Journal of Gamayun

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This journal is written in Russian. More than merely a journal, however, it is a grimoire, containing a handful of rotes encoded into its pages by its original owner, the turn of the century mage known as Mother Gamayun. She was part of a cabal of Russian witches called Tri Ptitsy, inspired by the ancient legend of three birds with womens’ heads. They each took as part of their identity one of these creatures’ names as a Shadow Name: Mother Gamayun was an Acanthus of the Mysterium, Madame Sirin was a Mastigos of the Guardians of the Veil and Lady Alkonost was an Obrimos of the Silver Ladder.

These three ladies took over the Hotel Regina from another Mysterium magus in 1897. This magus, a Chinese sorcerer of the Mysterium acted as Mother Gamayun’s mentor until his death in 1902. This journal seems to be the only surviving one of what is obviously a long corpus of journalizing by Mother Gamayun – she frequently makes mention of her other journals, often referring the reader to them. It is clear from the writing that she intended these books to be added to the Mysterium’s works after her death, though she frequently rambles on about somewhat personal topics.

This book details the years between 1901 and 1905, covering her initial years of taking over the Hotel Regina and her grief at losing her beloved Master Kang Lu (Heron). She discusses inheriting not merely his immensely powerful Hallow, but also his Athenaeum, which she indicates she was uncomfortable keeping in the walls of a public hotel, so she moved it to her personal sanctum.

She also discusses the difficulty of keeping the Hotel Regina safe from other mages. Though they declared Consilium along with the mages of Warrenton and Seaside, Oregon and those of Chinook and Ilwaco, Washington, others continued to attempt to seize the Hallow for themselves. She discusses her pride at her cabalmate, Lady Alkonost’s hard work at unifying these magi, and their acknowledgement of her work by naming her Hierarch of the Columbia Consilium.

She indicated that once the Hallow was established, and a network of protected portals erected by Madame Sirin to keep them in close contact with one another, the attacks lessened, and all the mages benefited. She does note, however, that extensive incursions were still made by mages they eventually identified as Seers of the Throne.

There are lots of other minor notations and journal entries, regarding both the work of keeping the Hotel in working order, and in dealing with increasing Abyssal entities over the years. She describes terrible dreams of being watched by the black places between the stars, and fears that those things had something to do with those dreams.


  • Scent of the Wyrd (Witchcraft): “Querelous Minds,” Fate •• + Prime •, Intelligence + Survival + Fate; Tradition Rote: Target must be fed a small amount of wormwood or nettle.
  • Silver from the Cup (Witchcraft): “Providence,” Fate •••, Dexterity + Occult + Fate; Cup with liquid in it +1, cast during full moon +1; Tradition Rote: This spell must be cast as an Extended ritual on the night of the full moon
  • Three-fold Law (Witchcraft): “Instant Karma,” Fate ••••, Presence + Empathy + Fate; Doll or poppet of target, bound up with caster’s hair +2; Tradition Rote: This must be cast on nights of the new moon.
  • Secrets of the Ley (Mysterium): “Dowsing,” Fate ••, Wits + Occult + Fate; Wand made of iron or willow +1, Searching for natural features +1
  • Invocation of Faerie (Witchcraft): “Pheromone Production,” Life ••, Resolve + Occult + Life; Anointing self with dew +1, cast in a circle of toadstools +1; Tradition Rote: This spell must be cast in the early morning, and the dew is required
  • Curator’s Gaze (Mysterium): “Analyze Enchanted Item,” Prime •, Intelligence + Occult + Prime; Crystalline Lens +1
  • Unweaving (Mysterium): “Counterspell Prime,” Prime ••, Dexterity + Occult + Prime; White gloves marked with Atlantean runes in silver lettering +2
  • Blind the Wyrd-Eye (Witchcraft): “Stasis Field,” Time ••, Manipulation + Animal Ken + Time; Holding cat +1, black cat +2; Tradition Rote: Sea salt must be sprinkled around the area to be protected
  • Gaze Into the Storm (Witchcraft): “Divination,” Time •••, Wits + Survival + Time; Cast while weather is inclement +1, actual storm +2; Tradition Rote: Spell must be cast during a storm

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