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The Vernal Sanctuary (Prelude): August to October, 2004

Episode One: Sanctuary

  • August 3rd, 2004: The students arrive from all over the country, and are picked up in Buffalo by Albert and Ms. Edith. They settle in and meet the headmaster that night at dinner. That evening, some of the students see strange phenomenon on Manitou Hill.
  • August 4th, 2004: The students begin settling in to the routine of the school, and have their first class: Atlantean Runes. Additionally, they choose their Path Tools, in preparation for consecrating them. Later that day, they have a BBQ on Bluejack Pond.
  • August 7th, 2004: The students gather in the Round Room to learn how to consecrate and dedicate Path Tools.

Episode Two: Paradise

  • August 10th, 2004: Several of the students witness some kind of tall, strange furred humanoid creature climbing the walls of the Sanctuary that night.
  • August 11th, 2004: Before dawn, the students are taken outside and taught how to harvest the Mana of a Hallow, through the use of oblations. Miss Edith also offers to begin teaching any of the students who're interested tai chi. Headmaster Sunya teaches them how to create personal oblations. That evening, the furred thing returns, tromping around on the roof of the Sanctuary.
  • August 12th, 2004: The students go and do some shopping for school clothes at the Paradise Hills Mall. Ben and Angela do some shoplifting, but Ben is caught by the mall security, and taken into custody. Alexis decides to call Miss Edith, but Justin roughly snatches the phone from her. Ryan pushes Justin, who punches him in return and then Angela breaks into the fracas by trying to grapple Justin. All of them are brought into the mall security office to await Miss Edith's arrival. Miss Edith reads them all the riot act, hands out punishments and intimidates the mall security into not pressing charges.
  • August 13th, 2004: Before class, Sunya explains to them that any further violence between students will be met with expulsion. The students then learn about the Initiate, Apprentice and Disciple practices, as well as begin the process of learning High Speech and Atlantean Runes. Strange noises are heard again on the roof, but then they are joined by some kind of chanting in a weird language. All is silent after that.
  • August 14th, 2004: Headmaster Sunya takes them out to Manitou Hill, on the Sanctuary property, and teaches them about Paradox.

Episode Three: Academia

  • September 3rd, 2004: The students are taken for the last bit of school shopping that the last visit to the mall cut short. While there, Alexis discovers a beautiful dark black wood violin called Il Dolore Nero, which its owner Michael Tannerson, recognizing Alexis, asks her to play. Ryan meets a young baby witch at the mall's occult shop.
  • September 5th, 2004: The students learn about Arcana Tools, and are told to begin searching for objects meaningfully symbolic of their Arcana to use as such. He then teaches them the Practice of Unveiling and how to use Mage Sight, encouraging them to utilize High Speech in their casting. He then covers the other Unveiling effects, explaining how to use them.
  • September 6th, 2004: Ryan notices the Mr. Grackleton isn't in his usual spot in the morning. Louise finds him asleep on the front step, and the crow seems listless and confused, not sure how he even got outside. The Headmaster sees them off to their first day of high school at Orchard Park High School, and reminds them not to practice magic where others may witness them doing so. The students experience their first day of high school. Alexis finds herself frequently in classes with much older students, while Angela and Ryan meet "Ridgepoint Rhoda," a young, slightly distracted young woman that the other students confirm has, in fact, been to Ridgepoint Care, a local mental hospital. They also encounter a homeless man lurking near the garbage bins, whom the other students claim is a child molester.
  • September 7th, 2004: The next day of school, Angela and Ben's teacher never shows up, with Dake Matthews, one of the local toughs taking the opportunity to introduce himself to Angela. Likewise, on his way to the restroom, Justin passes a hot young woman that looks him up and down and then follows him into the boy's room, claiming to want a cigarette, introducing herself as Iosia. Ben is approached by Zeke, the homeless guy, who mentions that he's a vet.
  • September 8th, 2004: After school, Headmaster Sunya guides them through the process of consecrating Arcana Tools, and then asks them about their experiences at school. He suggests that they use Unveiling Practices while at school, which will be good practice in using them in life situations.

