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Tzotha (Tzo VI)

Astrographical Information
Region Outer Rim
Sector Kanz Sector (Halo Frontier)
System Tzo System
Suns Tzo
Orbital Position 6th
Moons 1
Coordinates M-4
Rotation Period 20 standard hours
Orbital Period 512 local days
Planetary Information
Class Terrestrial
Climate Temperat to Tropical
Atmosphere Type I
Gravity Standard
Primary Terrain Swamp, Freshwater Bodies
Societal Information
Native Species xxx
Immigrated Species Galactically Diverse (mostly pirates and other criminals)
Primary Language Galactic Basic Standard
Government None
Population 10,000
Major Cities None
Major Imports None
Major Exports None
Affiliation Galactic Empire (nominal)
Mechanical Information
Astrogation Hyperspace Backwater: Located as far from hyperspace routes as it is, Tzotha adds Setback-die.png to all Astrogation checks to plan a course to or from it.
Knowledges Outer Rim x • Education x • Lore x • Underworld x • Warfare x • Xenology x
Rarity Modifier x
Other Mechanics x

A relatively small world with a moisture-rich atmosphere, Tzotha's surface is inundated by water that has never formed significant waterways, leading to a general waterlogging of the terrain. Twice-a-day rain showers ensure everything stays very wet, and the heat becomes positively choking. Which of course makes it the perfect hide-out for pirates and other criminal sorts to go to ground at.

There are an estimated ten thousand galacticallly diverse denizens of Tzotha, mostly made up of those who populate pirate lairs, plus the occasional small swamp settlement.

The Tzo System

Planet Type Moons
Tzo Sun 0
Tzo I Scorched Rock 1
Tzo II Barren Waste 5
Tzo III Toxic Soup 0
Tzo IV Terrestrial (Cenotes) 4
Tzo V Terrestrial (Oceanic Islands) Rings
Tzotha (Tzo VI) Terrestrial (Temperate Swamp) 1
Tzo VII Gas Giant 3
Tzo VIII Frozen Rock 0
Tzo IX Ice Ball 0