Paradise Heights

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The Paradise Heights Building is a luxury short-term residence/hotel building with a public restaurant, night club and spa on its first floor, and a variety of fine retail shops throughout its floors.

Floor One: The Basement Annex

Full Map[1]

The Basement Annex, which sits slightly below the public level of the Paradise Heights building, houses a variety of smaller rooms. It is also where the boiler room for the building is located, and a staff bathroom for men.

  • 101: Suite.
  • 102: Queen Room.
  • 103: Daybed Room.
  • 104: Suite.
  • 105: Suite.
  • 106: Daybed Room.

Floor Two: Public Level

Full Map[2]

The public level of Paradise Heights contains a variety of public buildings and services, all of which cater primarily to the residents of the building. The small annex on the western side of the building, which is situated slightly above the rest of the level, holds several rooms as well as staff bathroom for women.

  • The Naos Group Offices, San Francisco: The home offices for the Naos Group in San Francisco, the five offices (plus a Director's office and office for his secretary) act as home for the variety of researchers and other agents of the Naos Group, who spend most of their time focused on the archaeological and cultural topics dealing with the American West and Pacific Islands. These Offices are also home to the Special Projects Team, though only the Director of Special Projects, Alfonso de Valencia, actually has an office here, which he shares with his Assistant. The Naos Group Offices are open during normal business hours, though individual employees can be found there at nearly any time of night, working on one project or another.
  • Elysian Fields Winery: Elysian Fields Winery is one of several small shops scattered throughout California owned by the Elysian Fields Vineyards. Elysian Fields specializes in fine red wines which range in flavor from deep, foresty dry reds to exquisitely sweet dessert wines. They also recently opened a new apple orchard in northern California, and debuted their first apple wines at the beginning of the wine season this year, winning several awards in international competitions for their delicately tart apple ice wine. The Elysian Fields Winery is open 24 hours a day.
  • Seventh Heaven (Nightclub): The Seventh Heaven is a very chic and modern nightclub, done up all in dark neon lighting, glass, silvered chrome and shiny black plastics. It is a place where many of the hip young crowd of Nob Hill come to party during the week. Its D.J. XXX provides music during the week, while live bands play during the weekends. Recently, Seventh Heaven has hosted avant garde drag performances by the eccentric Japanese artist Chiyoko.
  • The Paradise Heights Spa: A high-quality gym, the Paradise Heights Spa employs more masseuses and body experts than they do trainers: most of the people who frequent the spa come here for pampering than they do a good workout.
  • The Paradise Heights Game Room: This game room tends to be fairly empty most nights. On weekends, however, it becomes the closest thing most of the young inhabitants of Nob Hill can get to clubbing, and so it fills up with late-age adolescents and those who still aren't quite old enough to get into nightclubs and bars. They play loud music and serve smart drinks and other interesting concoctions, and during the weekends, the two bowling lanes are sealed over with a hardwood cover, turning them into an impromptu dance floor.
  • Cloud Nine (Restaurant): The Cloud Nine is a typical Nob Hill restaurant, with plenty of seating, dim lights and dark colors. The tables are themselves individually lit by small sources of light, which change from week to week - the brass, Middle Eastern-style lamps of one week give way to Japanese paper lanterns the next, and are replaced by ornate wrought iron candleabra the next. The cuisine tends toward four-star Fusion-style dining, with interesting entrees that invariably combine Eastern and Western elements in some fashion, a nod to the restaurant's proximity to Chinatown.
  • 201: Suite.
  • 202: Suite.
  • 203: Daybed Room.
  • 204: Daybed Room.
  • 205: Suite.
  • 206: Suite. Chiyoko
  • 207: Daybed Room.

Floor Three: Resident Services

Full Map[3]

  • Beauty Row: A line of three very upscale and sophisticated retail establishments, the shops of Beauty Row cater to the very wealthy and most modern of sensibilities.
    • Cavinaugh's Fine Jewelry: A jeweler's shop done up all in chrome and mirrors, Cavinaugh's specializes in custom and unique pieces of jewelry. Though they frequently maintain a small selection of display pieces, the shop is far more likely to show visitors the large touch-screen displays so that they can go through some of the establishment's previous works, and even select elements they want in their own custom jewelry. Those customers who come in to peruse the displays are always served a glass of champagne from a specialty flute, the bottom of which has a trio of small diamonds trapped in a bubble of glass, so that there appear to be diamonds at the bottom of every flute. The shop is not open 24 hours a day, opening only from 10 AM to 10 PM, but their doors have two of the displays inset, which cycle through their best wares when unused, and allow someone to peruse the displays and even set up appointments at any time of day.
    • Burke & Soledad Clothiers: Caroline Burke and Lucien Soledad maintain this shop, and split the time between them. Their shop is open from 5 AM until midnight, manned by two of several shop assistants at any given time. When either of the proprietors are in, they are usually bustling around the hotel proper, tending to "wardrobe consultations" and the like personally. Though a small shop, with the staff and connections they have, they are literally able to turn out a closet full of new and very chic clothing in a matter of days.
    • Silk: A beauty shop and barber's, Silk specializes in spoiling its clientele, with hand and neck massages, the finest of treatments and new looks of incredible versatility and expense. They also specialize in make-up (both applied and tattooed), and even do body piercing.
  • Children's Play Area: This play area is only occasionally occupied by children, though there is someone on staff 24 hours a day to watch any children who find their way to it.
  • Internet Cafe: The internet cafe sees infrequent use at best, as all of the rooms are equipped with desktop machines, and the entire hotel is set up for wireless internet connectivity.
  • 301: Suite.
  • 302: Daybed Room.
  • 303: Daybed Room.
  • 304: Daybed Room.
  • 305: Daybed Room.
  • 306: Queen Room.
  • 307: Suite.
  • 308: Suite.
  • 309: Daybed Room.
  • 310: Daybed Room.
  • 311: Suite.
  • 312: Suite.
  • 313: Daybed Room.
  • 314: Daybed Suite.
  • 315: Suite.
  • 316: Daybed Room.
  • 317: Queen Room.
  • 318: Suite.
  • 319: Family Suite.
  • 320: Suite.

Floor Four: Reception Level

Full Map[4]

This floor is referred to as the Garden Level, and connects to the parking garage across the street via a ramp. It opens into a large lobby area, decorated in deep burgundy, caramel browns with gold accents. A concierge and various busboys wait in readiness, and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. There is also a small Bank of America branch just off the main entrance here.

All of this overlooks the large rooftop garden that is kept lush throughout the year. The topiaries are tall and green, and winding paths wander through the idyllic scene, surrounding an impressive fountain in the center of the garden depicting a vaguely Classical figure, draped in long robes, a plumed helmet in the Greek or Roman style, holding aloft a sword. The southeast corner of the garden, which overlooks the city, boasts a lovely rose garden, with plenty of benches for sitting among the blooms.

Conference Hall: This room is free for use by residents (including the businesses on the main level), and may be rented to local businesses at any given point in time. It features sturdy, comfortable chairs facing a microphoned stage that is set up with a computer projector for presentations, as well as a pane of one-way mirror at the back of the room for focus groups or other market research.

  • 401: North Notaries Public. This notary public generally works through the weekends, providing her services to the various business needs of those who come through the convention. Both Joseph North and his wife Caroline are notaries public, with both of them working on the weekends, and then splitting the work week among themselves the rest of the time.
  • 402: Law Office of Miriam Abrams, Attorney at Law. Miriam maintains these offices for her business.
  • 403: Suite.
  • 404: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 405: Daybed Room.
  • 406: Daybed Room, with Balcony.
  • 407: Queen Room.
  • 408: Daybed Room, with Balcony.
  • 409: Queen Room.
  • 410: Suite.
  • 411: Suite.
  • 412: Queen Room.
  • 413: Daybed Room.
  • 414: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 415: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 416: Daybed Room, with Balcony.
  • 417: Daybed Suite.
  • 418: Suite.
  • 419: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 420: Queen Room, with Balcony.
  • 421: Family Suite, with Two Balconies.
  • 422: Daybed Room.
  • 423: Queen Room.
  • 424: Queen Room.
  • 425: Queen Room.
  • 517: Suite, located on Fifth Floor (accessed via staircase in front of 419).
  • 518: Suite, located on Fifth Floor (accessed via staircase in front of 420).
  • 519: Suite, located on Fifth Floor (accessed via staircase in front of 420).

Floor Five

Full Map[5]

  • 501: Queen Room.
  • 502: Queen Room.
  • 503: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 504: Suite.
  • 505: Queen Room.
  • 506: Daybed Room, with Balcony.
  • 507: Queen Room.
  • 508: Daybed Room, with Balcony.
  • 509: Queen Room.
  • 510: Suite.
  • 511: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 512: Daybed Room.
  • 513: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 514: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 515: Daybed Room.
  • 516: Suite.
  • 517: Suite (part of Reception Level, below).
  • 518: Suite (part of Reception Level, below).
  • 519: Suite (part of Reception Level, below).
  • 520: Daybed Room.
  • 521: Queen Room, with Balcony.
  • 522: Queen Room.
  • 523: Queen Room, with Balcony.
  • 524: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 525: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 526: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 527: Queen Room.
  • 528: Daybed Room, with Balcony.
  • 529: Daybed Room, with Balcony.
  • 530: Presidential Suite, with Two Balconies.
  • 531: Queen Room.
  • 532: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 533: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 534: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 535: Queen Room.
  • 536: Queen Room.

Floor Six

Full Map[6]

  • 601: Queen Room.
  • 602: Queen Room.
  • 603: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 604: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 605: Queen Room.
  • 606: Daybed Room, with Balcony.
  • 607: Queen Room.
  • 608: Daybed Room, with Balcony.
  • 609: Suite, with additional Single Bed.
  • 610: Single Suite (accessed through Fifth Floor).
  • 611: Suite, with additional Single Bed (accessed through Fifth Floor).
  • 612: Suite (accessed through Fifth Floor).
  • 613: Queen Room.
  • 614: Suite, with Balcony. Lora Brovik
  • 615: Daybed Room.
  • 616: Queen Room, with Balcony.
  • 617: Queen Room.
  • 618: Queen Room, with Balcony.
  • 619: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 620: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 621: Suite, with Baloncy.
  • 622: Queen Room.
  • 623: Daybed Room, with Balcony.
  • 624: Daybed Room, with Balcony.
  • 625: Presidential Suite, with Two Balconies.
  • 626: Daybed Room.
  • 627: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 628: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 629: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 630: Queen Room.
  • 631: Queen Room.

Floor Seven

Full Map[7]

  • 701: Queen Room.
  • 702: Queen Room.
  • 703: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 704: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 705: Queen Room.
  • 706: Daybed Room, with Balcony.
  • 707: Queen Room.
  • 708: Queen Room, with Balcony.
  • 709: Family Suite.
  • 710: Daybed Room.
  • 711: Queen Room, with Balcony.
  • 712: Queen Room.
  • 713: Queen Room, with Balcony.
  • 714: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 715: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 716: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 717: Queen Room.
  • 718: Daybed Room, with Balcony.
  • 719: Queen Room, with Balcony.
  • 720: Presidential Suite, with Balcony.
  • 721: Daybed Room.
  • 722: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 723: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 724: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 725: Queen Room.
  • 726: Queen Room.

Floor Eight: Confectionary Level

Full Map[8]

  • 801: Queen Room.
  • 802: Queen Room.
  • 803: Suite.
  • 804: Suite.
  • 805: Suite.
  • 806: Suite, with additional Single Bed (accessed from Floor Seven).
  • 807: Family Suite (accessed from Floor Seven).
  • 808: Family Suite, with additional Single Bed (accessed from Floor Seven). Vladimir Norstrov
  • 809: Suite, with Balcony.
  • 810: Suite, with Balcony. Aiden Connor
  • 811: Daybed Room, with additional Single Bed.
  • 812: Family Suite.
  • 813: Daybed Room.
  • 814: Daybed Room, with additional Single Bed.
  • 815: Daybed Room.
  • 816: Daybed Room.

Floor Nine: Penthouse Level

Full Map[9]

  • 901: Suite.
  • 902: Suite.
  • 903: Suite.
  • 904: Family Suite.