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Creating Formulae

Formulae are necessary for the use of both the Artificer and Ritualist Advantages. The process for creating formulae for both is identical, and a formula once created can be used to create either artifacts or rituals.

All magicians with the Artificer or Ritualist Advantages are assumed to already have the formulae for the Common Effects: Sorcerous Arcana listed at the bottom of this page. Sometimes these don't quite suffice for a magician's needs, however, requiring them to invent entirely new ones. This is the process for that.

Deciding the Effect

  • You have to first decide the Effect you want, and the details attached to it: Extras, Flaws, and all other details. Record these.

Designing the Formula

  • Once you have decided on the Effect you want, you must spend time recording and preparing the formula for this spell. This requires three things: a magical library, time, and an Expertise (Magic) check.
  • Magical Library: You must have access to a repository of arcane lore of some kind. Membership in many of the setting's organizations (like the Zodiac Society) includes access to such a library.
    • You may also purchase a library as a Ranked Advantage of up to 6 ranks: the first rank to possess a library, and the up to five additional grants granting a +1 per rank to Expertise: Magic checks when able to refer to it.
  • Time: Look at the Cost Per Rank of the Effect you want to formulate. For each Power Point of that cost, designing that power takes 20 hours of design time. Add an additional 5 hours per flat point of the Effect's cost. So, a power with a cost of 2 points per rank + 3 flat points takes 55 hours of design time.
  • Expertise (Magic) Check: Once you have spent the necessary time, the GM will make an Expertise (Magic) test for you. You can make a Routine Check.
  • DC: The base DC is based on the Cost Per Rank of the effect. It is (base point per rank cost x 5) + 5. So, it is a 10 for 1 point per rank, 15 for 2 points per rank, 20 for 3 points per rank, 25 for 4 points per rank, and so on. Then, add an additional +1 to the DC for each 1 flat point of cost on top of that. So a power with 2 points per rank + 3 flat points would be a DC 18 (15 for 2p/r + 3p flat cost).
    • Success: If you succeed at the check, you now have a new formula. This formula can be used to Perform Rituals using that Effect. Magicians often trade formulas and accrue them over lifetimes, filling tomes with their various permutations.
    • Failure: If you fail the check, you can't quite figure out the specifics of the ritual. You will need to start over.
    • Failure (three+ degrees): If you fail the DC by 15 or more, you have not only failed to work out the details, but you have created a work of terrible arcane flaw. You are not aware of this flaw, and if the formula is used to perform a ritual, terrible things will occur. Someone else studying your flawed formula may discern its flaws with an hour of study and an Expertise (Magic) check DC of the original DC + 10.

Common Formulae

Most magicians with the Ritualist advantage and at least 5 ranks of Expertise: Magic are assumed to have access to the following formulae already, without the need to re-invent them.

The Sorcerous Arcana

The Sorcerous Arcana are more than simply known invocations: they are also the most-commonly known formulae in the world. Most magicians have a notebook with them scribbled in it, or a thumbdrive with scans of pages with them in it. If a character has the Ritualist Advantage, they are assumed to have access to all of the Sorcerous Arcana formulae.

The following is a list of the spells of the Sorcerous Arcana, by Effect, with links to the pages that detail them in specific.

Effect Spells
Affliction (Bindings) Baleful Bindings of Bal'Hemoth (Chains) • Bidding of Bal'Hemoth (Mind Control) • Grasp of Ghorummaz (Trapped in Stone) • Chains of Kar'Kradas (Shadow Tentacles) • Shining Shackles of Sirrion
Affliction (Curses) Bitter Lash of Bal'Hemoth (Hopelessness) • Accursed Fecundity (Tumors; Linked to Damage) • Blessing of the Black Goat (Transformed into Satyr) • Curse of the Howling Madness (Insanity) • Dream Dementia (Hallucinations) • Lamal's Labyrinth (Confusion) • Lamal's Rebuke (Stunning vs Chaos) • Miasma of Malador (Blinding; Linked to Damage) • Light of the Lumenvirate (Blinding; Linked to Damage) • Scourge of Shatachna (Scourge; Pain) • Shadows of Shatachna (Area; Blindness, Fear) • Scintillating Sun of Sirrion (Blinding, Perception Area) • Shining Suns of Sirrion (Blinding, Perception Area; Linked to Damage, Nullify) • Somnambulant Spell of Sirrion (Sleep; Area Cloud) • Chant of Chaos (Madness, Hearing Perception Area) • The Yellow Sign (Madness, Vision Perception Area) • Fangs of Yig (Paralysis) • Yig's Inexorable Transformation (Transform into Serpent Person)
Affliction (Environmental) Garden of the Black Goat (Entangling Vines) • Thunderous Tread of Ghorummaz (Earthquake)
Affliction (Wards) Ghorummaz's Dictum (Ward Against Unnatural Creatures) • Heshem's Holy Hearth (Ward Against Creatures of Evil, Darkness) • Sign of the Modrossus (Ward Against Magical Creatures) • Shatachna's Seal of Silence (Prevent Speaking of Subject) • Ward of Weyan (Ward Against Chaos)
Affliction (Other) Light of Lamal (Truth-Speaking) • Mists of the Modrossus (Memory-Erasing) • Fifth Wheel: The Wheel of Waiting (Time Freeze)
Burrowing None Commonly Known
Communication Sixth Wheel: The Wheel of Whispers (Air, Auditory)
Comprehend None Commonly Known
Concealment Hood of Heshem (All Visual) • