Shattered Covenant Places List

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Non-land Places of Note

Lyn Armaal

  • Cloud giant castle
    • May be looking for the Nightstone
      • Boundary stone? Edges of ancient Astoria

Delembyr Vale

Ardeep Forest

  • Nightstone
    • Uncle Dunlis disappeared here, was found in the Dripping Caves
    • Mother Arcri asked us to investigate
    • Orcs and bear
      • Pen w/ sheep
    • Drawbridge mechanism down
    • Tower w/ bell (temple)
    • Windmill
    • Boulders cratered into ground
      • Castle on a cloud?
      • Giants dropping boulders onto town
      • Took Nightstone
  • Dripping Caves
    • 1 mile north of Nightstone
    • Giants and ogres


Area around Daggerford
  • The Duchess of Daggerford is in place due to the efforts of Twokey and Scalefist toppling the prior Duke.
    • Saer Isteval, retainer to the Duchess, retired here
  • Branch of the Sword Coast Trader's Bank is here
    • Run by Lady Belinda Antaeous
  • Lady Luck Tavern
    • Gambling Hall
    • Where Mother Arcri works as a bartender
  • North of Daggerford, cursed monastery

Floshin Estate

  • NW of Daggerford

Blackbranch Wood

  • Burned down by Pyrvanis
  • Home of Brevanne the Owl druid Emerald Enclave
  • Also home of dryad named Darkleaf
  • Protected by ranger named Trelt Sal (Werebear)
    • Blackbranch Burrows
      • Northern part of the wood
      • Werebears
        • Gliras and Imessa Maelzelyn (leaders?)
        • Shiel Chevabyr (healer, recently changed)
  • Lady Dauntless
    • Blink dog

Blackwood Manor

  • N of Blackbranch Wood
    • Xiria Blackwood (Dowager)
      • Daughter Dyselle (husband Windwyc)
    • Istra Mylchan (wizard)
    • Bantler Obroron (Captain of the guard)
    • Orlilar Lhammin (Bailiff of the manor)

Greypeak Mountains

  • Todkonig - Stone giant lich
    • Killed prior stone giant leader

Twilight House

  • Dame Eristree (head of Shields of Twilight)
  • Temple to moon goddesses of various Elven lineages such as Selune


  • Temple of Mielekke
    • Known as Blackbow Hall
    • Guardians called Blackbows
  • Campsite w/ ogres and hill giants nearby

Mud Creek

  • Hamlet where most of the slaves were from
  • Dwarven hamlet (1/4-1/3 residents)
  • Nanthoe of the Zhentarim
  • Stackcoin Tower
    • Temple to Waukeen
    • Collapsed in attack
      • Father Bonsyl
  • Reeve Amsi Meirshann
  • Silver Heather Hall

Gillian's Hill

  • Antaeous Manor
    • Jothia Antaeous is staying here
      • Younger brother of Lady Belinda Antaeous
    • Slavery ring is being run from here (refugees)
      • Involves Jothia, the majordomo, and some hobgoblins
  • Star Lake
    • The slavers are using a lakeside dockhouse as a holding pen for the slaves

The Lizard Marsh

  • Vantage
    • Bullywugs with teeth attacking the town

Warden's Wood

  • Warden
    • River east of Warden, leads to rift (possibly to Underdark?)
    • North of city, abandoned Dwarven mine
      • Possible monsters
  • Dryad named Dryssara
    • Near the center of the forest
    • Known for singing
      • Should turn back if you hear it
    • Vunen and Somesil
      • Iron dragons

Old King's Hill

  • Delembyran
    • Ruins
      • Notable treasure?

The Frozenfar

The Long Road

  • Xantharl's Keep


Bone Hill

  • NE from Star Lake, at the SE terminus of the river flowing from Twilight House
    • Red Wizard of Thay and his group here
      • Controls multiple undead (necromancer?)
    • Possibly haunted?

