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  • Virtue: Temperance/Libra
  • Vice: The Devil/Aries
  • Aspirations: List three short-to-medium term goals for your character. These may be in any arena of his life he considers important.
    • Gain a place of high power/influence in the Consilium of the Mists.
    • Become a mentor to another young Mage.
    • Summon up all 15 Marquis of the Goetia.

Recent History

Please list the five Life Events for your character over the past five years. If you're so inclined, feel free to add them to the Timeline Here, alongside the other events. Remember, Life Events should be half Awakened events and half mundane, and consist of at least two tragedies that have left their mark.

  • Marbas remains in New York despite the urging of his cabalmates and mentor. Though he nominally remains there to close up the cabal's operations, he stubbornly tries to hold onto his new gym and the cabal sanctum, sure that things will calm down once more. Marbas finds his hands full as consilium in New York City dissolves and it becomes host to wandering scavenger-magi intent on stealing all the Awakened resources they can and then abandoning the city once more. He drops anything but the most cursory contact with his old cabal. After several months of fighting tooth and nail, Marbas runs afoul of a pack of these scavengers who are intent on the villa, and is forced to abandon it to them, fleeing to Valdus' sanctum in the Alps. He and Liz remain there for a few months
  • Valdus announces his retirement from active mentorship and Awakened life, and finds a new mentor for Marbas. He also offers to pay for Liz's college education. The arrangements are made for the two to relocate to San Francisco, for Liz to attend UCBerkeley and for Marbas to join the Consilium of the Mists where his new mentor is a Councilor. Marbas and Liz arrive in California and begin settling in.
  • Wandering Maverick Renegade Wolverine
  • The Liz Incident
  • Bike Shop, Spirits, and Demons

Current Cabal

(Describe your current cabal in as precise or general terms as you prefer.)

The following Mages make up The Denizens, a cabal based out of The Devil's Playground, a San Francisco motorcycle shop by day and biker bar by night.

  • Orthon, Fang of Mara Mastigos Adamantine Arrow
  • Marbas, Clavicularius Mastigos Silver Ladder
  • Lamashtu, Whipping Boy Obrimos Guardian of the Veil
  • Murmur, Thread Cutter Moros Guardian of the Veil
  • Tengu, Brotherhood of the Demon Wind Mastigos Adamantine Arrow

Previous Incarnations