Episode Four: Revelation

  • September 14th, 2004: Headmaster Sunya teaches the students the use of Spell Factors, and how to perform ritual spellcasting, assigning them to design and perform a ritual within the next two days.
  • September 15th, 2004: Early that morning, one of the students sees Mr. Grackleton flying towards Manitou Hill, and then sees some strange lights from there. By the time the sun comes up, the familiar is asleep on the front stoop again. Alexis is harassed in school that day by a bully named Tony Aracelli, who wants her to do his homework. When she refuses, he trips her in P.E., causing her to skin her knee. While she is in the nurse's office, he is brought in, unconscious and with a broken ankle. Madeline tells Alexis that it was Stacy's ghost that did it. While they are passing by, the students hear some kind of protest from a section of the school that is still undergoing construction. They push past the plastic tarps that separate the work area from the school in general, and find one of their classmates being pushed around by three toughs, while Iosia is watching them go through his backpack. When the students arrive, she acts very disinterested and bored with all of this. Then, a teacher arrives to break it all up, sending them on their way.
  • September 16th, 2004: The students are assigned to create a ritual that grants them some kind of Mage Sight within a certain set of parameters.
  • September 17th, 2004: Ryan meets a young man named Josh Chambers being picked on and helps him. The young man expresses a romantic interest in Ryan, who seems slightly freaked out and slightly intrigued, all at the same time. That evening, when the students arrive home, they are told to pack their bags, as Headmaster Sunya is taking them on a trip to Niagara Falls.
  • September 18th, 2004: Over breakfast, Sunya explains to them that the has arranged for a number of interesting phenomena in the area - some spells, some simply supernatural things, some naturally occuring phenomena - visible to those using Mage Sight. They are to go around the area, find and investigate at least three such phenomena, studying them completely, and preparing papers on their findings. During the course of their investigations, however, the students encounter strange Resonances - coded messages via Forces, an odd "fingerprint" visible to Death and Life on certain people in the area - that turn out to be the work of a vampire named Red Anna. She confronts them in their hotel room that night, when they are alone, and it is only because she is being hunted by the FBI that they make it out of there alive. Sunya returns them home through the use of a Portal.

Episode Five: Manitou

  • October 25th, 2004: The students learn about the Practice of Knowing. That evening, Justin and Ben hear Ryan sneaking out of his room. When they find him, he is walking like a sleepwalker, and when Ben tries to stop him, he hears a snarl and is pushed down the staircase. Ryan comes to his senses and has no idea what is going on.
  • October 26th, 2004: Angela is invited by Kelley to Woodlawn Cemetary on Halloween. She wants to perform a spell meant to invoke "ancient spirits of witchcraft" with her. She seems very excited. Alexis is approached by one of the teachers, who recognizes her as the violin prodigy, and asks her to provide the theater group with some music for a production. Alexis refuses, however, anxious about the possibility of performing in front of an audience again.
  • October 27th, 2004: The students on their way to perform tai chi that morning find Ryan sleeping on the front porch, and Mr. Grackleton is nowhere to be found. At school, Alexis befriends Victoria Cavazos, a young Hispanic girl, who is having trouble with English, and agrees to tutor her. Iosia meets Justin and asks him to follow her. She leads him down into the service tunnels under the school, where they make out for a while before they are found by one of Iosia's boys, who reacts with anger at seeing Justin there and attacks him. That evening, Miss Edith stays awake to keep an eye on things. That evening, however, the students see Ryan leaving the house, heading for Manitou Hill, and find Miss Edith unconscious due to some kind of Spirit magic.
  • October 28th, 2004: Sunya teaches the students about the three kinds of counter-magic, and how to perform counter-spelling. That evening, a group of New York State troopers come to find Ben, asking him if he's seen his brother, who has run away from foster parents.
  • October 29th, 2004: That evening, the students see Ryan walking to the hill. Sunya is nowhere to be found, and the Rybaks and Miss Edith are unconscious. They find Ryan standing in a circle of stones that is not there during the day, being drained of energy by a strange, shaggy manitou spirit. He asks for their help, promising to leave Ryan and Grackleton in peace. They must find the ritual within the Vault of the Chalice under the Sanctuary's hill, and perform it on Samhain night. They agree.
  • October 30th, 2004: The students venture into the cavern beneath the well, finding the place where the Sanctuary's Tass gathers, as well as a golden-barred door that leads into the Forbidden Wing of the Sanctuary. Additionally, written up the wall through the use of entirely different kinds of stone than the wall itself is made of, they find the ritual itself.
  • October 31st, 2004: The students perform the ritual, which actually frees the Manitou from its bindings to the circle of stones. In return, it tells them its true name, Dashial'chak, and promises to aid them however it may in the future.

