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The Wheelwright, the Watcher, the White Hand
Weyan the Wheelright is brother of Lamal the Law-Giver, and he is even more orderly than his divine twin. Weyan is an artisan, master of a vast and intricate clockwork of interlocking wheels and gears, always working to expand and maintain it. It is said the purpose of the vast mechanism is to perfect creation in some way. Perfection is Weyan’s ultimate purpose, and he’s called upon in matters of improving or perfecting things, or for the tremendous power contained in the wheels he makes and puts into motion. Unlike, Lamal, however, Weyan is less concerned with matters of justice, and wizards wield his power for their own purposes.

Common Spells

Ward of Weyan

This spell (not to be confused with the Wheel of Warding, the Third Wheel of Weyan) is a dictum of law, warding off all creatures of chaos and disorder.

  • Affliction • 2 points per rank • Resisted/Overcome by Will; Entranced > Compelled > Controlled • Standard Action, Close, INstant • Area (Burst), Progressive • Limited to Creatures of Chaos, Limited to Forcing Targets Away from Area

Wondrous Working of Weyan

This spell is a particularly intricate—and dangerous—enchantment. It creates around the magician a wondrous phantasmal device of complex interlocking gears, powered by the ambient magic in the surrounding area. They spin, faster and faster as the Wondrous Working uses up all the nearby magic, temporarily stripping the area of mystic power and denying all magicians and magical beings use of their abilities for a time. If the spell fails to work, the caster suffers psychic backlash, making a Will resistance check against a Damage effect equal to the rank of the highest affected magic trait.

  • Weaken (Magic) • 5 points per rank • Standard Action, Close, Instant • Affects Objects, Area (Burst), Broad, Concentration, Simultaneous • Side Effect (psychic backlash)

The Seven Wheels of Weyan

The corpus of Weyan's best-known spells are his Wheels of Weyan, which summon extradimensional mandala-wheels about the person of the magician and spin, working their magics through motion.

First Wheel: The Wheel of Workings

The First Wheel of Weyan, or the Wheel of Workings, can animate objects and also repair damage inflicted upon the world by various unnatural forces. Righteous magicians use it to clean up the collateral damage in the after- math of their victories.

  • Summon (Animated Object) • 3 points per rank • Standard Action, Ranged, Sustained • Increased Range 1 (Ranged), Linked (Transform) • Limited to Available Objects
  • Transform (Broken Objects into Repaired Objects) • 3 points per rank • Standard Action, Ranged, Sustained • Increased Range 1 (Ranged), Linked (Summon)
  • Total Cost: 6 points per rank

Second Wheel: The Wheel of Watching

The Second Wheel of Weyan, or the Wheel of Watching, opens a circular “window” through which the magician can scry. The Wheel of Watching only provides visions of distant places; it does not transmit sound or other sensory impressions.

  • Remote Sensing (Visual) • 2 points per rank + 2 points • Free Action, Rank Range, Sustained • Dimensional 2 (Mystic Dimensions)

Third Wheel: The Wheel of Warding

The Third Wheel of Weyan, or the Wheel of Warding, can deflect and reflect attacks.

  • Deflect • 2 points per rank • Standard Action, Ranged, Instant • Reflect

Fourth Wheel: The Wheel of Winds

The Fourth Wheel of Weyan, or the Wheel of the Winds, can create powerful wind gusts at the caster’s command.

  • Move Objects • 2 points per rank • Standard Action, Perception Range, Sustained • Increase Range 1 (Perception) • Limited to Pushing

Fifth Wheel: The Wheel of Waiting

The Fifth Wheel of Weyan, or the Wheel of Waiting, can actually stop time in a limited area.

  • Affliction • x points per rank • Resisted with Will; Incapacitated • Standard Action, Close, Sustained • Affects Objects, Area (Burst), Progressive, Selective, Sustained • Instant Recovery, Limited Degree

Sixth Wheel: The Wheel of Whispers

The Sixth Wheel of Weyan, or the Wheel of Whispers, carries the magician’s words over great distances.

  • Communication (air + auditory) • 4 points per rank • Free Action, Rank Range, Sustained

Seventh Wheel: The Wheel of Worlds

The Seventh Wheel of Weyan, or the Wheel of Worlds, opens wheel-shaped gateways between dimensions.

  • Movement 2 (Dimensional 2: Mystic Dimensions) • 10 points • Free Action, Personal, Sustained • Portal