Eriadu Insurgency

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Eriadu, Outer Rim
Contact Network: Scope: 2 • Expertise: Education 2, Warfare 4
A carefully concealed resistance cell, the Eriadu Insurgency focuses on information gathering and slicing. Though their efforts were once restricted to purely local endeavors, this still gave them a great deal of foresight, as their homeworld is the capital of Moff Wilhulf Tarkin. With recent aid by a cell of operatives searching for Fulcrum, the Eriadu Insurgency not only gained valuable assets from a prison break-in, but they also managed to secure HoloNet access, giving their slicing efforts a significantly broader applicability. Forced to go further underground, the Eriadu Insurgency now focuses on security while they mine their new access for intelligence of value to other resistance cells.

Nej Horne
Insurgency Leader
The cell's leader, Nej Horne formerly worked for the government of Eriadu as an intelligence officer before Moff Tarkin's ascension meant that all such government functions were folded into his Imperial bureaucracy. When Horne refused to work for the Empire, he was accused of sedition. Before he could be arrested, however, he disappeared into the slums of Eriadu City, determined that if he was going to be hunted for a capital crime, he might as well put his skills to use doing exactly that.
Haxen Delto
HoloNet Specialist
Methodical and technical minded, Haxen brought his original experience as a HoloNet engineer to the Insurgency after they successfully managed a secure HoloNet tap. Though Haxen and Nej have been friends for years, Haxen refused to join his cell until that tap was secure. Now that he has done so, Delto has proven his worth to the cell several times over.
Mione Daivik
Imperial Bureaucracy Mole
An old ally of Horne's who elected to take work within the Imperial bureaucracy at his urging. She keeps an eye out for data trends rather than searching for specific information herself, and is a source for the cell's information on Tarkin's security protocols.
Vinca Kara
Slicer & Computer Security Professor
A professor at one of Eriadu's sub-universities, Vinca teaches the poor and those of vocational experience who need educations. His slicing skill originally came about as a result of his academic education, but he has gotten the opportunity to sharpen his skills significantly since joining the Insurgency at Mione's urging.