House Lukas

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House Lukas
Faithful To The End
Status: Landed Knight (Status 2)
Seat: Lealgarde
Current Lord: Ser Josian Lukas
Current Lady: Leyla Lukas
Realm: Dorne
Heir: Eldyn Lukas
Liege: Lord Angelo Deltario
Cadet Branch: None
Vassals: None
Maester: None
Ancestral Weapon: None
Founder: Ser Adner Lukas
Founded: Blackfyre Rebellion
House Traits
Defense: 18 (8 Unspent)
Influence: 11
Lands: 27 (3 Unspent)
Law: 8
Population: 9
Power: 20 (0 Unspent)
Wealth: 24 (4 Unspent)

Risen out of the ashes of treachery, House Lukas has a hard job ahead of it. Towards the end of the Blackfyre Rebellion, a banner House of House Deltario called House Semphair aligned themselves with the Blackfyres in secret opposition to their liege lords. But one of their knights, Ser Adner, revealed their perfidy to House Deltario. Once House Semphair's line was extinguished to the last man, woman and child, Ser Adner was made master of their now-ruined lands. He took the name of his father as his House name, and has struggled to do the faith of the Deltarios justice ever since.


  • House Fortune Rolls: -10 Law, -5 Pop, +2 Animal Husbandry, +1 Abbey; +1 Influence, +1 Population


A rolling green, lightly wooded swathe of coastal hills, the Greencoast is where House Lukas elected to make their new seat, Lealgarde. Greencoast has three estates: Lealham, Mordry and Eelvale. (Hills; Coast, Light Woods; Land: 13 pt)

  • Lealgarde: Tower. Less than fifty years old, Lealgarde is a squat, square tower within sight of the coastline and the village of Lealham, whose central feature is the House's warship docks. (Defense: 10 pt)
  • White Sealion Fleet: Veteran Warships Unit. This fleet, flying the colors of House Lukas, tends to mount regular single-ship patrols along the coasts controlled by House Deltario. At any give time, there is a pair of ships at the Lealgarde docks, another ship in Dawns Point and the other two ships on patrol. (Power: 12)
  • The Green Axes: Trained Infantry Unit. A force of green-cloaked, silver-helmed axemen, the Green Axes tend to patrol a great deal of the domains of House Lukas, focusing primarily on the estates of Greencoast, but with a small detachment to help defend Alton Hill in Semphair Rise if need be. Following the Battle of Semphair Valley, the Green Axes struggled to replenish their ranks, and drafted the remaining opposed Smallfolk, but quick training led by Ser Mortimer Daytower brings them back to fighting strength. (Power: 8)

Semphair Rise

The old sheep-haunted, grassy hills of Semphair Rise is crowned by the ruins of Semphair Tower, destroyed as the fatal stroke against old House Semphair. Semphair Rise has only a single remaining estate, Alton Hill, though it also hosts the Abbey of Saint Kanar, an abbey of cloistered septons. (Hills; Ruin, Grassland; Lands: 11 pt)

  • The Semphair Rise Shepherds: Animal Husbandry Estate Wealth Holding. The raising of sheep has long been a standard occupation for the folk of Semphair Rise. To this day, every farmer in Alton Hill maintains his own flock of fine sheep, and more than a few do nothing but raise flocks. These fine livestock provide mutton for a great deal of northern coastal Dorne, and for the Cape of Wrath in the Stormlands. (Wealth: 10)
  • Abbey of Saint Kanarr: Abbey Settlement Wealth Holding. A cloistered brotherhood of septons dedicated primarily to the Father, the brown-robed septons of this abbey are learned men with a focus on historical lore and geneaological records in particular, dating back to before the arrival of Aegon the Conquerer. (Wealth: 10)

Members of the House

  • Ser Josian Lukas: Master of the House. Grandson of the House's founder, Josian is aware of the difficult situation he's inherited. Unlike his father, Rudryn, he hasn't allowed that knowledge to drive him to drink, however. Josian is a canny young knight, and one very well aware of his limitations. His real strength, however, lies in the reading of other people, and in judging their capabilities - which explains his choice of wife. Though he knows he has chosen wisely for his House, he hopes to one day come to truly love Lelya, rather than simply respecting and valuing her as he does now. (24 years)
  • Lelya Lukas: Mistress of the House. Born Lelya Sand, Lelya is the by-blow of a minor Qorgyle cousin and the former Maester of that House. She is unfortunately unattractive, with perpetually greasy hair and an unfortunate asymmetry to her features. Teasing in her childhood has left her somewhat ill-suited to social situations, but her doting father trained her well in her numbers, and she brings to House Lukas a sharp mind and keen nose for business. Under her management, the House's affairs have already begun to rise again. Though she knows that her husband chose her for her business acumen and household management skills, she does truly love him. (26 years)
  • Eldyn Lukas: Heir of the House. A bright young Salty Dornishman with a fair measure of skill at arms, Eldyn is a squire for Ser Mortimer Daytower, a knight in service to House Deltario. Unsurprisingly, Eldyn and his older brother don't often get along. (16 years)
  • Kraig Lukas: The youngest of the Lukas sons, Kraig is squired to Ser Banmund Skye, a knight of House Daytower. He is quite enamored of the sea, and hopes to achieve command of a warship perhaps more than he desires his spurs of knighthood. (14 years)

Retainers of the House

  • Septon Dunmyr: A septon from the Abbey, Dunmyr is a regular retainer of the House, providing many of the services that a maester normally might. Dunmyr is a passable healer, and has helped to raise the Lukas boys when Lealgarde was just a holding where three boys near ran amok in the aftermath of their parents' deaths. (43 years)


  • Doom: House Lukas was founded in the destruction of House Semphair. They inherited lands that were nearly utterly destroyed, but have done their best to rise up to meet this challenge. Modifiers: -6 Def, -3 Inf, -7 Land, -5 Law, -9 Pop, -11 Pow, -5 Wealth


  • Book 2 - Chapter 1: House Lukas Gains 4 Law
  • Book 2 - Chapter 3: House Lukas loses 5 Population and 2 Power
  • Book 2 - Chapter 4: House Lukas Gains 3 Influence and 2 Power.
  • Book 2 - Chapter 5: House Lukas Gains 2 Wealth and 3 Lands.
  • Book 3 - None
  • Interlude - 0 Influence, +2 Law, +4 Population, +3 Power, +1 Wealth