beard with no ornamentation. Following his time at Citadel Adbar, Ahmadar has taken to wearing half-plate on his travels, covered with a red tabard with a stylized unicorn that Demisante had made for him to replace his old red robes. Her carries a shield with the Darkfell heraldry upon it and a blackened wood and iron wand covered with arcane engravings.


Age 33 in 1354; Born 24 Uktar, 1321 DR (Year of Chains)
Born under the Sign of the Butterfly, with Selûne (first quarter) under the sign of the Trident

Those born under the sign of the Butterfly are restless, sociable and good natured. Cheerful, expansive and magnetic, they win friends easily and dislike offending others. Although often indecisive, they are not weak willed and tackle difficult tasks with infectious optimism.

Those born with Selûne under the sign of the Trident are quick witted, spontaneous and gregarious. They have a lively curiosity and are intelligent, persuasive speakers, enthusiastic, inquisitive and communicative. They love discussing new ideas and projects.


  • Cantrips: 4
  • Maximum # of Prepared Spells: 11
  • Spells per Day: 4/3/3
  • Magic Ability: Intelligence
  • Saving Throw DC Total: 16
    • (Base DC (8+mod): 13 + Spellcasting Bonus: 3)


Rune of Clan Darkfell

Moneys: 76gp, 15sp, 8cp

Carried Equipment: red tabard w/ unicorn, Darkfell adamantine half-plate, Darkfell Shield +1, dagger, backpack, healers kit, mess kit, tinderbox, waterskin, 50' hemp rope, (3x) manacles, (10x) chalk, (5x) flask, (10x) rations, scroll case, Citadel gaming set, Wand of the War Mage +1 (attuned), Ring of Evasion (attuned), Amulet of the Delver, Elder Rune of Steyr (attuned), Bag of Tricks (Rust), Ahmadar's Traveling Spellbook, small bundle of wanted posters

Stored Equipment:

  • Crawling Spider: fine dress clothes, "gently used" red robes & long brimmed red hat, staff (wizard focus), (2x) handaxe, manacles, fine rug that depicts dwarves vs. goblins (50 lbs., 120gp value), suit of dwarf-sized studded leather with bronze studs in the shape of small fists (45gp value), fine tapestry crafted of rothe wool & metal threads depicting creation of the dwarven race by their gods (50 lbs., 70gp value), octagonal dwarven iron salt cellar & salt spoon, both set with small slivers of satin spar (120gp value)
  • Blackstaff Tower: a lamp, a fluffy mattress, The Thaak Taalomar, The Three Spell Folio, spell-scroll: Snilloc's Snowball, Tales of the Melairkyn Dwarves (Tome: History DC20), box of research notes regarding dwarven mages & "thunder-twins" that he copied from the Vault of Sages, The Spellbook of Demisante the Dauntless, Gamhuin's Spellbook, spell-scroll: Cloud of Daggers

Lifestyle: Modest, 1gp/month.

  • Ahmadar has taken possession of the small suite of rooms at the Yawning Portal.
  • Ahmadar also continues to maintain his small apprentice cell in Blackstaff Tower, where he somehow manages to fit a bed, nightstand, chest and mounted shelves. This is where he stores all of his tomes, spellbooks and magic related possessions and frequently crashes here after long days of study and research.

Spell Books

The Spellbook of Demisante the Dauntless

This small spellbook is a collection of scraps and whole pages bound with leather twine between two small wooden boards. The front and back covers are crudely engraved with elven symbols and a crude forest scene with a stick figure and what is likely supposed to be a unicorn. The interior is a mess of runes and symbols with every bit of available space around them crammed with tiny written notes and instructions in Espruar. Ahmadar has added new pages to the back of the book that contain his own neat and organized notes.
The spellbook had initially been a trophy when he had captured Demisante. She had escaped prison and created herself a new spellbook. When she was captured again, Ahmadar pushed for her release into the care of and apprenticeship to Khelben. She retained her new spellbook and Ahmadar accepted her grand gesture of the gift of her first spellbook to him for his kindness (keeping him mouth shut that he had no intention of giving it back anyway). Ahmadar's other collected tomes and spellbooks have rather impressive names, so he started calling this one The Spellbook of Demisante the Dauntless because it makes her happy to hear. 98 of 100 pages are full.

