House Deltario

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House Deltario
Not to be Provoked...
Status: Major (Status 6)
Seat: Dawn's Point
Current Lord: Lord Angelo Deltario
Current Lady: Lady Laura Deltario
Realm: Dorne
Heir: Vysaeria Targaryen-Deltario
Liege: House Martell
Cadet Branch: None
Vassals: House Daytower, House Lukas, House Daytower of Widow's Rest, House Skye
Founder: Deltin Deltario
Founded: Andal Invasion
House Traits
Defense: 33 (3 Remaining)
Influence: 67 (39 Remaining)
Lands: 70 (9 Remaining)
Law: 33
Population: 37
Power: 112 (0 Remaining)
Wealth: 142 (25 Remaining)

Once powerful enough to challenge the Bloodroyals of Yronwood, the Deltario's suffered generations of scandals and rebellion and lost most of their holdings and influence along the coast of the Sea of Dorne. The recent War left the House in the hands of the young Lord Angelo, supported by his Sister-in-Law Vysaeria and his cousin Danyk. Under their leadership and with the aid of their retainers; Ser Mortimer Daytower (feared throughout the Realm as the Hammer of Dawn), the Shadowy Tarle Sand, and Lady Bethany Blackmont, the House's Fortunes have swelled and once again, the Basilisks of House Deltario are respected and feared as true Lords of the Boneway.


Deltario Domains
Coast of Dorne.JPG
  • House Fortune Rolls: +6D6 (+4D6(Banners) + 2D6 {(9= +3(Maester) +1(Fishery) +2(Mine) +1(Steward) -1(Law) +3(Population)})
    • Steward(Senechal) +3B to House Fortune Rolls.
    • Wealth Increases: +1D6 ((4 = +2(Mine) + 2(Brothel))
    • Influence Losses: +1 (increaesed by one) (1 = Brother)
  • Whispers in the Dark: Spy Network Personage Wealth Holding. A carefully cultivated, nigh-invisible network of simple informants, House Deltario's whisperers carry word of the goings-on of their neighbors back to the lords of Dawn's Point. Current Deployments: Sunspear (House Martell seat), Sungold Hall (House Sungold seat), and Yronwood (House Yronwood seat) as well as all Deltario Domains. (Wealth: 10)
  • Comfortable Lifestyle: Lifestyle Wealth Holding. The Deltarios eat and dress better than most of their neighboring Houses, and their living quarters show a history of lavish luxury. Members of the House gain a +1 to Intrigue Defense and +1B to Endurance tests when healing in the comfort of their holdings. House members can procure most goods worth a dragon or less using House funds, credit, or a stipend without dipping into personal coinage. (Wealth: 5)

Dawn's Point

The domain of Dawn's Point is a gently rolling plains between the Sea of Dorne and the Dornish Marches. A short road called the Spur branches off from the Boneway leading here, and a fair-sized stream called the Tears of the Sand flows down out of these hills, terminating in Tear's End, an estuary. (Plains; Coast, Large Town, Stream, Road; Land: 44)

  • Fishery: Estate Wealth Holding. The smallfolk of Dawn's Point are primarily fishers, working as communities to deploy massive nets from their small, maneuverable coracles. (Wealth: 5)
  • Dawn's Point Castle: Castle Defensive Holding. A beautiful fortification, with high walls made of red granite, and two smooth round towers flanking a golden doomed keep. The keep sports many terraces, balconies and wide ornate arches and is considered one of the most beautiful Castles of Dorne. (Defense 30 - +6 Unit Defense, 3 units)
Dawn's Point Castle
    • Maester Cronan: Maester Personage Holding. See House Retainers below. (Wealth: 10)
    • Lucia Bramati: Steward Personage Holding with Senechal Improvement. (Wealth: 10)
    • Ser Martyn Gracefield: Master at Arms Personage Holding (Wealth: 10)
    • The Wordless (Red-sash): The Wordless are the deadly spear of the House. They have been employed by the Deltario's for nearly two centuries after Fygos Deltario ventured to Astapor to confirm stories of the warriors who defeated the 50,000 Dothraki. When he returned, he did so with first one hundred Wordless. Since that time, the Wordless have served as the Deltario Family's personal Guard and core infantry. The Wordless have their own training grounds and barracks within the Castle, removed from the those of the Master-at-Arms and the Garrison. The Wordless are renowned for their stoic silence, speaking only to the masters of the House, and only then when in private. It is said that the Wordless do not cryout in bloodlust or pain, nor are they given to the same wilds as other forces. They are heavily armored, each wearing dull green Scale and fight with a red spear, or with a red-gripped shortsword. (Elite Personal Guard. Power: 15, Wealth 1)
    • The Wordless (Black-sash): When the Deltario's captured several units from House Blackwood, Danyk Deltario gave them a simple choice, serve House Deltario or face starvation in the desert. These men joined the Deltario Forces and have since been placed at the command of Jedik Sand, who has drilled them such that they perform to his exacting standards. While not as tested as their elite Black-sash brothers, they are fearsome none-the-less. (Three (3) Units of Veteran Personal Guard. Power 36, Wealth 3).
    • House Archers: Recently replaced following the departure of the old archer unit. (Trained Archers. Power: 6, Wealth: 1)
Town of Dawnsport
  • Dawnsport: Large Town. The town of Dawnsport grew in the shadow of the castle. While the town nearly surrounds the walls of the castle, much of the housing is localized on the south side of the fortification. The northern side of the town is home to both the most wealthy of Dawnsport's Merchants as well as the establishments meant to serve sailors and other transients from Riggons Ribs (named for Riggon Deltario, who was lord when the Port was extended to all deep water ships). Following the great spring earthquake, much of the old town was rebuilt and has prospered under Lord Angelo. The town once hosted a school known as the Candle, but the quake toppled the old tower which now sits in ruins. A notable feature of portside is the brothel Bed of Lillys which became famous during Darrak Deltario's rule. The towns once exceptional markets, known simply as the Pens occupy the south side of the Castle, between the more residential hillside and the seeder portside. The market also sits on the old road called the Spur which, that has been repaired and once again connects to the Boneway.
    • The Bed of Lillys Brother Settlement Investment (Wealth: 5)
    • Trade Winds: Annual Festival Lifestyle Wealth Holding. Dawnsport once served as a valuable Port of Call for tradeships througout the region. While traffic through the port has diminished in recent years, the Lords of Dawn's Point have traditionally held an annual festival to celibrate the fair trade winds of Spring. (Wealth: 2)
    • The Seven Sins: Assassin's Cult Personage Holding with Plausable Deniability Improvement Danyk Deltario has quietly had the House fund a shadowy group of cut-throats and murderers that operate out of on old brothel in Portside. The group uses the brothel as it's cover and takes it's name from it. The group operates with such secrecy that not even Daynk knows the full extent of the organization. (Power: 5, Wealth 15).
    • The Tax Collectors: Secret Police Personage Holding To prove how effective his new agents were, Danyk staged a mock assassination of Angelo. Stunned by the ease with which the assassins infiltrated the Castle, Angelo ordered Tarle to develop a defense. His answer was a secret cabal of enforces. Officially they function as tax collectors for the House, but that is only a cover. (Wealth: 10).

The Nine Claws

Daemian's Doom

More commonly known as "the Nine", the Nine Claws are a series of hills located some distance from Dawn's Point, and stand somewhat more eastern than the remaining hill ranges. It is here that the Tears of the Sand sprouts from its underground spring and flows gently down to the Point. The domain has only a single estate - the small mining settlement of Hill-Heart, though it has seen better days. (Land: Hills; Ruins, Stream; 11 pts)

  • Daemian's Doom: Ruins Land Feature. Once the fortification known as Claw Keep, Daemian's Doom is a standing reminder of the past tragedies of House Deltario. Its location was once vital: simultaneously overlooking the Spur that connects with the Boneway, and the valley of Hill-Heart and its gold mine. These days, however, it is a crumbling ruin, half-covered in the red dust that blows through these hills in the heights of Summer.
  • The Mines of the Nine Claws: Mines Estate Wealth Holding. Once there were more settlements in the Nine Claws - mining settlements. For generations, House Deltario built its wealth on these rich veins of ore. But today, only one such mine remains active, the Hill-Heart Mine, and even that is a shallow one. It is nearly entirely tapped out, and generations of prospecting these hills has turned up no other possibilities. (Wealth: 15 pts)

Semphair Valley

Nestled between House Deltario and their bannermen, House Lukas, the Semphair Valley is a long flat grassland flanked by Hills to either side. Largely abandoned after the destruction of House Semphair, recently the area has been resettled to support Angelo's growing herds of sandsteeds. (Lands: 6 - Plains 5 + Grassslands 1)

  • Semphair Knights: (Veteran Cavalry) As part of her dowry, Lady Laura was accompanied by a contingent of Knights from House Dayne. Lord Angelo agreed to settle these Knights in the recently acquired Semphair Valley. While mostly young, the Knights saw considerable action during the War. (Power: 10)

Members of the House

Lineage of House Deltario
  • Lord Angelo Deltario: Lord of the House (20 years) - Status 6 (Lord)
  • Lady Laura Delatrio:: Lady of the House Daughter of Shierle Dayne, former Castellan of Starfall Castle, Lady Laura has replaced Jedik Sand as Castellan of Dawn's Point. (20 years)
  • Ser Vysaeria Targaryen-Deltario: Heir of the House and Commander of Blades - Status 4 (Heir, Influence 20)
  • Danyk Deltario: The Sandadder (House Ambassador and Master of Whispers) (27 years) - Status 3 (Second 'Son,' Influence 10)
  • Elyn Deltario: Danyk's younger sister, Elyn has grown up in Sunspear. Though she tries to enjoy life in Dawn's Point, it's pretty clear that she misses Sunspear and her friends in the court terribly. (18 years)

Distant Members or Other Branches

  • Lady Danya Estermont: The sister of old Lord Darrak, and thus the grand-aunt to all current Deltarios, Lady Danya was married off to House Estermont a great many years ago. At this point, most of the current members of House Estermont are descended from her, making the Estermonts cousins by blood. Of course, Danya has had very little to do with House Deltario for a great many years, making that connection one of lineage rather than family. (61 years)
  • Malora Sand: Danyk's half-sister (a bastard, at that), Malora long ago left Sunspear to make her way in the world once she reached her age of majority. Her mother, Berya - a successful spice merchant out of Sunspear - hasn't heard from her in nearly a decade. (27 years)

Retainers of the House

Retainers of House Deltario
  • Jedik Sand: Captain of the Wordless, and Castellan of the House. Known as He Who Speaks, Jedik is the only one of the Wordless who routinely speaks to outsiders. Personally trained in his duties by one of the last remaining of the original Unsullied who founded the Wordless, Jedik has been drilled with the importance of obedience and ruthlessness. He has the look of a Salty Dornishman, although with strangely haunting, pale blue eyes. (31 years)
  • Lucia Bramati: Steward. Inheritor of the courtesan name The Emerald Maiden, Lucia left Braavos to be with her lover, selling off her name and barque. She hopes to make a new life for herself in Westeros. Her paramour Danyk has helped her a great deal, finding a role as steward for her in House Deltario, for which she is grateful. (28 years)
  • Falcone Bramati: Armsman. Lucia's older brother and a skilled Water Dancer, Falcone chose exile with his sister rather than lose contact with her. In return for his continuing lessons on the art of Water Dancing, Danyk has secured for him a place with his House. (30 years)
  • Ser Martyn Gracefield: Master at Arms. Ser Martyn was one of the Knights that relocated to House Deltario with Lady Laura. He faithfully served House Dayne for nearly a decade and has brought is experience and skill into Dawn's Point. Unlike his predecessor, he has a close working relationship with Jedik Sand. (31 years)

Lost, Forsaken, or Deceased

  • Maester Terrance Deceased. Poisoned during the feast for Lord Angelo and Lady Laura's Wedding Tourney, Maester Terrance fell victim to the shadowy enemies of House Deltaro.
  • Ser Dhel Bullton, the Bull of Dawn's Point: Sent to the Wall A second-generation knight, Ser Dhel's father was Ser Pol, slain on the Stepstones. Dhel himself was Ser Banmund's squire, and knighted for his service in that war. Dhel himself has a notorious reputation as not being the brightest of House Deltario's retainers, but his loyalty and strength are unquestioned. For that loyalty his tongue was removed and he was sent to the wall for a crime he didnt commit.


  • Ascent: +5 Influence, +2 Lands, +4 Power, +1 Wealth
  • Favor: +5 Influence +4 Lands, +4 Law, +6 Power
  • Ascent: +3 Influence, +5 Lands, +4 Power, +3 Wealth
  • Windfall: +6 Defense, +10 Influence, +4 Lands, +2 Law, +1 Population, +8 Power, +11 Wealth
  • Scandal: -1 Influence, -2 Lands, -2 Power
  • Treachery: -2 Influence, -2 Law, +4 Power
  • Infrastructure: +4 Defense, +6 Wealth
  • Decline: -1 Influence, -2 Lands, -1 Power, -3 Wealth
  • House Deltario began with the Andal's push into the deserts of Dorne. Considered one of the first Andal territories on the Sea of Dorne, the Deltario's have controlled Dawn's Point for thousands of years. Much of the Houses history is myth and fable and its true rise to power came with the Rhoynar. It was clear to Argus Deltario, Lord of the Coast, that Mors Martell and the Rhoynar forces clearly outmatched any other within the region, and when news reached Dawn's Point that these combined forces were on the march, Argus sailed immediately and was one of the first to swear to the new Prince. For his loyalty, Argus was awarded control of much of the western Coast of the Sea of Dorne.
  • For nearly 400 years, the Deltario's retained control of this vast territory and were considered to be one of the most powerful and prosperous Houses in Dorne, rivaling the Yronwoods to the south. They held this territory for many decades into to the Targaryen attempts to conquer the region. Prior to Daeron I's successful conquest of the region, the Deltarios were admired for their vast trade empire, stretching as far as Astapor and Qarth, and became especially known for the exotic creatures they kept in Dawn's Point Castle. With the successful Targaryen conquest, House Deltario lost some of its control of the region, including House Wyl, whom had long since been one of their prized Banner Houses.
  • Even still, the House remained powerful, but was not free of its own bitter treachery. Some seventy years ago during the reign of Aegon V the Unlikely, the Goldmine in the Nine Claws began to exhaust. Darrak Deltario, then Lord of the House, dispatched his trusted younger brother Daemian Deltario to oversee prospecting along the other hill ranges adjacent to the Nine and entrusted him with Claw Keep. The young Deltario took to the task with great fervor, as with the passing of Darrak's wife and child, Daemian was named heir. Within three months, a vast gold vein was discovered several miles from Sungold Hall. Suddenly renewed wealth poured into the great House and the Dawnsport seemed to be on the verge of becoming the Sunspear of the West.
  • But just as this great windfall was fully blowing upon them, the House was struck by scandal. Without warning, Darrak Deltario remarried to a common girl, said to come from the Bed of Lillys (the Brothel not far from Riggon's Ribs). To complicate matters, the Lord announced that his new wife was with child. Outraged, Daemian seized Claw Keep, nearly half of the House army and rebelled. For two years, bitter fighting spilt Dornishmen blood upon the sand. Slowly though, Darrak and his Bannermen gained the advantage, cutting off Daemian from his Sungold supporters. They encircled the rebellious lord within Claw Keep and laid siege, but Daemian had prepared for the worst, and had stockpiled supplies within Hill-heart mine. Realizing that the siege would not drive Daemian to surrender, Darrak ordered his men to burn the keep with all inside. The burnt out ruins became known as Daemian's Doom, he then made his forces ready to attack Sungold.
  • The Knights of Sungold, however, had not been idle. Realizing Daemian was defeated, the Sungolds had secretly sent overtures to the Yronwoods, pledging their loyalty and the wealth of their mine in exchange for the Houses protection. The Deltarios and the Yronwoods had been at odds for generations, leading to outright battle when the Yronwoods sided with the Daemon Blackfyre during his rebellion some forty years prior. When Darrak and his forces arrived, they were met by the forces of Yronwood, and saw Yronwood flag hung on the ramparts. Darrak demanded the traitorous Knights be handed over to him, and their lands returned, but the Yronwoods refused. His forces exhausted, Darrak had no choice but to return home.
  • Veneta, Darrak's wife, bore him two sons, Davic and Linden. Linden was sent to family friends in Sunspear while he was still a boy. Darrak, fearful of another potential rebellion during Davic's reign, wished to ensure no challengers would be present. He died a short time later. Davic's rule was uneventful, though the house continued to decline slowly, that is until the Blackfyres returned to Westeros. When word reached of the Targaryan counter offensive in the Stepstones, the Deltarios were called to action. At the onset, Davic Deltario's ship was lost at sea, and his youngest son Mica died during the push through the Golden Company at the close of the war.

Reign of Daeron II (184 AL - 209 AL)

  • 190 AL: Darrak born to Domeric and Rohanne.
  • 194 AL: Daemian born to Domeric and Rohanne.
  • 198 AL: Danya born to Domeric and Rohanne.
  • 200 AL: Domeric dies of the bloody flux, and Darrak becomes Lord Deltario.
  • 204 AL: Darrak marries Sera Fowler. His mother Rohanne dies later that year.
  • 208 AL: The wife and child of Darrak die during childbirth. He is devastated, and names his brother Daemian as heir. The Deltario mine begins to show signs of depletion.

Reign of Aerys I (209 AL - 221 AL)

  • 209 AL: The War of the Basilisks. Darrak sends his brother on a prospecting mission. During this time, it is revealed that Darrak has been assuaging his grief in the arms of a whore from the Bed of Lilies, and while Daemian is away, Darrak marries the whore Veneta, announcing that she is pregnant with his child. Daemian rises up against his brother's indignity, using House Sungold as his support. An ugly civil war within Deltario lands breaks out, ending in Daemian's death and the defection of House Sungold to House Yronwood, with their lands and the new mine Daemian discovered.
  • 210 AL: Davic born to Darrak and Veneta.
  • 212 AL: Second Blackfyre Rebellion.
  • 214 AL: Linden born to Darrak and Veneta.
  • 215 AL: Danya is married to Normund Estermont.

Reign of Maekar I (221 AL - 233 AL)

  • 222 AL: At the age of 8, Linden is sent to Sunspear to foster.
  • 225 AL: Linden becomes the squire to Ser Armun Aspen, a knight in the Martell court.
  • 229 AL: Linden's youthful indiscretion with a rich merchant's daughter results in the birth of a daughter, Malora Sand.
  • 230 AL: After a stunning victory at a Sunspear tourney, Linden is knighted by Prince XXX Martell at the age of 16. He begins courting Jyelle Aspen, the daughter of Ser Armun Aspen at Sunspear, and marries her at year's end.
  • 231 AL: Ser Linden and Jyelle are married. Lord Darrak attends, but the two quarrel over something, and House Deltario's entourage leaves the day after the wedding.
  • 232 AL: Danyk born to Ser Linden and Jyelle.

Reign of Aegon V (233 AL - 259 AL)

  • 235 AL: Veneta dies, and within the year, Darrak follows her into death. Davic is made Lord Deltario, and begins the search for a wife in earnest.
  • 236 AL: Lord Davic marries Sermesande Manwoody, who becomes Lady Deltario.
  • 239 AL: Angelo born to Lord Davic and Lady Sermesande.
  • 240 AL: Mica born to Lord Davic and Lady Sermesande.
  • 241 AL: Elyn is born to Ser Linden and Jyelle.
  • 247 AL: A youthful indiscretion by Danyk leads to scandal. His father sends him to his friend in Braavos, to give the boy time away and expand his education some, hopefully turning him into a man. All it really does is teach him a higher form of carousing than he'd ever experienced. In no time, Danyk is among the bravos dueling at the Moon Pools.
  • 249 AL: Mica is fostered at Sunspear. During his time there, he meets his uncle Linden and his cousins Malora and Elyn.
  • 250 AL: Malora Sand leaves Sunspear to make her way in the world.
  • 252 AL: In Braavos, Danyk wins the favor of the courtesan known as the Emerald Maiden. He begins spending an inordinate amount of coin on her, but the two grow close.
  • 253 AL: The Year of the Summer Fever. A summer fever sweeps through Dorne, claiming many lives, including Ser Linden. During this year, bandits take advantage of the sickness to raid caravans, and Mica earns his spurs helping to fend them off. He is knighted by Lord Duram Allyrion.
  • 254 AL: Hearing about his father's death, Danyk returns to Westeros from Braavos, bringing a paramour, Lucia, with him.
  • 255-259 AL: War of the Ninepenny Kings. Dorne serves as the launching point for the war against the Band of Nine, and the Deltarios are pulled into that war as banners of House Martell.
    • 255 AL: Lord Davic's ship was lost at sea early in the conflict. Angelo becomes Lord Deltario.
    • 256 AL: During the conflict, Angelo, Mica and Danyk become fast friends, call the "Three Basilisks" by Princess Martell. In her entourage, Mica meets a woman who claims to have been knighted, a Lady Vysaeria Targaryen. Vysaeria and Mica fall in love. Danyk is set to be Knighted by a grizzled Ser Armun Aspen, but at the hour of his appointment, he is drunk in a whore-house.
    • 257 AL: Mica and Vysaeria are wed on a peaceful isle of the Stepstones. Vysaeria's brother Vaelstyn interrupts the ceremony, raging against her choice, and has to be escorted off the island.
    • 258 AL: Mica dies in battle with the Golden Company at the end of the war. When their role is done, Lord Angelo, Danyk and Vysaeria return to Dorne. Angelo invites Danyk and Vysaeria to return to Dawn's Point and join the household, and they accept.
  • 259 AL: Chronicle Begins

