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The Vundilan
"Listen, listen • Seek in thy dreams • Neither run nor hide • Naught can muffle thy screams"
The Slumbering InfernoThe Queen of Frost
The Great ClansThe Speaker of SpiritsThe Unicorn of the Frostwood
Token Benefits
Momentary Madness • Uncanny Guidance

Everyone in the Vale and the citadels above them have had a whisper-dream of the Vundilan. A nightmare thing whose merest whispers spawn nightmares in sleeping minds, no one truly knows what the Vundilan is or what it wants. Still, some wake from those nightmares with more than fear and tears: some wake with a mission, and know that if they do not accede, they'll never sleep a peaceful night again.

Usual Location

No one knows the whereabouts of the Vundilan, or indeed if it even has a physical form. It appears in the dreams of those in the Vale, and to date no ward or blessing has managed to prevent such dreams.


  • It is known that the Vundilan communes with the Slumbering Inferno in the great wyrm's dreams, and the dragon does not fear the entity. Indeed, they may have struck some manner of bargain between them.
  • The Queen of Frost sometimes entertains the tall, hooded emissaries of the Vundilan when her faerie city appears in Silvershield Vale. The exact nature of their interactions are unknown.


  • Though all folk have reason to fear the nightmares that the Vundilan brings, three in particular reserve an especial fury for it and its agents: the Urram Athair warn their descendants against the fell influence of the thing, so the Great Clans work stridently against it; the Speaker of Spirits speaks against its machinations, naming it a dark spirits; and the Unicorn of the Frostwood

Unique Token Benefits

  • Momentary Madness: Those whose minds have touched the Vundilan sometimes demonstrate this strange sort of insanity which roils up within their minds when someone attempts to use magic of some kind to sway or command them. This madness throws off the enchantment but causes strange behavior for a moment as well.
  • Uncanny Guidance: Those that have listened to the Vundilan's promises in their dreams, and acceded to its directives are sometimes granted strange insights into the minds of others, secrets pried from the dreams of others.