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Maester Cronan
Maester of House Deltario
Agility: 4
Animal Handling: 4 (Train 1B)
Athletics: 2
Awareness: 4 (Notice 1B)
Cunning: 3 (Memory 3B)
Deception: 1
Endurance: 3
Fighting: 4 (Short Blades 2B)
Healing: 3 (Diagnosis 1B, Treat Disease 1B)
Languages: Common: 3 • Valyrian: 3 • Old Tongue: 2
Knowledge: 4
Marksmanship: 2
Persuasion: 2
Status: 3
Stealth: 2
Survival: 3 (Tracking 2B)
Thievery: 2
Warfare: 2
Will: 5 (Dedication 2B)
Intrigue Defense: 9 • Composure: 15
Combat Defense: 10 • Health: 11
Armor Type: Robes (Bulk 1) • Armor Rating: 1 • Armor Penalty: 0
Weapons: Paired Daggers: 4D+2B • 2 dam (3 w/paired daggers) • Defensive +1, Off-hand +1, Piercing 1 (Short Blade Fighter I)
Destiny Points: 3
Animal Cohort (White Raven) • Beastfriend • Blood of the First Men • Eidetic Memory • Master of Ravens • Short Blade Fighting I • Warg • Warg Dreams
Larcenous Ineptitude (Flaw: Thievery) • Milk-Skinned Northerner • Naive • Tactical Simpleton (Flaw: Warfare)

Goals: Security • Motivations: Excellence • Virtues: Humble • Vices: Naive
Age: 21 (Adult)

  • Born to Daeryg Harclay, a son of Clan Harclay in the North, and his wildling bride Sevansa.
  • Sevansa was a notorious raider, routinely sneaking past the Wall and raiding among the Hill Clans south of the New Gift.
    • She and her band of wildling raiders raided the lands of Clans Knott and Norrey for years.
    • When they came a'raiding on Harclay lands, however, Daeryg led his own band in battle.
    • Though she killed a good many of his men, she was herself injured in battle with Daeryg, and she surrendered to him.
    • Though he took her prisoner, by the time they returned to the Harclay seat, she'd taken him to her bed, and he asked to be allowed to marry her.
    • The Harclay chieftain - Daeryg's cousin - took a liking to the idea of the "tamed wildling bride" in his clan, and assented.
  • A boy was born a year later. He was kissed by fire like his grandfather Cronan Bear-Roarer, and so Sevansa named him for the old wildling.
    • The boy was smaller than most of the Hill Clan boys he grew up alongside, though he was clever, particularly with animals. He also had a thirst for knowledge.
  • Growing up, the boy was odd, and everyone marked it. He was quiet, and given to recital of stories and events purely from memory.
    • He also "caught" a wild white raven, and taught it to speak, and was never found without it from that day forward.
    • His sombre nature unnerved the other children, and his disinterest in the things they liked frequently made him the target of bigger boys.
    • He wasn't entirely helpless or incapable of fighting, of course - he was still a Harclay boy. He just wasn't as strong or as interested in such things as the others.
    • On rare festivals where his clan journeyed to Winterfell, his mother and father both had to work very hard to keep him from bothering the maester there with a million questions.
  • When he was fourteen, Clan Knott raiders performed a midnight raid against Daeryg's stead, and while their target was Sevansa, they managed to make off with the boy Cronan.
    • The Knott leader sought vengeance against Sevansa, when in her raiding days she'd killed two of his sons. He demanded that Sevansa turn herself over to his justice or he would kill her son the way she'd killed his.
    • Before things could escalate too badly, the chieftain of Clan Harclay sent a raven to Lord Stark of Winterfell, who sent intervention in the form of a unit of his warriors, and two of his most trusted men, who brought everyone involved back to Winterfell.
  • Lord Stark's judgment was plain: Sevansa was no longer a wildling, and the Knott men were killed as warriors defending their lands. Cronan was no warrior, and had not been taken in fair battle.
    • Knott was required to return the boy home, and his clan to pay a forfeit for their aggression against the Harclays.
    • Fortunately, Lord Stark could see the boy's intelligence, and decided that the forfeit would be to pay the boy's way into the Citadel until such a time as he should forge his chain, if that was what the boy wished.
  • Cronan did, and entered the Citadel on his fifteenth year.
    • Shortly after he left the North, however, he received a raven from his father: his mother had fled into the night.
    • Two days later, the Knott instigator was found in his stead with his throat slit, and she was seen fleeing the scene, heading north for the Wall.
    • The assumption is that bereft of her son, she returned to the wildlings north of the Wall.
  • Cronan did exceedingly well, his first chain link forged a black iron link for ravenry.
    • He has also forged links in copper (history), pale steel (smithing), silver (healing) and Valyrian steel (occult and magic, for his knowledge of Northern folk magic and legends).