X x x

Downtime: November 2004 to February 2006

  • September 2004: The students begin attending the Vernal Sanctuary.
  • February, 2005: Alexis' parents announce they are getting a divorce.
  • March, 2005: Gaerun, the Hierarch of Rochester/Buffalo, is forced to grant the Orders access to the students of the Vernal Sanctuary. Over the next month, they are approached by a variety of other magi, who introduce them to the Orders.
  • May, 2005: The students graduate the Vernal Sanctuary. Alexis (now called Kore) and Angela (now called Daimona) go to the Boston Consilium, to be trained in their Orders. Justin returns to his family in Athens, TN, while Ryan returns to his family in Idaho, while figuring out what he wants to do. Ben heads out in search of his brother, south into Florida.
  • June, 2005: After a month in his home-town, his Aunt Dorothy (the witch Enula ) offers Ryan a free education in London. He takes her up on the offer, and flies out to England. Later that month, Justin packs up his sister and moves to Memphis, TN, to join the Consilium there under the apprenticeship of a Silver Ladder magus. In his search for his brother, Ben goes through New York, but doesn't find any other mages.
  • July, 2005: Kelly transfers schooling to England, and flies out to join Ryan, who has taken the name of Storm and joined the Free Council in London. Later that month, Sara visits as well. After searching for his brother unsuccessfully, Ben returns to Boston, and joins the Adamantine Arrow, taking the Shadow Name Promachus.
  • September, 2005: Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans. Daimona wants to go there immediately, and the Curator of the Boston Athenaeum, seeing that she won't be dissuaded, persuades her to undertake a recovery mission there. She agrees. Additionally, at the Curator's request, the Adamantine Arrow sends Promachus to be her guardian.
  • October, 2005: Her participation in relief efforts finished, Daimona begins hunting for the lost artifacts and books of the Athenaeum of New Orleans, which have been scattered by looters, rival magi and other supernatural creatures. In this effort, she makes the acquaintance of Taboo, a mambo of the Guardians of the Veil.
  • November, 2005: After helping Daimona and Promachus fend off the attacks of some vampires, Taboo tells them that she is going to New York, to look into the disappearances that have occurred there recently, and to secure some of the resources that have been abandoned there. She tells them to look her up if they ever end up in the city.
  • December, 2005: The Curator of Boston contacts Daimona and tells her to deliver the things she has retrieved to the new Curator in New York, Theophrastus, at the old Ironrose Pub in Manhattan. He also suggests that if she begins to find the rebuilt New Orleans to be too strange of a place to live in, she may find the opportunities in New York to be quite fine, indeed.
  • January, 2006: Kore's parents finalize their divorce. Her mother gets legal custody of Kore, and moves the two of them to Manhattan, where she can pursue her career as an artist…of some kind. Enula, Storm's aunt, hears about the disappearance of the Sodality coven in New York, and begins doing some investigating from afar. Finishing what they are doing in New Orleans, Daimona and Promachus leave, detouring into Florida to search for Promachus' brother, Jacob, a bit, before heading north.
  • February, 2006: Enula asks Storm to accompany one of her initiates, the witch Boudicca, to New York to see about finding what has happened there. Storm agrees, having gotten a letter from Kore telling him that she is now living in New York City. Marbas (as Justin is now called) is sent to New York by his mentor in Memphis, who says he can no longer properly train him; he is to meet up with a Clavicularius magus named Valdus to continue his education. Daimona and Promachus arrive in New York.

Epulae Consilium: The Mad Mage of Wakefield: February 2006 to March 2006

Episode One: The Big Apple

  • February 10th, 2006: The mages arrive in New York and attempt to settle in. Marbas and his sister Liz Portal in to the Sanctum of his new mentor, Valdus, while Kore is already in the city and attending university. Storm contacts Justin, who crafts a Portal for him and Kelly, while Daimona and Promachus drive into town.
  • Their attempts to settle in are interrupted by a variety of bedraggled-looking Sleepers somehow enchanted with various layered magics.
  • In fighting off these soon-dubbed "magical bums", Daimona and Promachus meet a Guardian by the name of Violet.
  • Soon, the old Vernal Sanctuary alumni are reunited by Boudicca, a potent Adamantine Arrow and Storm's new mentor, and Taboo, the local head of the Guardians of the Veil. They meet to discuss the state of Consilium in New York City (in short: there is none), and learn about its other cabals.

Episode Two: The House on the Hill

  • February 22nd, 2006: The young mages all have differing dreams that actually end up in the same place: a vision of their former master Sunya, asking them to track down the sanctum that belonged to a cabal that included three of his apprentices.
  • February 23rd, 2006: The mages begin searching for the sanctum, a search that leads them to the Imam Hatem, at the Baitullah Harlem, a mosque in West Harlem. He turns them away, however. While they are out searching, they are once more attacked by a Sleeper layered in spells to make him a formidable foe. He turns out to be a veteran with severe PTSD.
  • February 25th, 2006: Miss Edith and the Rybaks, from the Vernal Sanctuary, arrive in New York, and are reunited with the young mages.
  • February 27th, 2006: Imam Hatem contacts the group, agreeing to aid them if they will help him figure out who is responsible for throwing a molotov cocktail through the window of the mosque. In short order, they discover it was a drunken deed performed by William Sparks, a young veteran fresh back from Iraq.
  • February 28th, 2006: The young mages find the villa once claimed as a sanctum in the Washington Heights neighborhood in the northern end of Manhattan. It seems to have been set up so that it is basically invisible to city bureaucracy, its power provided by a local ley line and sitting atop a significantly potent Hallow, rich with a Serene Resonance. While they are there, a cleaning woman named Lourdes shows up and is startled by them. She gives some idea of who the previous residents were: a brujah, a Batini, a Hindi and a ceremonial magician. They find a number of grimoires in the sanctum's significant library.

