Tzo IV

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Tzo IV

Astrographical Information
Region Outer Rim
Sector Kanz Sector
System Tzo System
Suns Tzo
Orbital Position 4th
Moons 4
Coordinates M-4
Rotation Period 22 standard hours
Orbital Period 316 local days
Planetary Information
Class Terrestrial
Climate Temperate
Atmosphere Type I
Gravity Standard
Primary Terrain Wastelands
Societal Information
Native Species Various aquatic
Immigrated Species None
Primary Language None
Government None
Population None
Major Cities None
Major Imports None
Major Exports None
Affiliation None
Mechanical Information
Astrogation Hyperspace Backwater: Located as far from hyperspace routes as it is, Tzo IV adds Setback-die.png to all Astrogation checks to plan a course to or from it.
Knowledges None
Rarity Modifier N/A
Other Mechanics None

Although possessed of a breathable atmo, Tzo IV is largely without use. It consists of a surface that is a cenote-pocked, crumbly limestone crust barely above sea level. Some minor mosses and lichens grow among the crevices of the land, but there is no discernible soil or solid structures on which one might build.

Likewise, the greenish water is brackish and not potable. Neither is it breathable by most amphibious species in the galaxy, due to an imbalance of specific nutrients whose composition usually sickens most entities within a week or so of living within it. The waters are thus not dangerous to immerse oneself in – they simply can't sustain long-term habitation. The various aquatic species of the planet's vast green seas are adapted to survive within it, of course.

Perhaps the largest of the creatures adapted to Tzo IV's brackish waters is the tzolisk, a massive predatory crustacean. This apex predator carves out hunting territories for itself, and is even capable of emerging from water for short periods of time. Though this is used in its early life to escape the predations of other creatures, swarming up out of the cenotes when the large pikefin or massive tzo-mollusks hunt them, once they reach full growth, they use it to chase other creatures who likewise escape the waters for safety...or to investigate the movement of possibly-edible creatures that land on the planet's crumbly surface.

The Tzo System

Planet Type Moons
Tzo Sun 0
Tzo I Scorched Rock 1
Tzo II Barren Waste 5
Tzo III Toxic Soup 0
Tzo IV Terrestrial (Cenotes) 4
Tzo V Terrestrial (Oceanic Islands) Rings
Tzotha (Tzo VI) Terrestrial (Temperate Swamp) 1
Tzo VII Gas Giant 3
Tzo VIII Frozen Rock 0
Tzo IX Ice Ball 0