  • Animal Cohort (White Raven): Animal Handling 3 (Train 1B)
  • Beastfriend: +1D on Animal Handling tests to Charm or Train
  • Blood of the First Men: Add 2 to Endurance tests; add 2 to Health.
  • Eidetic Memory: Cunning 2 (Memory 1B) Memory bonus dice act as Test dice
  • Master of Ravens: Animal Handling 3 Add ranks of Knowledge to Train ravens; receive and send messages
  • Short Blades Fighter I: Fighting 4 (Short Blades 1B) Short blade weapons gains Piercing 1.
  • Warg Dreams (Secret): Will 4 (Dedication 1B), Animal Cohort Dream through eyes of Animal Cohort
  • Warg (Secret): Will 5 (Dedication 2B), Warg Dreams Wear the skin of Animal Cohort


  • Larcenous Ineptitude (Thievery Flaw): Cronan has neither talent nor experience with sleight of hand and delicate larcenous tasks. He suffers a -1D on Larceny.
  • Milk-Skinned Northerner: (Reskinned Fear) Cronan is unaccustomed to the intensity of Dornish days. When he is outdoors in the bright southern sun and heat, he is at -1D to all tests; each round on his turn, he may roll 1d6, and ignore this penalty for the rest of the encounter if he rolls a 6.
  • Naive: Though he knows that liars and manipulators abound, he has a very difficult time pinpointing them, suffering a -3 penalty to Intrigue Defense against Deception-based tests.
  • Tactical Simpleton (Warfare Flaw): Despite his father's skill in such things, Cronan has no head for the ebb and flow of the battlefield, becoming quickly confused and flustered. He suffers a -1D on Warfare.
Animal Cohort
Agility: 4 (Quickness 1B) • Athletics: 2 (Fly 2B) • Awareness: 3 (Notice 1B) • Cunning: 2 (Memory 2B) • Endurance: 2 (Stamina 2B) • Fighting: 1 • Languages: Common 1, Old Tongue 1 • Stealth: 2 • Survival: 2 • Thievery: 2 • Will: 2
Combat Defense: 9 (11 vs human-sized) • Health: 6
Armor: None • Movement: 1 yd or 8 yd fly
Weapons: Beak: 2D • 1 Dam
Fighting Blades


Too bright! Too bright! - Frost, upon Cronan's arrival in Dorne
That raven? No, that raven isn't mine. I'm his, you see. - Cronan, far too often in his life

  • During his first Winter, Cronan ended up running away from some of the other Harclay boys, and ending up lost in the woods with night rapidly approaching.
    • As he stumbled around the quickly-chilling highlands, he saw a flash of white land in a tree nearby. It was a white raven that looked half-starving.
    • The white raven guided him back to the Harclay stead, getting him home even before the search party returned.
    • He brought the bird into his home with him, warming it by the fire and feeding it fatty broth and meat trimmings.
    • He named the bird Frost, because as his mother said: "You were lucky yonder bird found you before the frost did."
  • Growing up, Cronan began to have strange dreams of flying, and venturing into the trees with other ravens and crows who treated him as royalty.
    • In short order, he realized he was dreaming through the eyes of Frost.
    • When he told his mother, she shushed him, telling him to keep such secrets to himself, for it was known that the Kneelers hated and feared wargs. She told him that her own father, for whom he was named, was once a warg of great power beyond the Wall.
  • It wasn't until Cronan and Frost arrived at the Citadel, at the great, fossilized weirwood there in the Court of Ravens that he learned to warg voluntarily and of his will, and discovered the strange communion that goes on between the white ravens of the Citadel, and the rest of the ravens throughout Westeros.
  • Frost is capable of forming sentences of three to five words in very clear Common, although he doesn't speak much.
    • Cronan and Frost rarely need to speak aloud to one another, and Frost seem disinclined to speak to others, finding them boring at best, and irritants at worst.
    • Frost's personality is that of a cranky old man, one who looks down on everyone else around him, save for that sweet boy he's claimed as his own.


  • On person: xxx
  • Stored: xxx


Earned: 193xp+ 3 Destiny
  • Pre-Game: 165 xp + 2 Destiny
  • Session 9.28.14: 4xp
  • Downtime: 21xp, 1 Destiny
  • Session 2.15.15: 3 xp, 1 Glory

Spent: 190xp + 2 Destiny; Unspent: 3 xp

  • Blood of the First Men: 1 Destiny
  • Fighting 4: 30 xp
  • Short Blades 2B: 20 xp
  • Short Blade Fighter I: 1 Destiny
  • Agility 3: 30 xp
  • Agility 4: 30 xp
  • Diagnosis 1B: 10 xp
  • Awareness 4: 30 xp
  • Notice 1B: 10 xp
  • Status 3: 30 xp