Andaria Eliskar

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The Lady Andaria Eliskar, of the House of Eliskar, was a well-known figure among the adventurers of Blackwall. An antiquarian and relic-collector, she frequently hired teams of adventurers to explore the ruins of the Old Empire outside the city, seeking to expand her collection and renown.

But Lady Andaria met her end when she betrayed the party of adventurers she hired to seek and find the Temple of Stars and bring her the stone upon the altar. Leading an ambush in the sewers, she underestimated their fighting ability. When they defeated her, all she would tell them was that she didn't necessarily want the stone - she simply wanted it taken from the altar (an act which generated a mighty beacon of light, and possibly drew the Stone of Eyes to Blackwall).

The adventurers tied her up and left her in the caverns beneath the city, but Adora summoned her spirit-tiger to kill the helpless woman as they left.