Veragi Worlds

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So called for their nearness to the Veragi Trade Route hyperspace lane, these worlds are more frequented than any of the other worlds in the sector – which isn't saying much, given their remoteness.

  • Amaltanna: A rocky, mountainous place with a Type I oxygen mix atmosphere. It is known to have at least one fortress used by Separatist holdouts during the Clone War. Its native species was driven to extinction by one Baron Edi Wedd during the Clone Wars; it has neither native nor colonist settlements any longer.
  • Argazda: Home to the Argazdan people, green-skinned near-humans with a history of oppression against the Lorrdian people. Today, Argazda acts as the Imperial headquarters for the sector, with the offices of Moff Eyenavi found here.
  • Ayceezee: A long-colonized world quite near the Veragi hyperlane, Ayceezee is high-technologically agrarian, and known for its public university system. Ayceezee has long developed a style of architecture that focuses on framing the beauty of nature and providing places to comfortably walk or sit and enjoy the natural world.
  • Bimmiel: A biologically fervent world, Bimmiel is a terrestrial-class world made up of wastelands and thick polar icecaps. Its elliptical orbit brings it close enough to its sun to melt the icecaps, which subsequently floods the wastelands during a flooding season, causing intense plant growth and the rising of dangerous native beasts out of hibernation. Bimmiel is under Imperial quarantine.
  • Ereesus: Heavily colonized by both Argazdan and Lorrdian people, Ereesus was once the home to a native species, the Ereesi. The Ereesi were a slave-trading culture who preyed on neighboring systems. Several thousand years ago, Argazdans attacked Ereesus, completely wiping out the Ereesi. It is now a peaceful mountainous world with a number of colonies that engage in aquaculture and mining. With the dissolution of the Senate, the Ereesus Planetary Security Forces were dissolved and replaced in function by Imperial forces.
  • Jerne: A two-moon desert planet, Jerne was home to a people, the Jerni, who were extinct long before any of the other species of this sector rose to space travel.
  • Kol Atorn: A terrestrial world with a single city (that shares the name of the world itself), Kol Atorn was settled by Mandalorian exiles many generations ago. It holds a revered place in Mandalorian history, for it was where Mandalore the Hammerborn, one of its revered historical leaders, was born and forged into a warrior. Though resource-poor, the world itself features ample hunting in its various canyons and culverts, and many of the people learn the arts of stalking here. The native language here is Mando'a. The Bounty Hunter's Guild maintains a strong presence in the city here.
  • Kol Huro: A seven planet system, each of the worlds in orbit around Kol Huro (the sun's name proper) were turned into factory-worlds by the tyrant Mustag Olus during the Clone Wars, in service of the Separatists. Though no one has ever restarted the entirety of the old systems, they have been claimed here and there by corporations or guilds, and the technology bent to other purposes, all under Imperial supervision, of course.
  • Lorrd: Home to a human culture of Lorrdian people, Lorrd is known as a bastion of learning and education. The vast Lorrd University has multiple schools not just on Lorrd itself, but on other worlds around the galaxy. Though Lorrd has seen a dark history – including slave raids and attempts to exterminate the Lorrdian people entirely – they have emerged as a bright shining bastion of learning and erudition. It was Lorrd who provided the Senator for the Kanz sector before the dissolution of the Senate; the beloved Senator Nee Alavar (who participated in the Petition of 2000) was brutally executed, and her entire family separated and sent to Imperial labor camps. This shocked and horrified the Lorrdian people to their core.
  • Nord: An ice-world with a small population of human natives. No industry or spaceport.
  • Noremac: A planet with an ugly history of Argazdan slaving. Largely a mining and agricultural world.
  • Thovinack: A forest world with a spaceport and extensive lumber operations.