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The Unicorn of the Frostwood
"Tread lightly in the shadows of these boughs, stranger. You walk on hallowed ground."
The BerserkerThe GrinnirThe Speaker of Spirits
The Slumbering InfernoThe Vundilan
Token Benefits
Healing & Succor • The Peace of the Frostwood • The Places of Power

For generations, there has been a Unicorn of the Frostwood who speaks for the forest itself (rather than its spirits or folk within it, as the Speaker does). There are holy glades in the Frostwood that are under the protection of the Unicorn, and those allied with her. Even in the fastnesses of the citadels, one can find those who work with the Unicorn, seeing her as a symbol of that which is good and pure in the world.

Usual Location

The Unicorn does not leave the Frostwood, but has been known to appear within different places weeks apart from one another in a matter of hours.


  • A member of the Primal Four, the Unicorn's allies also embody the Old Power of the natural world. She considers even the Berserker, whose deeds she disagrees with fundamentally, to be one such ally, along with the Grinnir and the Speaker of Spirits.


  • According to the Frostwood lore, the Unicorn remembers the times before the Slumbering Inferno lapsed into its sleep, and some places in the Frostwood yet bear the terrible sulfurous scars of those days of fear and flame. She does not wish to see the Inferno re-awakened, and works against that eventuality.
  • Like the Speaker, the Unicorn speaks of the great dangers posed by the Vundilan, although she is remarkably vague about the exact nature of that danger.

Unicorn Token Benefits

  • Healing & Succor: Those who have earned the favor of the Unicorn can often find succor and even healing magic from the Unicorn's agents and followers. Gaining this boon includes the means of contacting those who can grant such favor.
  • The Peace of the Frostwood: One of the Unicorn's favor involves a touch upon the head of those favored by her alicorn. This bestows a mark that causes all natural beasts to be overcome with a peaceful demeanor toward the one who bears the favor. Not even hunger will cause a beast of the Frostwood to attack the bearer of this mark (although they may have to deal with an overly-friendly bear snuffling about at their rations packs instead).
  • The Places of Power: A few of those who have proven themselves to the Unicorn may be granted not only the secret locations of the Places of Power within the wood, but the secrets for unlocking their magics as well.