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Astoria Police Department

Devin Matthews
Astoria Police Department, Investigations Division • Ally •• (Astoria PD)
An old friend of Stella Jalo's from his days on patrol with her husband Cliff, Devin is an investigator in the APD. He keeps an eye out for Stella, a habit that's been passed someone on to the rest of the force.
Season One: Devin was on hand for a lot of the strange events a the University in Fall Term, including the Bonfire Night, the accident that killed Teresa, and bringing the news of Henry's death to the ATO.

Common Locations: Astoria Police Department, various locations in Astoria, Navy Heights home
Juanita Cantu
Juanita is a single mother that has worked in dispatch for fifteen-plus years. She is quiet and hard-working, but with a salty sense of humor that makes her fit right in among the cops in APD. She's always joked that she has a whole police force of brothers that look out for her, and she looks out for them as well, remembering birthdays and anniversaries. Juanita was hit hard by the death of her daughter, Teresa, though the PD has rallied around her as best she'll let them.
Season One: Juanita was devastated by the death of her daughter Teresa.

Common Locations: Alameda/WestLex apartment, Astoria Police Department

Columbia Inn Motel

Adam Harlowe
A quiet, somewhat grumpy man, Adam manages the Columbia Inn motel. He occasionally hires outside help for the busier tourist season, but mostly just lives his life behind the counter.

Common Locations: Columbia Inn

The Crossroads

Caroline Darvey
Barfly and Raconteuse
A bit of a boozer and chain smoker, Caroline is a beloved fixture at Crossroads. She delights in sharing her many adventures, ranging from moving around the world with her deceased Air Force husband to working as spa girl in Thailand to ranching in the Australian Outback. No one is sure how much truth these stories contain, but Caroline sells them with flair. She's already something of a legend among UofA students, who claim that spending a night drinking with Caroline and hearing her spin her tales should be a rite of passage before graduation.

Common Locations: The Crossroads
DJ Paloma
In-House DJ for the Crossroads
The in-house DJ at the Crossroads, Paloma is spinning most nights of the week, playing simple DJ on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and actively performing Friday through Sunday. She has a raw taste in music, and vastly prefers EBM and a touch of dubstep to her music. Outside of the booth, she's brusque and not terribly talkative.
Season One: Paloma played the Fall Formal's second half.

Common Locations: The Crossroads, her apartment in Navy Heights
Erik Jeremy
Forest Firefighter
Erik spends most of the summer and fall traveling around Oregon as a volunteer firefighter, but in the wet season, he holes up in Astoria and works in the fishing fleet. He knows Wilson Williams from that man's days in the logging world, and the two are close friends. Erik and Wilson are seen often at Crossroads, where it's known that Erik has a thing for UofA's male students, especially the twinks. He has wealth from somewhere, taking favored students to his seldom occupied loft in Portland for weekend getaways. Rumor has it he's a significant but anonymous donor for UofA as well.

Common Locations: The Crossroads
Lisa Hall
Party Girl
Lisa Hall is an e-tard from Portland. As far as anyone can tell, she's a trust fund baby. She doesn't seem to have a job, nor does she seem capable any more. Ecstasy has left her a bit slow and spacey, except when actually on the drug, when she becomes VERY touchy feeley. Needless to say, she's seen the inside of many bedrooms around town and miraculously has neither gotten pregnant, nor has a disease. She seems to live a charmed life. She says Crossroads is just "okay" and she comes here because it's the best place at the beach. She keeps trying to get people to come see DJ Phoenix in Portland. Nobody's really certain, but there are suspicions that the reason she's so enamored of DJ Phoenix is that he is her supplier of Ecstasy.

Common Locations: The Crossroads
Mitch Simpson:
Mitch moved to Astoria over the summer after graduating from high school in Michigan. He was accepted to the University of Astoria, but his family is unable to afford out of state tuition, so he deferred enrollment to take a year to establish residency. Idealistic to a fault, Mitch has adopted a gluten-free, vegan diet and preaches its virtues to anyone in earshot. He spent two weeks in July chained to a rare, elderly tree and managed to prevent it being cut down. Currently, he's forming a knitting circle and advocating marijuana legalization.

Common Locations: The Crossroads, Apartment in Navy Heights, Kaffe
Stephanie Condon
Bartender at the Crossroads
Stephanie is a no nonsense girl. She knows what her customers want, she gets it to them quick and strong, and she's not much for chatter. Regulars know that overly flirty or gregarious patrons are the first to get cut off at night, saving Cecil from dealing with the more troublesome ones. However, she is surprisingly lenient with underage drinkers with fake IDs who know how to tip well, and patrons who are generous and respectful always get the best service. She keeps her pug dog CeCe in the back office while she works, and it's rumored she pampers the dog outrageously.