Episode Three: Family Values

  • March 10th, 2006: The cabal visits the Sacred Page, the bookstore-sanctum of the Evangelists, another cabal that has invited them to meet. They are a cabal from The Consilium of Two Pillars, and after reminiscing about the Vernal Sanctuary and their days in Rochester and Buffalo, wish to discuss the possibility of founding a consilium in the area. As Kore is being dropped off at home afterwards, however, a beat-up sedan slows down outside Kore's mother's townhouse and open fire in a drive-by! As it turns out, they were targeting Promachus, whom they call "Keen". Daimona finds that one of her tools is missing in the aftermath.
  • March 12th, 2006: The mages encounter a member of Cabal Et Astrum being beaten with a bat by another "magic bum." They step in help him, and find that he is somewhat disoriented himself.
  • March 13th, 2006: Officer Dan McIntyre pulls up next to Daimona and asks her to go for a ride with him. He shows her the missing magical tool, and insists. In the ride, he reveals that he is a Sleepwalker, and indicates that he thought "you people were gone." He also gives them some info about the shooters: they are tied to a local criminal named Marco "Blackeye" Carriscone, who is apparently looking for a kid named Jacob Taylor. He was picked up for soliciting a few months ago, and Officer McIntyre gives her the address where he lives with his "tranny pimp".
    • Storm takes a trip with Boudicca out to the old covenstead they were sent by Enula to track down and investigate. They find that it is not only a Hallow, but a Demesne has been built around the apple tree in the backyard, in which has been planted a Thyrsus soulstone, sunk into the tree itself. The Hallow distills its mana into Tass-apples on the tree.
    • Valdus contacts Marbas, telling him that Liz called - she is at the police station, and was mugged.
    • That night, the fledgling cabal gathers, including Violet, to go and see if they can find this Jacob Taylor, who turns out to be Promachus' younger brother. They find sentries posted - young male hustlers - but Jacob emerges and assures them these aren't "those guys". The pimp, Sophie "Cordon" Bleu, insists that Jake leave with his brother, suggesting he get out of "this life" while someone is willing to help him do it. As they leave, however, a couple of SUVs pull up and wiseguys packing heat get out and insist he come with them. A fight breaks out, and Jake sees some death and magic all in the same night.

Episode Four: Army of the Mad

  • March 19th, 2006: Taboo gathers the Guardians with a mission - a man came into the Sacred Page looking to sell some old books, among them Atlantean grimoires. They Guardians are each assigned different missions, and before they leave, Rodin pulls Violet aside, asking "She's going to kill the translator, isn't she?" Violet can only nod.
  • X: X
  • X: X
  • X: X
  • X: X
  • X: X

Downtime: April 2006

  • Kore: Kore spent two days in a coma following the events at Wakefield. During this time, Valdus works to keep Danielle calm, and suggests that they should schedule some time away once she recovers. When Kore wakes up, she is whisked away by her mother to a small villa in Martha's Vineyard.
  • Daimona: Daimona checked in on Promachus nightly, and put in appearances at the Athenaeum, but seemed to lose herself for a while. She didn't return to the cabal sanctum to sleep, and generally hit the bars and nightclubs on a nightly basis, usually going home with someone and dropping them before they got too attached.
  • Promachus: Promachus spent this entire time in a coma.
  • Marbas: Marbas, stricken by the death of Violet, accompanied Valdus on a trip to a sanctum of Valdus' in the Swiss Alps. Valdus returns to New York to continue tending to things, leaving Marbas to spend some time in private.
  • Storm: Storm and Boudicca spent time getting the covenstead back in shape, and formally beginning his apprenticeship. They spend the week of the full moon back in Britain, inviting Kelly to accompany them, but she demurs, needing to attend her first full moon with her new coven.