Sword Mountains

Rune south of mountain (Kong - KING)

  • May mark burial mound of Estorian King


  • Home of Aunt Alindue

Dessarin Valley


  • Lord Protector Darathra Shendrel
  • Tavern Triboar Arms
    • Owner is Nemyth
    • 3 boar sign
  • Triboar Travellers
    • Run by Urlam Stockspool
  • Horse Ranch
  • Waynewright's Wagons
  • Shrine to Gwaeron Windstrom outside to SW of town
    • God of tracking
  • Merivold Ranch
    • Pony ranch
  • Uldinath's Arms
    • Run by Harriet Uldinath
      • Connected w/ Old Klauth
  • Foehammer's Forge
    • Ghelryn Foehammer - mark that names the proprietor as an official Royal Armorer of the dwarven king and queen of Citadel Felbarr
  • Goldshire Farm
    • Home of Aunt Klethja Thentilyr
      • Husband Thor
      • Wife Thelay
    • Orphanage
  • Boar's Rest
    • Mansion looking over Triboar
      • Built by Kilft Kolstad
      • Built within last 5 years or so
      • Gargoyles (real ones) on house
        • Will swoop down on people if they get close
      • Doesn't interact with town
      • Assassins attempted to kill him within 3-4 tendays
  • Orthovir's Harness Shop
  • Uldinath's Arms
  • Foehammer's Forge
  • Northshield House
  • Six Windows
  • Everwyvern House

Singing Hill Ranch

  • Graveyard to the west
    • Grimstone Mausoleum/Cenotaph
      • Symbols indicating connection to the god Malar
    • Mausoleum/Reliquary (place where saintly remains kept) of Saint Oswin
      • Symbols of Mielekke and Gwaeron Windstrom

Merrymeadow Ranch

Broken Yoke Ranch

Hannamore Ranch

Tolbin Ranch

Yellowshore Ranch

Lost Moon Ranch

Breskyn Ranch

  • Missing workers (quest from Aunt Klethja)
    • Two workers left at night to head to Triboar to report abuses to the Lord Protector
      • Never made it
    • Breskyns claim that they ran off/stole something
      • Friends with the head of the Twelve

Westpharl Ranch

Fallen Orc Ranch


  • Home of Uncle Discretion
  • Zhent Coster House
  • Rimecoil - Quel's former mercenary troop
    • Grandmother Tree
      • Emerald Enclave
  • The Grand Dame
    • Owned by Lord Khaspere Drylund
      • Veskyr Rhentaun - Human
        • Saying things about Pyrvaris (brother-in-law)
        • Possible Neverwinter nobility

Mornbryn's Shield

  • On a ridge to prevent flooding from Dessaryn River
    • Tower of Mists - Tower surrounded by ring of wispy mists
      • Movement within, but can't see anything specific
      • Folkore - Owned by ranger named Mornbryn
      • Predates Mornbryn
    • Inn/tavern - The Troll in Flames
      • Appears to be a tomb beneath(?) the inn
        • Mornbryn's Tomb teleportation circle
        • Oboth (lieutenant of Rimecoil) trying to steal from the tomb
    • Whurric Hornlight
      • Dwarven alchemist/merchant who makes lacquer that blocks magical insight on items contained in the box lacquered.
    • Restaurant - The Maid in the Moors


  • Countess Sunsuri - Storm giant wizard
    • Summoned the storm giants for a conclave

Calling Horns

  • Zhentarim safehouse (known and used by Scalefist and Quel)
  • Inn named Calling Horns
    • Tamalin Zoar - Owner
  • Caern of orc skulls


  • Farming village
    • Surrounded by wooden palisade

Noanar's Hold

  • White Hart Inn
    • Used to lead hunting excursions into the High Forest
    • No longer "inclined to guests"
  • The Hunt Lord's Keep
    • Possibly dead?
      • Undead skeletal creatures inhabit and hunt people in the Great Wood



  • Home of Lady


  • Home of Uncle Kentar

Neverwinter Wood

  • Home of The Stag, as he was known prior to becoming The Stag Lord

The Silver Marches


  • Everlund
    • Main meeting area for Harpers
  • Zymorven Hall
    • Meet and get Giantslayer Sword for Scalefist
      • Introduced by Urgala (inkeeper in Triboar)
      • Lord Harthos Zymorven


  • Ruins
    • Misty teleporting spirit things
  • Excavation site
    • Giant bones (many have been destroyed)
      • Tooth in solar plexus that probably belongs to a dragon
    • Buried mechanism component unearthed
      • Vornentod - Titan of Death