Candle District of Malixia City

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The Docks

  • There are always 0-3 ships present and 3 smaller boats that can provide ferry service around Malixia and to Eastport across the straight to the south. The boatmen are always good for a general rumor about the area.
  • The shops and numerous stalls and carts near the docks form a small market.
    • Berthold (hoven), Valaniece (asa) and Kallas (tolar) - three competing fishmongers
    • Ausha Riinu - a kyanna spice merchant who "brings delights for your tongue that will whisk you to faraway, exotic places and then bring you back home to Mama's table!"
    • Calla, a hobbit from Valexys who tends her apple cart mornings/days
    • Alfred, a young, freckle-faced ginger fresh off the boat from Talaria - he operates a cart selling alchemical wares at the docks for his employer Nkosi (see West Market)
    • General store - this is an actual storefront with several carts and a tinker's tent in front
      • An Arrisian named Stephen owns and operates the store and rents space to the cart vendors and tinker. He is a well-respected member of the Coalition of Tradesfolk.
      • He employs Fenten, Clyde and Bran (all threxen) in shifts to help at the shop
  • Sasha the tinker (threxen)
  • Shrine of Umberlee, tended by Priestess Avoreen (threxen)
  • Shrine of Tymora, tended by Priest Felwedel (illian)

Rooms and Inns

The Gilded Lily Inn & Public House

Wealthy, Aristocratic Lifestyle
Proprietor: Joyce and her husband Nathan, their daughter Jemma, her husband Philip (and their toddler, Daniel). They also employ a satyr named Hansel as their cook and renown baker.

  • This inn is found in a relatively quiet and peaceful part of town, and the inn itself has a reputation for the same. This make it popular with the more respectable and settled elements of the town, including the council members who come and go at various times. It is the most expensive of all the inns as well.
  • There are 12 rooms in the inn proper and most can hold four people. The proprietor has laid claim to several surrounding buildings and their shared courtyard to be able to offer additional rooms and living spaces to the wealthier patrons in the city. The inn serves meals and has a small public house, although it discourages boisterous behavior.
  • The watch generally responds quickly and in force to disturbances here.

Prominent Tenants:

  • Kahrma Rimal is a fei historian and minstrel from Darshiniath and honored graduate of the Dulaney Academy of the Arts.
  • Rumora Golemwright is a Nakaltian wizard of the Prism and wealthy aristocrat that is in Malixia as part of the dwarven contingent, though she chooses to stay at the inn rather than with her folk.
    • Keromar Golemwright is Rumora’s brother, a noble who served in the Nakaltia military, but as a noble of a great house, never saw a battlefield. He was sent with her to protect his sister.

The Dirty Dog

Poor, Modest, Comfortable Lifestyle
Proprietor: Netty Charming, her husband Nat, daughters Meg and Min and son Mat. They have six dogs of varying shapes and sizes. Netty is a dragon-blood sorceress.

  • The inn shares its name with her dad's inn in Daltes, said to have been named after a legendary dog and friend of the Champions of Ravenholt.
  • This little place is in the heart of the west market, away from the prying eyes of the watchmen and the council. Because of its location, it is a favored place of cut-throats, ruffians, swords-for-hire, and other desperate men looking for a quick route to an easy fortune.
  • There are 8 private rooms (sleep 6 or less) and a common room (that sleeps up to 20).
  • In the cramped downstairs is the common room, always a popular place. While busy, it’s not noisy as most everyone tends to mind his own business. In such a place, it is not good to nose into what your neighbor has done or might do.

Prominent Tenants:

  • Calla, a hobbit fence and information broker is a regular here evenings & nights, and calls a particular table near the hearth "her office". She never sleeps in the inn.
  • Beshel - tall, even among the nothgar, he is almost always at the inn, drinking and writing in a tiny book

The Genie's Wish

Modest, Comfortable Lifestyle
Proprietor: an air genasi named Sylvia runs the Wish with her brother Keren.

  • The inn is Darshinian themed & Sylvia and Keren dress and use fake Darshinian accents and serve poor substitutes of Darsh cuisine.
    • A Malixian would likely think the place rather authentic, but any Darshinian will immediately be assaulted with fake stereotypes at every turn, including the owners who's great-great-great grandparents' great-great grandparents likely never saw the shores of Darshiniath.
  • They employ two threxen girls, Amalthia and Nicole, a slyth named Meka and a half-ogre bouncer named Tom.
  • This inn has the advantage of being located not far from the docks. While it is not as seamy as the Dirty Dog, it enjoys a worse reputation. Outward appearances make it seem a well-run and respectable establishment decked from top to bottom in bright and colorful Darshinian themes and decorations. However, it is often the gathering den for the malcontents of the settlement, men and women who dislike the current government, secretly hope the conquest of Malixia will fail, or are only in town to get rich quick (by whatever means).
  • Due to its waterfront location, the inn is fairly spacious with 20 rooms (sleeps four to six).

Prominent Tenants:

  • Doral Glumgold - a valaar dwarven cleric of Vergadain trapped here when all the boats in the shipyard were burned. He has since become enlisted by the local dwarves to assist them in retaking Ulmargil Keep in the mountains. He remains in the city as a point of contact to coordinate supply chains and caravans to the dwarven coalition outside of Atolar.
  • Andriel Sebane Halfelven - a famous hoven-half-elf author who has lived for centuries, adventurer and world traveler.
    • He is here to record this historical and momentous event of reclaiming Malixia and to discover the true story of the Folly, Anaya Ro, Keraptis, the twins Osiel & Osien and the last GoldenStar, Lissa.

Brumuin's Hole

Squalid Lifestyle
Proprietor: a one-eyed tolar named Brumuin and a phanaton named Neenee.

  • This is a tavern, not an inn, though he will allow those who pay him to sleep on the filthy tap room floor (if they can manage to sleep, given that the tavern is open all hours).
  • Brumuin's home is upstairs as well as another room where he entertains paying clients.
  • Brumhuiin admits openly that he pays the thieves guild dues and thus theft is rarely an issue in his establishment. Fights on the other hand are commonplace and expected.

Local Outfitters

Jace Fravurn, Grocer
This shop, located in the residential district, is much more of a medieval grocer than a modern one. He sells items necessary for everyday life, only a little of which is food. His prices are fair, but he is a tightwad when it comes to bargaining.
Tosh the Smith (satyr)
Tosh is an expert craftsman of armor and weapons and member of the Coalition of Tradesfolk. However, because his work is quite good and takes time to do, he seldom has anything immediately available, but any weapon or piece of armor can be ordered. Tosh will send a Runner to their lodgings with a message when the work is done.
Karla and the Runners Guild
Karla Swiftstriker is a gnome from Striker and very distant relative of the Victoria royals. She is the head of the Runners Guild of messengers and parcel delivery service in Malixia City.
Harry the Smith
Harry has a wide variety of weapons and armor available, including leather armors.
These come in all shapes and sizes. Thus, any weapon or piece of armor can be obtained from him. However, his craftsmanship is nowhere near that of Tosh.
Fred the Farrier
Fred is the stabler and chief farrier of the settlement, although he doesn't get a lot of business. Characters can buy livestock (especially horses) and tack here.
Jenna of Nezorah
This shop is very much like that of the Grocer. It has the same assortment of goods and the prices are generally cheaper. However, Jenna not only sells items, she buys them, with no questions asked… hence her low prices.

The West Market

A section of the Candle District given over to market stalls, carts and a few storefronts. Here you can find an ever-changing group of merchants and goods, providing a variety of options for items you might wish to purchase. Of course, honesty and quality are two things that are occasionally lacking here. There are also a fair number of pick-pockets to relieve the overburdened shopper of a little excess weight.
Stalls and shops in the market include:

  • Nkosi /n-KOH-si/ the Chandler & Alchemist
    • Nkosi is a kenku alchemist who trained under Kithkin, Royal Alchemist of Nakaltia.
      • In addition to shelves and drawers filled with tidy arrangements of bottles and boxes, Nkosi's shop has all manner of weird knick-knacks, talismans and charms. He sells a wide variety of potions, oils, soaps, ointments, unguents, dusts, paints, tinctures and tonics from mundane to magical.
      • He employs a young Talarian boy named Alfred who runs a cart at the docks and sleeps in the shop at night as a security measure.
  • Trumpy Irontoe the Wine-Seller (valaar)
    • While Trumpy's wine is not very good, his stall is a veritable fountain of information. If it is possible, he can answer simple questions about the city and local regions and the folks that inhabit them, including a surprisingly accurate knowledge of the gangs that inhabit the occupied city.
  • Jonah dal-Rika the Proselytizer
    • This wandering cleric of the Church of Dawn and Dusk shows up every once and a while, sets up his portable shrine and preaches to the masses. Those willing to make donations can gain the use of his spells (as well as those who cannot). He also performs midwifery and funerary services as purviews of his gods.
  • Joral Wodal the Map Maker
    • Joral is a cranky old dwarven cartographer from the dwarven town of Gamden in Daltes, his ancestors hail from the Thulgurn mountains where the Malixian king of old had lived. He knows much about the city and region, including some occasional tidbits about secrets and hidden places. He sells maps of the wilderness, the city and other areas in the region for varying prices. The price is a general measure of the accuracy of the map.
  • Laatyana the Wig Maker
    • This old hoven-elf crone sells wigs. While she is not the best wig maker, she is the ONLY wig maker in Malixia and considered an oddity given that…well, she's selling wigs in what is essentially a war zone. She also sells face paints, cosmetics prosthetics, perfumes and all sorts of other things that could be used to stock a disguise kit.

Other Important Locations

The Barracks
A small island reachable by bridge with a few smaller docks off the island. This was originally a collection of warehouses and office that has been claimed and converted to barracks and jail.

  • Sergeant Rogan of the Malixia City Watch lives here.

The Jail
One place the character should hope never to see is the inside of the jail, which is located on the island with the barracks.

The Thulgurn Enclave

Nakaltian Scriptorum
Formerly an opulent manor house, the Scriptorum was ceded to the dwarven delegation from Nakaltia, who have since done significant work in refurbishing parts of it (notably the ground and first floors). Because they are largely scholars, scriveners, and a variety of useful crafts-dwarves, much of the space now operates as a library, scriptorum, and workshops.

The Azure Tower
A guard tower that the wizards from the Azure Academy have claimed as their base of operations (they even used their magic to make it blue). They are here to study, ward and hopefully seal the breach left in the wake of the Folly.

  • Astrid Barendarvis - a wizard from the Azure Academy.

The Temple (and Bank) of Waukeen

  • There is a small and rudimentary temple, more of less holding its own dedicated to Waukeen.
  • The temple is staffed by a small contingent of Waukeen faithful, including two clerics. They also host a KBS representative who seeks to reclaim the anchor shell building within the city.
  • The temple offers clerical services as well as money changing, moneylending and banking and storage of goods.
  • They are here to reclaim their greatest temple. The great temples of the city are held by beasts, desecrated and dedicated to evil gods. This includes the great temples of Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr, Waukeen and Tymora. As well as numerous smaller temples and shrines, and several ancient temples of the Olympian gods that had long ago been turned into government buildings when the Dominion gods had chased them out of Manix.

The Rotten Dock

  • On the very edge of the Candle District is an ancient rotten dock that has nearly been claimed by the water that faces the Flood District to the south. Everyone who has lived in the Candle District for more than a couple of months knows its secret.
    • If you light a lantern and leave it half-hooded atop a note with your request at the crumbling dock and return two hours later, they will be there; the ancient witch of the floods. They will be waiting your return, with poultice or ointment, potion or unguent, powder or salve to treat what ever it is that you left in your note. They will speak of coin or trade or favor. If you agree, you must return the following night and leave payment in a small wooden box that is always there. None dare steal from the box as everyone knows, that to steal from the floods witch, the waters of the flood will find you and take you.

