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An Exalted, 3rd edition Campaign set in The North

Current Date: ???

Player Characters


PC Information


Kingdom of Svartsten

Svarsten is a small northern Kingdom nestled into the major mountain range West of Whitewall and Gethemane. Ruled by King Bjarn the Wise.

  • Monument - The Capital city of Svartsten.

The Frozen Principalities

The frozen principalities are a loose confederation of city states and small principalities. While the various princes are thoroughly interconnected connected through a complex web or marriage and alliances, they can almost never agree on any kind of cohesive policy. The principalities are notorious for both corruption and banditry. Recently a portion of a Realm Legion has entered the principalities with the stated intent of restoring Order and Stability to the region.

The Frostveldt Plain

Located to the east of Svartsten, the plains are a frozen expanse of tundra. It has wild herds of horses and is used by both Svarsteni and Icewalker hunters.

  • The Frostveldt Ruins, a scattering of old stone ruins that are the evidence of a lost civilization referred to as the "Frostveldt Peoples".
  • Tuskenhall, a major trading center for the Icewalkers at the far end of the Frostveldt.


Kingdom of Svartsten
Frozen Principalities
Gods and Monsters


Character Creation