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Astrographical Information
Region Outer Rim
Sector Kanz Sector (Halo Frontier)
System Kruzim
Suns Unnamed
Orbital Position 5th
Moons None
Coordinates M-4
Rotation Period 26 standard hours
Orbital Period 412 local days
Planetary Information
Class Terrestrial
Climate Diverse (Polar to Tropical)
Atmosphere Type I (breathable); becomes Type II (breathing apparatus recommended) for 100 days out of the year
Gravity Standard
Primary Terrain Forest and Jungle
Societal Information
Native Species xxx
Immigrated Species xxx
Primary Language Galactic Basic Standard
Government xxx
Population 20,000 (Human, Rodian, Togruta, Harch; rumored Trandoshan)
Major Cities None
Major Imports xxx
Major Exports xxx
Affiliation xxx
Mechanical Information
Astrogation Hyperspace Backwater: Located as far from hyperspace routes as it is, Sacaya adds Setback-die.png to all Astrogation checks to plan a course to or from it.
Knowledges Outer Rim x • Education x • Lore x • Underworld x • Warfare x • Xenology x
Rarity Modifier x
Other Mechanics x

Kruzim's surface is covered by immense plantlife. Its polar forests feature massive trees whose root systems grow together to form subterranean caverns, heated by the trees' internal processes, its temperate woodlands feature massive sky-scraper-sized trees, and its vast tropical jungles are notable for the fact that the incredible twisting, spiraling trees all appear to be a single composite organism, joined across the surface of the world by its root system. Kruzim's only sign of civilization are the deep scars caused by the crash of capital ships a couple of decades ago, from when it was the site of a Clone Wars engagement between Separatist and Republic capital ships in its upper atmosphere, several of which crashed here.

Scavenger settlements made up of humans, Rodians, Togruta, and Harchs (in that order) make up most of the twenty thousand estimated denizens of Kruzim. There are rumors of at least one Trandoshan settlement hidden away in the jungle, as well.

The Kruzim System

Planet Type Moons
xxx xxx x
xxx xxx x