House Dustin

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House Dustin
Sharp as Steel
Status: House
Seat: Barrow Hall
Current Lord: None
Current Lady: Lady Barbrey Dustin, Lady of Barrowton
Realm: The North
Heir: Vaughn Dustin
Liege: Eddard Stark
Cadet Branch: None
Vassals: House Stout
Maester: Avery
Ancestral Weapon: None
Founder: Dustin Steward
Founded: Rhoynar Invasion
House Traits
Defense: 38 (8 Free)
Influence: 46 (6 Free; 1 Heir, 1 Daughter, 1 Son)
Lands: 47 (3 Free)
Law: 28
Population: 30
Power: 42
Wealth: 33 (3 Free)


  • House Fortunes: -2 (Law), +1 (Population), +3 (Maester), +1 (Smith), plus all troops are considered to have Castle-Forged steel. All Wealth Resource increases are increased by 2 (Marketplace + Smith).


A large town north of the Saltspear, Barrowton is the seat of House Dustin. House Stout also maintains a house in Barrowton as well. (Land: Hills; Grassland, Large Town, River, Ruins)

  • Barrow Hall: Hall. The ancestral seat of House Dustin, built by Dustin the Steward. It is built atop the Great Barrow, a massive hill that is said to be one of the hollow hills of the Children of the Forest. (Defense: 20 pts)
  • House Stout: Banner House. In addition to their own holdings in Goldengrass, House Stout also maintains a townhouse in Barrowton. (Power: 20 pts)
  • Knights: Trained Cavalry. House Dustin maintains a unit of mounted cavalrymen (Power: 8 pts.)
  • The Axes of Barrowton: Veteran Personal Guards. The gold-and-black armored Axes are highly skilled and justifiably feared longaxe-wielding warriors in direct service to House Dustin's nobility. (Power: 11 pts)
  • City Watch: Green Garrison. The city watch of Barrowton are nowhere near as highly trained as the other soldiers under the Dustin banner, but they are sufficient for maintaining peace in town. (Power: 3 pts)
  • The Barrowton Market: Marketplace Wealth Holding. The Barrowton Market is the favored trading place for many merchants for dozens of leagues all around, and is always bustling. (Wealth: 10 pts)
  • Maester Avery: Maester. A metallurgist and smith of incredible skill, Avery is not at all what most people expect when they think of maesters - he is tall, muscled, with a long braid down his back and neatly-trimmed goatee. (Wealth: 10 pts)
  • Evard Ironblack: Smiths Wealth Holding. Evard wears the single black iron armband of his calling, a tradition that goes back for generations of smiths in Barrowton. (Wealth: 10 pts)

Members of the House


  • Lady Barbrey Dustin (Ryswell): Lady of Barrowton The daughter of Lord Rodrik Ryswell, Barbrey Ryswell has wrinkles around her mouth and eyes but she is still tall, unbent and handsome. Her hair is equal parts brown and grey, she wears it tied behind her head in a widows knot. She is a notoriously bitter woman with an open grudge against Eddard Stark for her husband's death. She also dislikes maesters, referring to them as "grey rats." (51 years)
  • Robert Dustin: Lord William's younger brother, Robert serves as castellan of Barrowton Keep. He is an unassuming fighting man who knows his limitations as a leader of men, and is perfectly content to let Lady Barbrey do the ruling from here. (48 years)
  • Evelyn Dustin (Mollen): Robert's wife, a meek lady who clearly lives in fear of Barbrey's displeasure. (49 years)
  • Vaughn Dustin: Robert's oldest son, Vaughn has also been declared his aunt Barbrey's heir. He will clearly make a good Lord Dustin some day, and already acts as steward of the House, under his aunt's guidance. (31 years)
  • Serise Dustin: A young woman at the center of scandal from her youth. Her brother Valdan walked in on her and Ayrant Wisent, and she claimed to have been raped. Though the Wisent boy was forced into exile, she herself remained at the center of some measure of shame and scandal. Eventually, her aunt married her to one of the household knights. (26 years)
  • Valdan Dustin: The youngest of Robert and Emma's children, Valdan is a well-loved tourney knight, known as the Shining Axe of Barrowton. He is deeply protective of his older sister. (23 years)
  • Ruthlyn Dustin: The oldest brother of both William and Robert, Ruthlyn elected to join the Night's Watch as a young man. There are rumors of some scandal or another which prompted it, but no one actually seems to know what it was. He serves as a steward at the Shadow Tower. (55 years)

Retainers of the House

  • House Stout: Lords of Goldengrass
  • Ser Obart Myrrow: A knight sworn to House Dustin, Ser Obart is the husband of Serise Dustin. Though quite a bit older than she is, he considers himself quite fortunate, even if she frequently publicly humiliates him with her refusal to submit to him as he feels a wife ought. (47 years)


The Founding of Barrowton

House Dustin began as the household of a steward in service to House Stark. Through his clever management, he managed to see the founding of a new town in the southern edges of the Barrowlands, consolidating the hold of the Winter Kings nearly to the Neck. He was rewarded with nobility for his efforts, and lordship over the town he founded. (Infrastructure: +3 Defenses, +4 Power)

The Ironaxe's Victory

Approximately a century before Aegon's Conquest, the Lord of House Dustin was Maldis the Ironaxe, a warrior-lord of some renown. He was instrumental in the turning back of the tide of invading ironmen. Though he lost his life in the defense of the North, his House was well rewarded for their sacrifice, and the crossed axes were added to the House arms. (Ascent: +4 Influence, +6 Lands, +2 power, +4 Wealth)

Recent History

  • Lady Barbrey is the widow of Lord William Dustin, one of Eddard Stark's six companions who rode with him to attack the Tower of Joy at the end of Robert's Rebellion. When he rode off to war, she gifted him with a fine red stallion, the best of her father's herds.
Ser Valdan & Serise Dustin

Note: Though this is for a canonical setting element in the Song of Ice and Fire, some of the information here is totally created for my game, and should not be taken as an authoritative commentary on that setting element.