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The Sea Lords
""The rightful domain of humankind is the sea, and we its masters.""
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Token Benefits
Sea Lords' Seal

Far away, weeks down the road that extends south from Great Gate into the Frostwood, lies the realms of the Sea Lords. Coastal nobility who claim all of the sea as their own, the Sea Lords are a lineage of canny politicians given to piracy on their enemies. They claim all of humankind as their own, and so any place that has humans living there is bound to have a few who offer their loyalty – in secret, most often – to the Sea Lords.

Usual Location

The Sea Lords themselves are far away in their coastal demesnes, though their agents are everywhere humanity is found.


  • In ages of old, the Sea Lords were staunch allies with the Great Clans, and some of that regard remains to this day. It is a truism that nobility sticks together, even the nobility of men and elves.
  • Given the amount of travel that happens along the long Sea Road through the Frostwood, it is unsurprising that the Speaker of Spirits and the Frostwood elves have a long-standing alliance with the Sea Lords.
  • More than once, the Thanes have spoken opinions that seem to be echoes of the words spoken in the courts of the Sea Lords, and more than once the Sea Lords have deployed wealth or aid to the Thanes in return.


  • The constant scheming and spying of the Sea Lords have run afoul of the agents of the Aeriemaster on more than one occasion, and something of a shadow war exists between the two factions.
  • The new leaders of dwarvenkind, the Guilds have found the constant interference of the far-off Sea Lords egregious and unwelcome, particularly given how perfidious it seems to be.
  • The precise reasons for the enmity between the Queen of Frost and the Sea Lords is unknown, although pervasive rumors claim it has something to do with the Sea Lord tendencies to lay claim to all ships in the seas, including those that make the transition from the Feywild to mortal realms.

Sea Lords Token Benefits

  • Sea Lords' Seal: Servants of the Sea Lords may be given tokens that allow them to gain passage along any ocean-going vessel. Though it does not guarantee fine accommodations, it can aid in quick movement from place to place. This is only given to those who have accomplished tasks for the Lords.