Common Locations: Her City Center house (shared with two other people), the Crossroads
Tommy Halloran
The Partier
Though he doesn't himself attend university, Tommy has made his presence in the various nightspots and other university hangouts quite known. Though he works at a gas station in the City Center, that's only part-time. He's always on the lookout for a way to make some cash.
Season One: When Jace failed to figure out who was blackmailing Tommy, he abandoned his on-camera work for

Common Locations: His Navy Heights apartment, the Crossroads

City Government

Aubrey Astor
Mayor of Astoria
A member of one of the founding families of Astoria, Aubrey has been the mayor for several terms to date. She is well-liked by the community, and runs her government on a platform of increased interaction and cooperation between disparate communities. Though she initially opposed the project to found the University of Astoria, concerned about the impact of the conversion to a university, she ended up throwing her support behind the project, citing the upswelling in local prosperity it would inevitably bring. Her husband is a firefighter, and she has two children, one of whom will be university age soon.

Common Locations: Astoria City Hall, her Alameda/WestLex family home.

Montrose & Eversley, Attorneys at Law

Carver Eversley
Contract and Inheritance Law
Carver is an attorney that specializes in contracts and inheritance law. His demeanor is that of a simple, young professional - he is polite, well-spoken, and knows his way around the law. What he does not tell anyone is that his mother was a werewolf (though he himself is not), and the old alpha of the Astoria Pack, Amarissa, paid for his way through law school. As a result, he is a willing and able ally to the Randall family.

Common Locations: Law offices in City Center, his apartment in City Center


Henri Wahlman
Manager at Kaffe
Henri is the Finnish Brotherhood member in charge of managing Kaffe. He is a jolly old guy who often cracks silly jokes and is way too upbeat. He usually works serving customers in the mornings and can be found doing paperwork in the office in the afternoon. Henri is also one of the main organizers of the Midsummer Scandinavian festival.

Common Locations: Kaffe, his City Center house
Joseph Nadir
Captain of the Bitter Sea Lion, regular customer at Kaffe
A partially retired captain of Astoria's fishing fleet, Joseph owns the Bitter Sea Lion. The captain is always complaining of the cold and is an obsessive coffee drinker, stopping at Kaffe to fill his thermos before every trip to sea. He lost his oldest son Sagun a few years ago in a fishing accident, and his younger son Sanjay hopes to enter the University of Astoria next year. Joseph often contracts for the University, taking students out to sea for class exercises. Those in the know can hire the Bitter Sea Lion for more illicit activities, as well.

Common Locations: The docks in Navy Heights, his City Center house, Kaffe
Lena Wahlman
Barista at Kaffe
Henri's 24 year old niece. She works in the evening and is generally more businesslike than her uncle, but she's also a sucker for a good story and loves to get students talking about their lives before college. She has rarely been outside of Oregon and dreams of traveling someday.

Common Locations: Her City Center apartment, Kaffe, occasionally at Crossroads
Steve Yeager
Local Homeless Guy
Steve is homeless. He is of indeterminate age. I could any where from 50-60, or even a very weathered 40. He shows up at Kaffe every morning at 6:00 am with just enough money for a coffee and muffin. He enjoys the warmth of the shop while he eats and drinks his coffee and then heads outside to pan handle. He's very quiet and always makes a point not to annoy. Occasionally, if it seems needed, he'll dispense advice. This advice sometimes seems absurd, but usually makes complete sense in retrospect. Nobody really knows where he's from, but he's always ready with a smile.

Common Locations: Kaffe, the streets of the City Center, Pioneer House homeless shelter in City Center
Adrien Kolstov
Web Personality & Aspiring Author
Portland native, Adrien is a blogger, film and fiction reviewer, podcaster and webcomic author, though his true aspiration is to find success as a fiction author. He is well known in a variety of online circles, mostly for his reviews and related comic and has authored several well received fan-fiction pieces based on the Supernatural television series and the Song of Ice and Fire book series. He does most of his professional work at Kaffe and can be found there frequently and at odd hours, finding the environment to be far more productive than his small apartment that he shares with three roommates, which he considers to be static and oppressive to his creativity. Adrien attended two semesters at UofA before dropping out, feeling that the core curriculum offered nothing to benefit him and his aspirations other than indebting him for life for a bit of paper. Adrien also possesses a talent for origami, which he often does as a means of keeping himself focused, and his preferred corner table at the cafe is frequently littered with a menagerie of little paper critters.

Common Locations: Kaffe, a small apartment in City Center that he shares with three roommates.

