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The Law-Giver, the Legate, the Wise, the Great Balance
Lamal the Law-Giver is an entity of perfect order but, unlike his brother Weyan, he is concerned with order amongst individuals and societies, rather than the perfect functioning of a well-maintained mechanism. Mortals know Lamal as “the Wise” and the “Great Balance,” a giver of laws, guidance, and wise judgment. For this reason, he is often a guide and patron of magicians seeking to use their powers wisely for the greater good. Lamal is one of the Three Powers of the Modrossus.

Common Spells

Lamal's Labyrinth

This spell mystically traps a subject in psychic “maze” leaving them stupified and vulnerable.

  • Affliction • 4 points per rank • Resisted/Overcome by Will; Entranced + Vulnerable > Defenseless + Immobile > Incapacitated • Standard Action, Perception Range, Instant • Extra Condition, Increased Range 2 (Perception)

Lamal's Mighty Hands

A spell that creates ghostly, invisible forces able to lift and move objects as the caster wills.

  • Move Object • 2 points per rank + 2 points • ACTION, RANGE, DURATION • Precise, Subtle • FLAWS

Lamal's Rebuke

This is a powerful spell usable against extra-planar creatures of chaos.

  • Affliction • 2 points per rank • Resisted/Overcome by Will; Dazed + Hindered > Disabled + Stunned > Incapacitated • Standard Action, Close Range, Instant • Area (Burst), Extra Condition • Limited to Extraplanar Creatures of Chaos

Light of Lamal

This spell, also known as the “Light of Law,” calls forth a pure, streaming ray of white light. Those illuminated by it are compelled to speak the truth.

  • Affliction • 1 points per rank • Resisted/Overcome by Will; Controlled • Standard Action, Ranged, Instant • Increase Range 1 (Ranged), Progressive • Limited Degree, Limited to Speaking the Truth