House Fortune Rolls / Advancement

  • Earned: 23 Glory
  • Spent: 23 Glory (13 Wealth, 6 Lands, 4 Power)

Month 1: 42 - Boon (Wealth) +6 Wealth --- Action: Coverted 4 Wealth to 2 Lands
Month 2: 37 - Growth (Wealth) +6 Wealth --- Action: Begin construction of Horse Husbandry w/ Rare Breed (21 Months)
Month 3: 44 - Boon (Wealth) +6 Wealth --- Action: Annual Festival: Trade Winds - D3 Influence (1) / D3-1 Population (0)
Month 4: 26 - Blessing (Wealth/Power) +1 Power / +3 Wealth --- Converted: 300GD to 1 Wealth --- Action: None
Month 5: 63 - Boon (Wealth/Influence) +3 Wealth / +3 Influence --- Action: Wedding to Laura Dayne (+6 Influence)
Month 6: 62 - Boon (Wealth/Lands) + 5 Wealth / +2 Lands --- Action: Host Regional Tourney (-8 Wealth | +6 Influence)
Month 7: 63 - Boon (Wealth) +5 Wealth --- Action: Began construction of Assassins Cult w/ Plausable Deniability (10 Months)
Month 8: 54 - Boon (Wealth/Lands) +4 Wealth / +1 Land --- Action: Began construction of Master at Arms (13 months)
Month 9: 54 - Boon (Wealth/Population) +7 Wealth / +3 Population --- Action: Convert 6 Wealth-> 3 Power
Month 10: 55 - Boon (Wealth/Influence) +5 Wealth / +2 Influence --- Action: Promote House Daytower. (War yeilds: Law -4, Population +5, Wealth +9, Power +34.
Month 11: 49 - Boon (Wealth/Population) +9 Wealth / +2 Population --- Action: Begin Construction Secret Police (19 Months)
Month 12: 58 - Boon (Wealth/Defense) +5 Wealth / +3 Defense --- Action: Speed Build (Secret Police) -4 Months.
Month 13: 43 - Boon (Wealth/Power) +1 Wealth / +2 Power --- Action: Speed Build (Master at Arms) -5 Months. --- Events: -2 Wealth, +5 Influence
Month 14: 51 - Boon (Wealth/Influence) +3 Wealth / +2 Influence --- Action: Convert 10 Wealth -> 5 Land. --- Events: -2 Population.
Month 15: 46 - Boon (Wealth/Land) +7 Wealth / +1 Land --- Action: Convert 6 Wealth -> 3 Population. --- Events: -2 Population
Month 16: 49 - Boon (Wealth/Land) +2 Wealth / +1 Land --- Action: Improve Dawnsport to Large Town. Master at Arms Complete. --- Event: +1 Power
Month 17: 66 - Boon (Wealth/Land) +2 Wealth / +2 Land --- Action: Speed Build (Secret Police) -3 Months. Assassin's Cult w/ Plausable Deniability Complete
Month 18: 45 - Boon (Wealth/Land) +7 Wealth / +2 Population --- Action: Speed Build (Secret Police) -3 Months.
Month 19: 48 - Boon (Wealth/Law) +8 Wealth / +2 Law --- Action Convert 6 Wealth -> 3 Power.
Month 20: 60 - Boon (Wealth/Population) +3 Wealth / +2 Population --- Action: Build Trained Archers. Secret Police Complete.
Month 21:
Month 22:
Month 23: Horse Husbandry w/ Rare Breed Complete