  • Prestidigitation (4 pages)
  • Minor Illusion (3 pages)
  • Chill Touch (4 pages)
  • Ray of Frost (3 pages)
  • Mage Hand (2 pages)
  • Shocking Grasp (5 pages)
  • True Strike (2 pages)

Level One Spells

  • Disguise Self (4 pages)
  • Find Familiar (ritual; 2 pages)
  • Magic Missile (4 pages)
  • False Life (2 pages)
  • Ray of Sickness (2 pages)
  • Charm Person (5 pages)
  • Sleep (2 pages)
  • Comprehend Languages (ritual; 2 pages)
  • Gust of Wind (2 pages)
  • Shield (2 pages)

Level Two Spells

  • Ray of Enfeeblement (5 pages)
  • Scorching Ray (3 pages)
  • Invisibility (6 pages)
  • Rope Trick (6 pages)
  • Mirror Image (4 pages)
  • Suggestion(3 pages)
  • Hold Person (4 pages)

Level Three Spells

  • Animate Dead (6 pages)
  • Fireball (4 pages)
  • Counterspell (7 pages)

Ahmadar's Spellbook

A simple leather bound book with "Ahmadar of Clan Darkfell" embossed on the bottom-right corner of the cover. There may be a circular stain on the cover from a foamy beer stein having been set on it in the past. 28 of 100 pages are full.

  • Mold Earth (4 pages)

Level One Spells

  • Tenser's Floating Disk (ritual; 3 pages)

Level Two Spells

Level Three Spells

  • Slow (7 pages)
  • Leomund's Tiny Hut (ritual; 6 pages)

Recipes & Schematics

  • Bag of Tricks (5 pages)
  • Shield +1 (3 pages)

Ahmadar's Traveling Spellbook

A simple leather bound book with "Ahmadar of Clan Darkfell" embossed on the bottom-right corner of the cover. 34 of 100 pages are full.


Level One Spells

  • Find Familiar (ritual; 2 pages)
  • Comprehend Languages (ritual; 2 pages)
  • Gust of Wind (2 pages)
  • Tenser's Floating Disk (ritual; 3 pages)

Level Two Spells

  • Invisibility (6 pages)
  • Rope Trick (6 pages)
  • Mirror Image (4 pages)
  • Suggestion(3 pages)

Level Three Spells

  • Leomund's Tiny Hut (ritual; 6 pages)


Ahmadar's Familiar

Scout is the name of Ahmadar's obese bat familiar (though he has spent most of his existence as a rat, which seems to have left a bit of a mark on his personality). He lives a very sedentary lifestyle in either Ahmadar's pocket or on his bed and is generally only motivated to actually exert any effort to move when his master commands him to or there is cheese involved. Especially if there is cheese involved. Most cats seem terrified of Scout, much to Ahmadar's delight given that the foul beasts from Hell terrify him.
AC 12, HP 1, Speed 5', Fly 30' Str -4, Dex +2, Con -1, Int -4, Wis +1, Cha -3 Blindsight 60', Passive Perception 11

  • Echolocation (no sound = no blindsight)
  • Keen Hearing (advantage on Wis/Perception checks that rely on hearing)


Ahmadar teshura.jpg
Ahmadar ahkhalan2.jpg
Yb placeholder white.jpg
Ahmadar’s Not Quite Functional Family

Teshura: Ahmadar's mother, used to be a fancy lady employed at the Crawling Spider tavern in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep, but she now lives in Silverymoon. A lady of grace, charm and enticing smiles, though she is still haunted her time in Skullport and the son she had left behind in order to escape with Ahmadar.

Ahkhalan: Ahmadar's twin brother and a slaver from Skullport. Ahmadar was unaware that he had any siblings, much less a twin, until said brother attempted to have him stalked with the intention of kidnapping him. Their parties fought against each other when they first met, which didn't allow for any significant conversation, but Ahmadar seeks to establish some sort of contact now, wishing to know more of this long lost brother.
Ahkhalan, who works as a slaver for their father in Skullport, and Ahmadar have met numerous times since their first encounter and have established a relationship. Ahkhalan wants to learn magic and Ahmadar has been attempting to teach him with no luck thus far.

Ahmaergo the Horned Dwarf of Skullport: Ahmadar’s father and one of the most prominent slavers in Skullport. Ahmaergo and Ahmadar met for the first time about a year past when he had been traveling through Skullport, his father only having just learned of his existence.

Blackstaff Tower Crew

Amalya 01.jpg
Apprentices & Associates of Blackstaff Tower

Evendur Husteem: Nobleman from a terrifying family that makes bank on buying and selling mercenaries. He's also a priest of Mystra, though not very popular with his high priest from what I hear. Evendur and Ahmadar share a similar love for magic and all things arcane and spend a great deal of time together in the tower library, absorbed in books.

Ciro Melshimber: A rich, snobby nobleman who makes his career as a critic and gossip. His rude, derisive remarks - often aimed in Ahmadar's direction, immediately endeared him to the dwarf. He's apparently a priest of Deneir, though he's an awful scribe - his handwriting makes ogre graffiti look like fine calligraphy and he loathes books and research.