Keepsake Tattoos

Casey Johansson
Tattooist and Spiritual Group Leader
Casey is a professional tattoo artist, and has been working at perfecting his art since he was twelve. A biker uncle introduced him to the techniques, and Casey - already an avid artist - took to the craft like he was made for it. Casey is a pleasant, soft-spoken fellow who truly loves his art. He frequently gives discounts to those who clearly love tattoos as much as he does, and who are interested in extensive pieces. He vastly prefers to work in custom art, and considers flash tattooing for drunks and tourists. Casey runs the Thunder Drum Circle, a small esoteric group that studies a rare African magical practice called umthakathi.
Season One: Casey designed a wolfsangle tattoo for Thomas, using some of the powdered rowan in his ink.

Common Locations: Keepsake Tattoos
Esmer Smith
Body Piercer and Spiritual Group Leader
Casey Johansson's wife, Esmer, is a piercer by trade. Her hand is steady, and she has a real eye for placement of jewelry. Her piercings almost never get infected or have healing problems. She has taken her role as parental guardian for Sophie Cooper quite seriously, spearheading their adoption of her, though her role can't really be described as "parental." She helps run the Thunder Drum Circle with Casey.

Common Locations: Keepsake Tattoos
Grace Caldwell
The Mysterious Tattooed Girl
A somewhat mysterious young lady, covered in ample tattoos and piercings, who showed up at the Bonfire Party. She met Thomas there, and was injured in the aftermath with a broken leg, which she tourniqueted with her own belt before being helped out of the area by Elaine.
Season One: With all the madness in Thomas' life, Grace and he fell somewhat out of contact.

Common Locations: Keepsake Tattoos

Tiger Lily Spiritual Haven

Dr. Emma "Tiger Lily" Tate
Therapist and spiritual consultant
A licensed therapist, Dr. Tiger Lily also has a variety of training in other "spiritual and theraputic modalities," including shamanic soul retrieval, Jungian Tarot interpretation, Navajo personal spiritual storyweaving and Tibetan dream interpretation. Her counseling service engages a wide variety of these techniques for the benefit of her "more open minded" patients, from her office that smells strongly of patchouli and bergamot.
Season One: After her success in helping Henry, he referred Renee to see Dr. Tiger Lily. The two have continued their sessions, re-intensified in the wake of his passing.

Common Locations: Tiger Lily Spiritual Haven, her City Center office in Old Astoria, online at the Coven of the True Light virtual covenstead on Minecraft server: "thelightwithinyou"

The Wet Dog Cafe

Adrienne Bauer
Assistant Manager and Hostess.
Adrienne has dreams of moving to L.A. to pursue a career in directing. She stages guerrilla filming events around Astoria for her short film projects, never getting proper permits. She sometimes gets in trouble for using the Wet Dog as her personal casting pool instead of tending to her job, but because she is chatty with all the patrons, she's quite popular. She is preparing her latest short Red Captain Black for the film festival circuit.

Common Locations: Wet Dog Cafe, her Alameda WestLex house
Carter Ennis
Owner and Manager.
The gruff and no-nonsense owner of the Wet Dog Cafe, Carter is a former rancher. Though he seems occasionally bitter about having to sell his ranch and move into town, it's clear that he loves his cafe, and enjoys entertaining tourists and the like with his tales of local history and urban legend. He's somewhat hard of hearing, though, so he occasionally speaks a little louder than is necessary.

Common Locations: Wet Dog Cafe, his City Center house
Henry "Hank" Pullman
Retired Fishing Trawler Captain
A former fishing trawler captain, Hank sold his boat two years ago. There was an accident and he lost one of his crew, since then he has refused to go back out to sea. He spends most of his evenings propping up one of the stools at the bar of the Wet Dog. He is happy to regale people with tall tales of the sea, but gets increasingly melancholy the more he drinks.

Common Locations: Small apartment in City Center, Wet Dog Cafe
Tia Carver
Delivery Driver
Tia works for The Daily Haul, a local transportation company that specializes in bringing fresh seafood from the coast inland to Portland. Although she lives in Portland, Tia often spends the night in Astoria to be able to get the day's catch on the road quickly. The Wet Dog is one of her favorite spots when she's in town, and she often drops off some choice catches on her way out of town. Tia claims there's some gypsy blood in her line from way back when, which is what keeps her on the road. She always has a deck of tarot cards with her and frequently does readings for a pint from the bar.

Common Locations: Wet Dog Cafe
Wilson Williams
The Wet Dog Cafe's Cook
Wilson left Oregon's logging industry after years of the job's steady wear on his body and moved to Astoria to look for less demanding work. He decided to develop his latent love of cooking into a career and landed a job as the Wet Dog Cafe's cook. His additional skills as a mechanic and handyman (something in the kitchen always seems to be breaking down) are what sealed the job for him, though. His passion is local seafood, and he shows a surprising flair with delicate sushi preparations that is only occasionally highlighted as off the menu specials. He served eight years in the Navy and is known as a somewhat stern but kind taskmaster.

Common Locations: Wet Dog Cafe, his Navy Heights apartment