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Theta Phi Alpha (TPA)
Nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring.
Resident Advisor: Viola Barker. A woman with a reputation for running a very tight ship, Viola is very concerned for the reputations of the girls in her charge, even when those girls themselves are not.
Members: 14 (1 senior, 2 juniors, 4 sophomores, 5 freshmen)
Chapter President: Delia Zamora. Elected as president after Aedia Randall's disappearance, Delia always seems stressed and concerned. Most of the sisters agree that she doesn't quite handle the office with the aplomb that Aedia did.
Standing Members: 9
New Members: 3
House: DOS House, Greek Row, University of Astoria
Status: Theta Phi Alpha (TPA)

Only sorority on campus. Fairly diverse, with a strong social emphasis.


Rush Events


Standing Members (Status ••)

Bethany Tanner
Art History Major (Junior)
Something of a party girl, Bethany is a social force to be reckoned with. Coming from old Southern money, she is very familiar with the very highest of American society, and though she acts like a rebellious party-girl, she can "put on" those old mannerisms at the drop of a hat. She owns a big land yacht of a car, and loves driving her friends off on weekend road trips occasionally.
Season One: Part of Aedia's crew, Bethany was fairly lost when Aedia disappeared, entering something of a protracted mourning afterwards.

Common Locations: TPA Sorority House, University of Astoria (xxx), the Crossroads
Iris Marquez
Political Sciences Major (Junior)
Iris is, in many ways, the go-to woman in TPA when it comes to event planning or failing grades. She claims to have a fool-proof method for tutoring, and more than one of her sisters has benefitted from it. She is a political sciences major, and most of the sorority acknowledges she could probably have seized up the leadership of the house last year if she'd wanted it, but she seems quietly content to assist others and make a line drive for her degree.

Common Locations: TPA Sorority House, University of Astoria
Lysa Amber Godfrey
Veterinary Medicine Major (Sophomore)
The quiet one of Aedia's group, Lysa is actually a clever and very likeable young woman. She is a good planner and coordinator of people who loves animals (and they love her right back). Though she had a reputation of having an unfortunately low self-esteem and a tendency to get "white girl drunk," Lysa has approached the Winter Term of school with a strong attitude and a winner's bravado. Already the sisters are whispering about voting her in as president for next year, once she's a Junior
Season One: Part of Aedia's crew, Lysa was less hurt and more angry when Aedia disappeared without saying anything.

Common Locations: TPA Sorority House, University of Astoria (xxx), the Crossroads

Other Members

Aedia Randall
Chapter President; Business, specializing in green technologies and conservation; Cross-Country and Swim Team
The president of Theta Phi Alpha, Aedia comes from money. She's no spoiled debutante belle, though, or snooty New England royalty. She's definitely a Pacific Northwestern girl, all piercings and a preference for house music. She's really damned good at most of the things she puts her mind to, and looks down on everyone else around her. She claims to hold herself and everyone around her to a high standard, but most people agree she's just kind of a superior bitch, even if she is fucking irritatingly good at what she does. Unlike most queen-bee types, she doesn't have a clique of girls who follow at her beck and call, however - so far, no one's managed to live up to her high standards. Aedia also has a cousin who is a TA at the university, and the two of them spend occasional time together.
Ep 101: Aedia appeared at the Crossroads while Jace and Thomas were there. She paid attention to Jace just long enough to get drinks off of him, and then hooked up with some meat-head athlete.

Common Locations: Unknown (Formerly TPA Sorority House (Room 1&2), University of Astoria (Athletics Center, Columbia Hall, Innis Hall, Student Center), the Crossroads)
Miranda Barnes
Psychology Major (Sophomore)
One of the small clique of girls who seem to orbit Aedia, Miranda is arguably the quietest one of them all. She recently managed to land the attentions of Jace Evans, to the envy of her girlfriends, but doesn't seem sure what to make of it.
Ep 101: Part of Aedia's crew at the Crossroads, she was among those left to entertain Jace (a task she didn't seem to object to at all). He was cool toward her, and she ended up giving him a handjob in the car outside, before they went their separate ways.

Common Locations: Unknown (Formerly TPA Sorority House, University of Astoria (Kant Hall, Student Center, Alder Hall), the Crossroads)