Maidstone Three

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The Maidstone Three are explicitly not a cabal. Though they are all Awakened, and of different Orders, they are all merely friends, remaining in one anothers' company out of genial goodwill and a shared background in the small town of Maidstone, in Kent.

Black Sara
Eloise Goodchurch • The SocialiteGuardians of the Veil (Prophet) • Mastigos
A famulus in the Guardians, Black Sara operates as an information broker for Dragon Eye Hall, the Guardians caucus in London. She is part of the Prophets faction of the Guardians, focused on intelligence gathering within the social circles she inhabits.
Captain Marcus Dunlop • The HorsemanMysterium (Archaeomancers) • Acanthus
A senior daduchos in the Mysterium, Bellerophon serves as an Acquisitor for the Hans Sloane Foundation, as the Mysterium caucus is called. His outdoor survival skills and horsemanship are well-regarded, and he is frequently called away to assist in Mysterium operations in inhospitable climes.
The Nemean
Inspector Rupert James Anderson • The InvestigatorAdamantine Arrow (The Black Tower) • Moros
A senior famulus in the Knights of the Smoke (London's Adamantine Arrow caucus), Panoptes is a Thunderbolt Guardian whose field of specialty is matters of the London police force.