Epulae Consilium: Midsummer Feast: April 2006 to June 2006

x x x

Downtime: Wake of the Feast: July 2006 to September 2006

July 2006

  • The Feast of Flesh in New York is blamed by law enforcement agencies and the government on another terrorist attack, claiming they used chemical agents to instill hallucinations and rabid behavior in the populace. The government and Homeland Security arrive in force, very nearly shutting down the city in their investigations.
  • Cabal Et Astrum discovered several of their household servants turning into ghouls, and spent the rest of the night quelling the havoc in the Financial District as businessmen and others turned into ghouls. Only Dusk was not with them at the time, hanging out with her vampire friends when it happened.
  • The Evangelists suddenly found their fight much more difficult, with several of their targeted vampires suddenly turning into something much, much worse. Marcus called in a favor from Valdus, seeking his help.
  • The Krewe of Pan spent their time consolidating their hold on the apartment-Hallow and wiping out zombies and ghouls in a ten-block radius of their new Sanctum.
  • The Summer Lotus Court took to the streets of Chinatown and Little Italy, defending everyone they could find and destroying zombies.
  • The night the havoc broke out, the Temple of Stone returned to Boston.
  • A number of mages died during the Feast of Flesh: Dusk of Cabal Et Astrum, Lucas of the Evangelists and Phobos, of the Free Council New York Reclamation Project.
  • Midnight Cantata settles down in Manhattan, joining the Consilium of the Phoenix.
  • Valdus is quite injured by some kind of wound that will not heal, either naturally or with magic. He is still on hand to help Liz through the difficulties she experiences in the wake of Corbin's death; likewise, she physically assists him around the house. Eventually, Valdus hires her to be his caretaker and nurse.
  • Life in New York becomes quite difficult with government agents everywhere. They find nothing, and Taboo goes to work using her influence in the Guardians to get certain members of the Order to get them to lighten up.
  • Storm is visited by Phinia and Heliophilus, who give him the deed to the Sun & Steel shop and the apartments above it.
  • Boudicca hands the reins as Adamant Sage over to Sife Xia He of the Summer Lotus Court and takes Storm and Kelly to Britain, where Kelly is initiated into the Craft properly.
  • Danielle Grant, Kore's mother, breaks up with Carter Rockerfeller when she catches him seeing another woman. She retreats to a villa on Fire Island; Kore and Ms. Edith go with her.

August 2006

  • After a lot of difficulty, Marbas' gym opens in Midtown and is immediately a big hit, providing stressed police officers a place to congregate, work out their stresses and bitch about things outside of official areas.
  • At Lughnassadh, Storm acts as the sacrificial Lammas King at the Covenstead, and the spirits of the place turn out to witness and experience the rite. In honor of his assumption of the mantle of stewardship over the land, Boudicca offers to craft him a set of tattoo-fetishes, in which the four elementals he is now rightful king of might dwell, waiting for his call.
  • In late August, an overly-extreme checkpoint operation results in a riot at the Manhattan exit of the Brooklyn Bridge. Government agents are extricated by the police, and the Army is on hand to quell the rioters.
  • Tired of waking up with nightmares after his experiences on Midsummer Night, Jake (Promachus' brother) signs up for boxing and martial arts classes at Marbas' gym.

September 2006

  • Riots during the first week of September demonstrate how fed-up the citizens of New York are with the presence of government agents doing nothing. A curfew is established, and outrage swells.
  • Having trained the new Guardian of the Veil, Thor, Taboo announces the establishment of a new cabal called XXX whose membership is made up of herself, Thor and Rodin.
  • After some time working on paperwork, a business plan and the like, Daimona finally gets enough of a loan from Marcus to open her business, Guardian Angel Security, with help from Noah establishing a new identity.
  • The Temple of Stone returned from their extended stay in Boston.
  • The entire city shuts down on September 11th, the anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing, and the next day the President announces the lifting of the curfew and State of Emergency.
  • The Curator of the Athenaeum, Theophrastus, still has not been heard from. The Athenaeum is generally unguarded, save by Albert Rybak (who is facing problems of his own, having lost his wife and nearly been killed by her during the Feast of Flesh).

