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A D&D 5th Edition campaign

Player Characters

  • Tavel: Half-elf Warlock, played by Jim
  • Carsyss: Half-elf Fighter, played by James
  • Orrin: Human Druid, played by Brian

Retired PCs

  • Amote: Half-elf Sorcerer, played by Andrew

Player Character Info


World of Ruhen

The world of Ruhen is big. Really big. In fact the world is about 50 times bigger than the characters would realize. That being said, the area that the intrepid adventurers are in is at war. In the North are the Orcs. They are aggressive by nature and wish to keep expanding their territory. For years they have just had little skirmishes with the southern races, but lately it has escalated to all out war, especially as the humans and the elves have started fighting to protect their borders.

The Whisper

A fairly isolated keep in the desert. Its primary production surrounded limestone and farming. It was self sufficient and was built around a oasis fed by an underground water source. Lately The Whisper has gone quiet. Quieter than usual. There are many rumors that speculate what has happened.

The Tongue

The tongue is a port town that is a major hub for this part of Ruhen. It is run by five "Princes" who are collectively know as The Many Mouths of The Tongue. While most races can be found in The Tongue, humans and dwarves form the majority.

The Ship Fortune of Men

This ship is generally just used to move around cargo and trade goods. It is under the command of Captain Moxus.

Town of Drapuren

One side of the town is the great sea where there is a small dock that brings in many of the commercial items and supplies from the two great cities near by. The town is build close together and feels smaller than it really is. A big part of this is due to the great forests that surround the other side of the city. Past the docks to the south the land rises to a great cliff side where the Noble Julian Murdock lives. His great house is surrounded by a great wall of stone and the road to access his front gate is out of the way and passed by both the Mayor's Manner and the town guards barracks. The actual town is build around a circular road which houses the town market in the center on the south side and most of the major neighborhood to the north. The docks to the east and the scatters homes to the far west house the two major slums. further to the west is a rough dirt road which leads to the west side of the cliffs and the major mining caves.

Who's Who

Valgath "Raftmite" Thrlagg
Raftmite has short, gray mohawk and green eyes. His skin is rough and a bit sunburned, but the color chocolate. He stands 5' 10 and has a muscular build. Despite his size and build he moves with ease and grace. His face is round and rather forgettable but he has a short squared beard that covers his chin. He fidgets occasionally, is uncomfortable in rich settings, and he is prone to violence when pushed. He is optimistic in most situations and has a beautiful singing voice which usually surprises people.

He discretely worships Tyr, God of justice. (Lawful Good)