Kanz Sector

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Systems of the Kanz Sector

Governor: Moff Eyenavi, based out of Argazda.

Neighboring Sectors

  • Chopani. Governed by Moff Threneq. Mostly contains the Void of Chopani, an immense body of empty space. Given its emptiness, security for the sector has been ceded to Moff Threnex by Grand Moff Wessex.
  • Dalonbian. Governed by Moff Threneq. Variety of largely inconsequential worlds mostly left to their own devices.
  • Lahara Governed by Grand Moff Denn Wessex. Contains 245 settled worlds, mostly agricultural. Noteworthy as a hotbed of conflict during the Clone Wars.
  • Mieru'kar Governed by Grand Moff Denn Wessex. Notably low population, and something of a haven for pirates.
  • Nijune. Governed by xx.
  • Oplovis. Governed by Admiral xx. Home to the Oplovis Sector Fleet and goverened by an Imperial admiral, it is known as a major trade center. It also boasts several universities, including the University of Kataris.
  • Relgim. Governed by Grand Moff Denn Wessex. Easily the main center of Imperial power in the region, Relgim sector is the center of the Ninth Oversector and thus under the direct governance of Grand Moff Denn Wessex.
  • Spinward. Governed by xx. Largely abandoned and considered a frontier space. Known to yet contain a number of undiscovered and unexplored systems and worlds.
  • Tragan Cluster. Governed by Moff Brinkan. Cluster of various sparsely populated worlds, many of which are frontier or agriculture worlds. Notable exception is Maxet, with a focus on technological vocation training and research.