Downtime: A Parting of Ways: October 2006 to June 2007

  • October 2006: Following Promachus' initiation into the House of Ariadne in which he foresaw further Feasts down the road, the Cabal of the Wandering Star departs New York, bringing word to their Orders and going their separate way.
    • Storm, Kelley and Bouddica purchase an old run-down orchard farm in Walworth, NY, near Rochester.
    • Promachus and Jacob, with the help of Storm, relocate to London.
    • Marbas remains in New York despite the urging of his cabalmates and mentor.
      • Though he nominally remains there to close up the cabal's operations, he stubbornly tries to hold onto his new gym and the cabal sanctum, sure that things will calm down once more.
      • Valdus retreats to his sanctum in the Alps, with Liz accompanying him as a caretaker. They realize that the Feast of Flesh has made Liz a Sleepwalker.
    • Kore, being driven to distraction by her mother, re-encounters the werewolf Ulbreh. They get together, and he proposes a road trip. Kore tells her mother that she's decided to travel, which Danielle interprets as a young woman's desire to get out into society and the art world, and gives her blessing. Both agree that after recent events, she could use some time off from school.
    • 'Daimona' remains in New York to help pack up the Athenaeum.
  • November 2006:
    • Marbas finds his hands full as consilium in New York City dissolves and it becomes host to wandering scavenger-magi intent on stealing all the Awakened resources they can and then abandoning the city once more. He drops anything but the most cursory contact with his old cabal.
    • Daimona works frantically to get the rest of the Athenaeum shipped off to X. She also starts searching abandoned Sanctums for anything interesting that might have been left behind.
    • Storm and Boudicca join The Consilium of Two Pillars out of Rochester while focusing their efforts on fixing up their farm.
    • While in a cab traveling through London with Jacob, Promachus is attacked by members of the Seers of the Throne. They ram the cab in the side with another car, and the damage done is severe enough that Jacob's right leg is severed below the knee. Promachus has to defend himself, and wins, but during this defense Jacob realizes what is going on and becomes a Sleepwalker. This effort gives Promachus a good in with the Mages of London, and he gains status with the local Arrows and the Millennium Assembly of London.
    • Kore and Ulbreh travel throughout the Midwest and into the South, seeing "road culture America" along the way. They become intimately involved during that time.
  • December 2006: X
    • Boudicca takes a new apprentice Arrow as part of her duties on, a young mage named Gaulus. Storm becomes involved with the local Free Councilors minimally.
    • Kore returns home in time for Christmas. Within a week of her return, she realizes that she's pregnant. Danielle is furious at first, but Ms. Edith intervenes, and Kore's mother accepts whatever decision Kore makes. She decides to keep the child, and Danielle puts all her energy into excitement at becoming a grandmother. They have a huge, extravagant Christmas as a "trial run" for baby's first Christmas next year.
  • January 2007: X
    • Storm begins his medical school classes in Rochester.
    • Kore establishes personal control over the Hope-resonanced Hallow Lighthouse in Martha's Vineyard.
    • Daimona Has a few close encounters with Scavengers and decides to get the hell out of New York. She try's and fails to convince Marbas that it is high time to bail. She then returns home to the New Orleans Consilium, The Sanctuary
  • February 2007: X
    • After several months of fighting tooth and nail, Marbas runs afoul of a pack of these scavengers who are intent on the villa, and is forced to abandon it to them, fleeing to Valdus' sanctum in the Alps. He and Liz remain there for a few months.
  • March 2007: X
    • As spring awakens in the land, Storm and Boudicca focus their efforts on rejuvenating the health of their orchard fields.
  • April 2007: X
    • Storm builds a "guesting house" hidden in the orchards to act as a healing retreat for Arrows who need it.
    • Valdus announces his retirement from active mentorship and Awakened life, and finds a new mentor for Marbas. He also offers to pay for Liz's college education. The arrangements are made for the two to relocate to San Francisco, for Liz to attend UCBerkeley and for Marbas to join the Consilium of the Mists where his new mentor is a Councilor.
  • May 2007: X
    • Daimona, as Mona Angelique, works with Albert Rybak to found Guardian Angel Consulting in New Orleans. This company specializes in testing and advising on security systems.
    • Storm and Kelly are handfasted on their new covenstead by Boudicca. The Beltane wedding is a small affair, with only Storm's old cabalmates (including a very pregnant Kore), his mother and aunt Enula, Kelly's sister and the apple orchard covenstead's new members in attendance. It is the last time all the members of the Cabal of the Wandering Star are together.
    • After the handfasting, Marbas and Liz arrive in California and begin settling in.
  • June 2007: X

Downtime: The Feast of Sin: June 2007

At the apex of Midsummer, wielders of the Fate Arcanum the world over experienced a terrible moment of nausea and horror. A few Sleepwalkers - those who were likely near Awakening as it was - also experienced these sudden visions, a traumatic Awakening that drove most of them insane. It was certainly centered on New York, though no one could tell what it was.

Cautiously, the Adamantine Arrow and Guardians of the Veil sent scouts into New York to investigate. The scouts returned shortly afterwards, indicating that they found nothing of note. Once more the renegades and unestablished magi reentered the city, buoyed on reassurances that it was now safer than ever to do so.

Reassurances that were wholly false. Those mages who entered the city all were transformed in some abhorrent fashion into things that called themselves Sineaters. Part possession and part Legacy-style soul-shaping, the transformation into Sineaters happened to every mage who entered there...even those whose souls were already Legacy-shaped.

After terrible treachery from Sineaters in Consilii all over the world, the Guardians led a crackdown on those magi who'd been to New York. They discovered that even some who'd left town before the Feast of Sin had been transformed. They were discovered and excised, all sentenced to Gilgul to ensure the twisting of the soul did not transcend incarnation.