Glim: Ahmadar considers Glim to be like a little sister and is quick to defend her from harm or slander from anyone who would dare put their sights on her. Unlike most thieving hobbits, she is an honest soul with a good heart.

Amalya: Ugh. Her.

Demisante: Misguided, impressionable and not overly bright, but she is exceptionally talented with magic. Ahmadar had tracked her down and seen her imprisoned on two occasions, but after having gotten to know her better, he vouched for her and arranged for her to be released into the custody of Blackstaff Tower as an apprentice. Khelben, often drawn to misfits and curiosities, agreed to the arrangement.
Ahmadar is not fond of her. Not in the least. Nope. Okay...just a little.

Danilo Thann: Khelben's nephew. Ahmdar generally finds him to be next to useless and often forgets his name or that he exists at all.

The Crawling Spider Crew

Ahmadar dalan2.jpg
Ahmadar durn2.jpg
Ahmadar fenwin.jpg
Ahmadar asha.jpg
Ahmadar krusk.jpg
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Crawling Spider Crew

Dalan the Vigilant: A member of the Waterdeep City Watch and Ahmadar's primary contact for relevant news when he's on the hunt for bounties. Dalan is a common patron at the Crawling Spider.

Durn One-Eye: Durn, a short brick wall of dwarf mutt, is part time bouncer at the Crawling Spider and part time harbor worker. He is also Ahmadar's occasional lover. Durn prefers to keep the relationship on the down-low and thus refuses to commit to anything serious, but it does not stop him from angry or sulking bouts of possessive jealousy.

Fenwin: A regular drinking buddy of Ahmadar. Fenwin is a gnome and generally the source of most of Ahmadar's ridicule for the gnomish race. Fenwin is a minor member of the League of Basketmakers & Wickerworkers guild, hates his job, hates his wife and generally drinks to forget all of the above. His wife recently gave birth to triplets. He doesn't believe they're actually his and complains about how expensive they are.

Asha: Another regular drinking buddy, Asha works at the waterfront. She knows about Durn and Ahmadar's secret relationship and teases Durn through use of innuendo, much to Durn's frustration. As a child, Asha was an orphan and a thief on the streets. She was apprehended by Ahmadar after he caught her stealing food. She touched upon something in his heart and he chose not to turn her in to the Guard, instead choosing to take her home. He and his mother, who eventually grew fond of her, cleaned her up and got Durn to find her work at the docks. She's grown up to be a terrifyingly tall human woman and refers to Ahmadar and Durn as her uncles.

Krusk: A half-orc and regular at the Crawling Spider. He and Ahmadar used to be professional rivals, though Ahmadar has always been convinced that he is a thief and a liar and uses the recognition and his contact in the Watch to commit crimes that he pins on the thieves hunts. He is as smug as he is ugly and is always accompanied by his thuggish brother and sister, Targ and Varra.


Citadel Adbar Apprentices

Bromm Fireaxe: Son of King Harbromm of Citadel Adbar, Bromm is the more serious of the two brothers. His time in service with the Axes has changed him - he saw battle in the depths against enemies of the Citadel where his brother never did. He is more distrusting of those things not of dwarven kind.

Harnoth Fireaxe: Son of King Harbromm of Citadel Adbar, Harnoth is a bit more carefree in his ways, fascinated by other cultures and not interested in dwarven isolationism in the least. He never quite mastered the arts of battle, but has taken to magic quite readily.

Whorbi Worldthrone: Daul of Indigara Worldthrone, Whorbi is quite young, though less than a decade from adulthood. When she discovered her talent for magic, her father Odar attempted to deny her the right to learn, but Indigara brought her young trembling daughter to be tested by Ahmadar, and threatened to divorce Odar if he tried to keep their daughter from achieving the greatness of the Thunder Blessing.

Hendyr Warcrown: Hendyr is the son of Elder Emerus Warcrown of Sundabar, and a young dwarf much closer to Ahmadar's age than any of his other apprentices. Hendyr is an eager study, joining Ahmadar in Waterdeep until he masters his basic magery.

Projects, Goals and/or Downtime

  • Keep earning money! Magic is expensive! And his Mom deserves nice things!
  • Learn, study, research, excel in his apprenticeship and in his studies abroad.
  • Keep in touch with Ahkhalan and continue pushing his magical studies, branching to explore different sorts of avenues. Maybe rune magic?
  • While he's vary wary about it, he remains in contact with and would like to eventually spend some time with his father. He is family after all and family is important.