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These mechanics are for items that are not Restricted. For those items, see Finding Restricted Gear.


How available a piece of equipment is depends on two things: its Rarity, and the place where they are being sought from.

Calculate Final Availability

  • Find the Rarity of the equipment in question.
  • Add in the Rarity Modifier of the location where you are searching for the item.
  • Finally, add in a Condition Modifier, as follows:
    • Superior Quality: For an item with the Superior Attachment (1 Hard Point), +2 Rarity, +5000 credits
    • Roughed Up Quality: For an item with permanent Minor damage (add one Setback-die.png to all rolls with it), -1 Rarity, 50% of normal cost.
    • Junked Quality: For an item with permanent Moderate damage (add one Difficulty-die.png to all rolls with it), -2 Rarity, 25% of normal cost.
  • If the final Rarity is a 1 or less, you can automatically find it, at Brand New condition.
    • If the Availability is 2 or higher, you will need to search for a seller.

Searching for a Seller

  • Make a Knowledge (Core Worlds) or Knowledge (Outer Rim) check to find the item you are searching for. The Difficulty and Time spent searching depend on the Rarity, as below:
Rarity Difficulty Time
0-3 Simple ( – ) Immediate
4-5 Easy (Difficulty-die.png) One day
6-7 Average (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) Two days
8-9 Hard (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) Four days
10+ Daunting (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) One week
  • If the place where you are searching has a datanet or is part of the HoloNet, you may instead make a Computers check to search.

Check Results

Result Option
You find the item, at the normal cost for that item.
For each additional success, you may:
Reduce Time of search by one day.
• Buyer's Market. Reduce base price for item by 5%.
Familiar Market. Gain +Boost-die.png the next time you search for an item to purchase in this location.
Got the Goods. Get access to one attachment for the weapon of Rarity no greater than the item rarity, and up to 250cr in value (buy additional times to add +250cr to value)
New Friends. Gain a point of Core Worlds, Outer Rim, or Xenology Contact Network for that location. Seller also begins as Aligned for the purpose of an Impressions check before Negotiation.
Seller's Market. Increase base price for item by 5%.
Sullied Name. Gain +Boost-die.png the next time you search for an item to purchase in this location.
Long and Sour Memory. Whether or not the meet happens, you somehow manage to make an enemy in the area. If you have a Contact Network for Core Worlds, Outer Rim, or Xenology in that area, reduce it by 1. Seller also starts at Opposing for Impressions before a Negotiation check.

Buying the Item

  • Once the item is found, it can simply be purchased at the available price.
  • If a character wishes, they may attempt to haggle.

The Meet

  • The meeting occurs as agreed upon by the buyer and seller.
  • Upon meeting the seller, the buyer (or his representative) must make an Impressions check.
    • If the seller is allowed to choose a meeting advantageous to them, grant one or more Boost-die.png to the Impressions check.
    • If the buyer insists on a meeting advantageous to them, it inflicts one or more Setback-die.png.
  • At the meet, either side may utilize Negotiation