The Guardians and Adamantine Arrow establish the containment zone known as The Adesus.

Downtime: A World of Sin: 2007 to 2012


  • July 2007: X
  • August 2007: X
    • Daimona wins the locksport competition at DEF CON in Las Vegas. This helps attract some of the first Business Guardian Angel Consulting receives.
    • Storm finds out that Kelly is pregnant with their first child.
    • Kore gives birth in early August to her first child, a boy named Theodore Patrick.
  • September 2007: X
    • Kore moves to Salzburg, Austria, to continue her education in ethnomusicology. She joins the Consilium of Saint Rupert, an ancient Consilium in the city. She also joins the Sammlung Noricum, the Mysterium Caucus and is assigned to Salzburg's athenateum, the Wintergarten. Ulbreh falls in with a tribe of Rrom in his wanderings, much to his and Kore's delight.
  • October 2007: Throughout the month of October, the Guardians of the Veil came for the Wandering Star magi, using reasonable approaches to discuss the Sineater threat and request their cooperation in being examined for Sineater contagion. They are careful to space them out such that none of the cabal are at the Sanctified Offices of The Adesus at the same time. Ultimately, none of the Wandering Star are found to be Sineaters, which is unusual - they are the only cabal to escape with no infections. The Guardians postulate that it might have something to do with their Awakenings at very young ages.
    • Daimona is the first of the cabal asked to appear before The Adesus. She spends close to two days being interrogated, by them as one of the Guardians is convinced that she must be a Sineater. When she returns to New Orleans she contacts Taboo to find out what she knows about the Sin Eaters.
    • When Kore returns from the Sanctified Offices, she finds Ulbreh waiting for her. This begins a longer-term relationship, of a sort that Kore likes to call the "Captain's Wife" relationship - he often leaves her and their child to answer his wandering urges, and she waits for him. He always returns every few weeks, though, and is very attentive when he is there.
  • November 2007: X
    • After weeks of planning, Daimona breaks into the Sanctified Offices. She makes here way to the Archives and begins photographing everything she can find. When she is found there, she is presented a choice. Join the Adesus for a year, or have them seek censure against her at he Consilium. Naturally, she joins them.
    • Kore encounters Marbas' old mentor, Valdus, while he is at a medical appointment with a Mysterium magus in Salzburg. They reconnect, and when she indicates a desire to seek help for some concerns she has, she introduces her to Cyracordia, a Clavicularius psychologist in San Francisco, CA. He insists that she come up and visit him occasionally, and he'll arrange Space-based passage to her appointments with the potent Mind mage and Councilor, who also turns out to be Marbas' new mentor. She reconnects with Marbas and Liz occasionally.
    • In late November, Promachus begins seeing Theroscopia, an Obrimos Adamantine Arrow whose real name is Diana Woodward, a Tamer of Fire. She begins teaching him the Hand of Fate Fighting Style (a version of the Adamantine Arrow style).
  • December 2007: X
    • Kore discovers the true nature of her "familiar" Madeline - she is actually the ghost of a mage named Antalia. She tells her that she'd haunted the violin her parents got her years ago, and sensed the twinges of Fate connecting them somehow. She is a Singer in Silence, and begins to instruct Kore in that Legacy. For some reason, though, the study is difficult, and she can't quite seem to grasp the Legacy.
    • Kore also discovers that she's pregnant again. Ulbreh begins spending a great deal more time at their home, leaving for just a few days now and again. Danielle insists that if Kore won't move home again, then she at least let her send Ms. Edith to help her, which Kore agrees to. Danielle and Ms. Edith both come out for Christmas.


