Timeline of Khadin

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The tale begins in the remote town of Ree, located just beyond the southern gates of the once great dwarven city of Nir within the Taren Mountains. The annual caravan from the north has just arrived in Ree, heralding the start of the Winter Festival. This is traditionally a time of joy & celebration for all of Ree and the many people from beyond the town who come to trade with the caravan and enjoy the festival. But this year is different, a problem has arisen in the depths below the city that will require a skilled team of adventurers to solve.

  • 14th Day of Cedik

The annual caravan from the north arrived in Ree and the Winter Festival officially began following the Mayor's speech of welcome. Old and new acquaintances and friends are united and an audience at the Mayor's office is requested. The newly associated party is informed of a problem with the waterworks within Nir that will soon cause dire consequences within the town. They are tasked with a mission to enter the town Archives, sealed off a decade ago due to a vermin infestation, and retrieve a map of Nir in order to locate and plot a route to the ancient waterworks within.

  • 15th Day of Cedik

Early in the morning, the party gathers at the entrance to the Archives, where Apprentice Thane seals them in until their mission is completed. Or until it's pretty clear they're dead. The guards place wagers on their survival. Guard Jimmy is the only one casting in their favor.

  • 16th Day of Cedik

Oh groovy day, the party has survived, killed many bugs and rats and brought forth treasures for themselves and treasures for the town, including the highly desired map. We are glad. Oh, and a dirty, crazy "rat-man" that Barron shall keep as a pet. Guard Jimmy, now considerably wealthier says "Yay!"

  • 17th Day of Cedik

Aidan discussed a most disturbing book with Sorlandira, for she is wise and knowledgeable of the lands to the north, not to be confused with the North, for there she is astutely lacking in knowledge. Marak has a prophetic dream and speaks to the Daughter. Barron has a giggling visitor who lures him from his cozy home and gives him a green gift. It is not cruel.

  • 18th Day of Cedik

Escher hires Sorlandira to find his kidnapped sister. They find the trail of the kidnappers, rogue rogues it would seem, and track them down. Poor blond boy is dead. The Mayor will be very disappointed. Hex-wolves attacks! Then hex-wolves attack Skull and Malda! The party helps because they're nice that way.

  • 19th Day of Cedik

They find the sinister lodge where rogue rogues hide behind a wall of walking skeletons. Barron holds off hordes of the undead while his companions beat up young boys who have been very naughty. Their leader playing at being an elven necromancer is thoroughly burned to dust by Marak. Barron goes kinda crazy for a moment and the girl is rescued (but covered with creepy primordial hunger symbols she refused to discuss). The boys are spared and taken back to Ree as Barron's new flock. The party finds a most curious magical doorway. The potential uses are limitless!

  • 20th Day of Cedik

The party, after having been rested and more importantly cleaned, approaches the Most Esteemed Mayor, the Apprentices and the Witch...and an engineer or three, and discuss the next phase of repairing the hot tubs. Or "more importantly" the water in general. The path is chosen and a plan is decided upon. They're so clever. The engineers I mean.

  • 21st Day of Cedik

Adventure! The party enters and negotiates with the Strong Clan. Big Boss commands his sniveling vizier to take them to the air shaft they require and they begin their travels into Nir. A great many things come to pass this day. They fight a gelatinous cube. Then a bunch of kobolds and half-ogres. Then they find a Zazaz. Then fight more kobolds and Sorlandira frightens away a half-ogre with a cleric. Then they encounter an elven knight, like Sorlandira, but evil! He's also her brothers squire. Or was. It's not very clear anymore. And they kill a goblin snake cleric of murder and capture his bff, a prissy half-janni named Ashtir. He has fabulous hair and he damn well knows it. They are bounty hunters sent by Andaro & the Prince to capture a cat girl. They activate Alfred's cell in the waterworks and chat with him. Alfred boots Bran out of the woodland bower. (they all knew). By the way, Aidan has two shadows! They stab it until it's dead, revealing a rather suspicious message of loyalty... The half-janni makes an escape attempt. It was lame. He didn't get far, too busy cramming his dead buddy in a bag. The hobbit wants to kill him. Bran disarms him. Now the hobbit wants to do nasty things to Bran. No killing happens & Ashtir promises to be a good prisoner.

