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Astrographical Information
Region Outer Rim
Sector Kanz Sector (Halo Frontier)
System Reda
Suns Reda
Orbital Position 3rd
Moons 3
Coordinates M-4
Rotation Period 22 standard hours
Orbital Period 352 local days
Planetary Information
Class Terrestrial
Climate Arctic to Temperate (Perpetual Storms)
Atmosphere Type 1
Gravity Standard
Primary Terrain Mountainous
Societal Information
Native Species None
Immigrated Species None
Primary Language None
Government None
Population None
Major Cities None
Major Imports None
Major Exports None
Affiliation Galactic Empire (nominal)
Mechanical Information
Astrogation Hyperspace Backwater: Located as far from hyperspace routes as it is, Sacaya adds Setback-die.png to all Astrogation checks to plan a course to or from it.
Knowledges Outer Rim x • Education x • Lore x • Underworld x • Warfare x • Xenology x
Rarity Modifier x
Other Mechanics x

Reda's distinctive mountains rise up out of their cloudy valleys like knife-points, sharp and jagged. The fog that enshrouds the valleys are not simple mists, but in fact clouds – as the occasional lightning storms that rage just beneath the mountain peaks attest to. The ferrous ore in the mountains paired with the frequent lightning events makes Reda a dangerous place, although clearly someone once managed it, as some of the valleys feature extensive ruins of a sort that suggest an advanced (but pre-space flight) civilization long ago extinct.

The Reda System

Planet Type Moons
xxx xxx x
xxx xxx x