  • January 2008: X
    • Kore's father passes away. Her grief is overwhelming at the funeral, and suddenly the lessons of her Legacy click into place, and she achieves the first Attainment.
  • February 2008: X
    • Because Kore could not answer the subpoena to return to New York for the trial of Stacey's killer, he is found not guilty. Angry, Kore creates a new fetter and sends it to the abuser, intending that she should haunt him to the edge of insanity and force him to admit to his crime. Instead, the rage at being in his presence again slowly builds until Stacey can actually use her ghostly powers to kill the man. When he dies, Stacey achieves her moment of ghostly transcendence. Kore is horrified and traumatized, both at the death she has caused, and by the notion that something as beautiful as a ghost transcending its fetters and passions could be caused by something so horrible.
  • March 2008: X
    • Kore, with help from her mother's contacts and her inheritance, establishes the Light of Hope Foundation, dedicated to the preservation of the lighthouse Hallow she controls as a historical site.
  • April 2008: X
    • On his way back from Rochester, Storm is swiftly taken by Guardians from the Sanctified Offices of The Adesus. They have had indications of Sineater activities traced back to him, and undertake aggressive interrogation techniques.
      • While Daimona can only watch helplessly as the Sanctified Offices question Storm, she notices his phone ringing: it is Kelly, who is terribly fearful, saying that Boudicca is trying to kill her!
      • Realizing that the Sineater traces came not from Storm, but Boudicca, the Guardians, Daimona and Storm all get back to the covenstead quickly. There, they discover that Boudicca has killed her apprentice, Gaulus, and a battle with the Sineater who used to be Boudicca breaks out.
      • Unable at first to find Kelly, Storm is contacted by a member of the coven, who rescued Kelly and got her to a hospital, where her injuries forced the doctors to deliver their child a month early by Caesarean section.
    • Storm and Kelly name their new daughter "Savanna Ryan"
  • May 2008: X
    • Promachus announces to his former cabalmates that he will be getting married in mid-September. He asks Storm to be his best man, because it was Storm who helped him get to London, where he met Theroscopia.
  • June 2008: X
  • July 2008: X
    • Kore gives birth to her second child, a daughter that she names Madeline Grace.
  • August 2008: X
  • September 2008: X
    • About a week before the wedding, Theroscopia reveals herself as a Sineater, and tries to infect Promachus. He is able to defeat her, eventually, but she gets away. Promachus keeps this information from the Guardians, and from his cabal. He tells others that he and Theroscopia had a major fight, had broken up, and that she had left London in her anger. Promachus has no idea how she became infected, and wants only to find a way to reverse it.
  • October 2008: X
    • Promachus begins having dreams about NYC, some benevolent, and some nightmares. This he also keeps from the Guardians.
  • November 2008:
    • Promachus contacts his former cabalmates about his dreams, requesting that they keep the dreams secret before he will tell them their contents.
    • Kore begins working with Promachus and Jake to uncover further information about the Sineaters. Jake, as a Sleepwalker, is able to travel into NYC with manageable risk. Promachus does the leg work to other parts of the world, based on Kore's research. She rarely leaves Salzburg, herself.
  • December 2008: X


  • January 2009: X
  • February 2009: X
  • March 2009:
    • After working for The Adesus for over a year, Daimona tries to convince them to be more aggressive in their investigation into the cause of the Feasts. When they refuse to look closer, she quits. They tell her that if they see her go anywhere near New York, or if she breaks back into the offices, she will be summarily killed.
    • After significant therapy, Kore performs for a Mysterium audience at the Wintergarten, a concert of feared-lost music she has retrieved from her meticulous interviewing of ghosts for their memories of the music of their people. She goes on to do several other performances, for audiences both Awakened and Sleeper academics, and releases an album.
  • April 2009: X
    • Daimona returns to New Orleans full time and begins actively working in the Consilium.
  • May 2009: X
  • June 2009: X
  • July 2009: X
  • August 2009: X
  • September 2009: X
    • Kore releases an album of music featuring themes of light, hope and the sea, intended to raise proceeds for and raise awareness of the Martha's Vineyard lighthouse and similar historical preservation projects.
  • October 2009: X
  • November 2009: X
  • December 2009: X


  • January 2010: X
  • February 2010: X
  • March 2010: X
  • April 2010: X
  • May 2010: Kore graduates with a degree in Ethnomusicology from Mozarteum University in Salzburg.
  • June 2010: X
  • July 2010: X
  • August 2010: X
  • September 2010: X
  • October 2010: X
  • November 2010: X
  • December 2010: X


  • January 2011: X
  • February 2011:
    • The Mardi Gras war. Using the confusion of Mardi Gras, Daimona along her cabal and a mixture of Mysterium and Adamantine Arrow mages, begin attacking Vampires. While they initially avoid conflict in the French Quarter, several pursuits and other conflicts boil over into there. During the fighting, Geist's kill one of her cabal mates, and several other mages are severely injured. Eventually the Geist's have had enough and approach the Hirearch of the city with an ultimatum. Put a stop to the conflict, pay restitution and have Daimona removed from power. Or the Geist's will declare open war on the New Orleans Mages. Daimona loses her position as Councilor and a fair amount of her standing with the Consilium.
  • March 2011: X
  • April 2011: X
  • May 2011:
    • Daimona's Mother is embraced by the local vampire as revenge for her actions during the Mardis Gras war. Daimona is told by the Hierarch that she will take no action against the vampires.
  • June 2011: X
  • July 2011: X
  • August 2011: X
  • September 2011: X
    • Doctor Storm Ryan graduates from medical school.
  • October 2011: X
  • November 2011: X
  • December 2011: X


  • January 2012: X
  • February 2012: X
  • March 2012: Kelly discovers she is pregnant again
  • April 2012: X
  • May 2012: X
  • June 2012: X

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