The Council Chamber

In the council hall can usually be found the nine members of the council. They are:

Chancellor Ramsay Ganderley III
From a long line of wealthy nobility and traders in Estland who trace their family line back to the ancient days of the great city of Kovannah. His family had fought in the Moonsinger War to retake the city, nay - the known world from the clenched fist of Saren Moonsinger who had conquered all of Manix and ruled from his island palace in the bay. He is proud of his heritage and their estates and their money. He is using that money to help retake Malixia from the monsters and drag it back into the light of human civilization. He is notoriously racist, believing in human supremacy over other races, and that non-human-like races are barely anything more than monsters that valiant knights slay in stories.
Ramsay owns the soldiers, practically controls and brought the Guilds here and his finances are funding most of the efforts of the war and within five minutes of observation, a blind and deaf observer could tell that the rest of the council clearly loathes him.
A primly dressed hoven woman who always seems to be either annoyed or in deep thought about something, with an affection for fans, her brother is a guard captain named Rogan. She is often very concerned about funds and generally acts as the bursar and keeper of the treasury. She hails from Dulnai in Daltes where she had been the majordomo of House Timaryn.
James Silver
A handsome threxen who is all smiles and nice words, everything he says sounds like it was polished and rehearsed. He claims to be the son of an Omens pirate that fell in love with a paladin of the Dawn and Dusk, so moved by her, he gave up his nefarious ways and never looked back, becoming an honest caravan teamster. He hails from Gold Coin in the Karabur Protectorate.
Richard Embermace
A threxen Lord from an ancient Malixian noble house, his family has estates and influence in Estland and Talaria. As the seventh son with no appealing prospects, the idea of reclaiming a piece of Malixia in the family name drew him here. He is an intelligent, tactical thinker with a good knowledge of governments and politics.
Marisa Al-Nezul
An asa (elf), blue dragon blooded sorceress (and it shows) from Zilconta and a proud Scion of Novak. She is sly and cunning and a patriot that is absolutely dedicated to the retaking of Malixia City with a strong interest in solidifying the nation. She strongly believes in the dwarven throne as the sovereign ruler of the land. She is skeptical of outsiders without roots in the region and suspicious of their motivations. She dislikes the Rose Magi and resents their presence, as Malixia has not agreed to join the Alliance (which she is not keen on either). She has a little blue pseudodragon as a familiar named Sparky.
X'kera /za-KI-ra/
A kenku ranger, daughter of a tribal chief and priestess of the Blackwood goddess, Mielikki. She envisions Malixia as the gem of the north, as a beacon of hope for peace between the peoples of Neun Katha, Malixia, Estland and Noth. She had always been inspired by the tales of the Champions of Ravenholt and wants the same sort of story for the north as had happened there. She very actively wishes to be a part of the Dygannia Alliance and has welcomed the Rose Magi with open arms. because of this stance, she is often in direct opposition with Marisa.
Nurana Karros
A N'ala tolar (dwarf) warrior who used to be a town guard back home. She is always serious. Everything is serious. There is no time for frivolity - the city will not reclaim itself.
Gurn Yathor
A tolar (dwarf) fisherman and shipbuilder and sailor from Kacey and a member of the Coalition of Tradesfolk. He is cheerful and honest and loves good ale and good food. Gurn's wife died years ago. He lost his son in the fight to retake the Candle District when their ships were set aflame.
Shane Marakata
A half-dwarven hoven from Ma-Kare, member of the Coalition of Tradesfolk and owner of several ships and crews that supply the city. He is said to be the rightful heir to the dwarven throne in Malixia but claims no interest in it - much to the relief of the dwarves who don't want him, do not recognize his claim, and do not appreciate his presence anywhere near the throne.
Alcaine the Griffin - Shane is always accompanied by his advisor and lover, a scindo Ma-Kare noble named Alcaine the Griffon.

The two Rose Magi advisors are usually somewhere in the vicinity as well:

A generally amiable, blind woman, always wearing decorative wraps over her eyes and long elaborately tailored robes.
A guktan Magi who tends to be quiet and thoughtful, always weighing options to find the superior path. He is a known pacifist.