  • 22nd Day of Cedik

After some rest and recovery time and divine goblin- snake preservation magic, the party starts down the maintenance tunnel to Ree. They find kobold lacedons! They are very gross, but they dispatch them without much difficulty. Then they find a barricade with startled kobolds beyond it. The kobolds bow and praise Barron. This does not amuse him. He's already been grumpy and having bad dreams. Hey! This barricade is made of not only the pipes that feed water to Ree, but the actual foundation stones build up around the dwarven district of Ree! These bitches are planning on invading Ree! Bran keeps going on about being a bat. Best to smile and nod. Then a really big monster kobold shows up, his name is Jeffrey. He's another mutant-kobold, kinda like Zazaz but made of suck. The party takes him down, but he's regenerating - then Barron eats his soul. It was...kinda cool in a creepy way. Oh, and he had chained sorcerer kobolds. They all fell down and Aidan fell in love with them.

  • 23rd through 25th Day of Cedik

The engineers are hard at work repairing the Ree portion of the waterworks under the protective eye of Marak, Gerrin & Bran. Meanwhile the others deal with their assortment of prisoners.

  • 26th Day of Cedik

Marak, Gerrin & Bran escort the engineers back to Ree. The others? I don't know what they do yet - it hasn't happened.

  • Beyond the Gates 6.30.12
    • We find the Nir Library and the High Hall, and meet Skitik. The murals in the High Hall tells us a great deal about the history of Nir.
    • The Nirish dwarves used the Heart (a piece of the primordial avatar of Hunger)to power their city. The Nir vanished when they attempted to use the Heart to become truly immortal. Because that's a good idea.
    • The Nir occasionally raised the heart up through the Plaza of the Twin Dawn and fed the inhabitants of Ree to it.
    • We learn that the "Alfred" in the Kiran Nir network cells is actually a psionic remnant of Toba Starskipper. Toba led the Nir to Khadin from their world in order to escape annihilation. Later, he turned against them because of their practice of various forms of slavery and other evils they inflicted upon their adopted world. They used the Heart as a weapon again Toba and his rebels, first turning them to crystal then feeding them into the Heart.
    • Barron is Toba's descendant. He is one quarter Nirish.
    • Aidan acquires Blazing Righteousness, Toba's enchanted, sentient greataxe.
    • We rescue Eina, a kaishan child who had been enslaved by Sedas and presented as a slave to Danilis, Andaro's squire. She had stolen some plans that explained what Andaro and his Poison Knights were up to.
    • The necromantic artifact that Andaro brought up from Al-Lorin is part of the containment field that kept the wraiths confined within that doomed city. Moving the artifact to Nir expanded the field, allowing the wraiths to move up through the Witch Wood, Ree, and into Nir.
    • Andaro has developed a necromantic weapon of mass destruction. In order to power it, he has staged a number of massacres at various points along a leyline. And he needs the Heart of Nir to power it.
  • Beyond the Gates 7.7.12
    • The Mayor and his entire household were assassinated, probably by the Black Sun. Lila is Acting Mayor.
    • We discover that the Heart has been raised up into Ree.
    • The Drudge tell us to seek the Voice of Kuth in Atola, Ree's sister city, to get help in returning the Heart to its proper place. They promise to relinquish upper Nir to us if we get the Heart back.
    • The Voice of Kuth will only meet with us the next evening, so we rush back to Ree to see what's happening.
    • The Poison Knights are attacking!
    • They've come to kidnap Aidan and steal the Heart of Nir!
    • Skull and Malda reveal themselves as Matilde and Saul of the House of Ravens. They're in Ree to protect Imperial Prince Aidan.
    • We're unable to stop Andaro and his forces from teleporting the Heart to Gir.
    • During the clean-up after the battle, we discover that some of the elves are using magic to hide amongst the citizenry of Ree. They're quickly rooted out. The unlucky ones are found by Bran and Ebenezer.
    • The Athenaeum was the source of the incursion. Apprentice Thessa had a mirror that Andaro gave her, which was used as a portal for the Poison Knights to invade.
    • The elves massacred the wizards, the apprentices, and many of the children who were going to school at the Athenaeum.
    • Many witches were in Ree fleeing from the wraiths invading their territory. Many hobbits came to Ree because the Vale had been attacked by trolls, goblins, and Poison Knights.
    • The bastards burned Aidan's home and forge down.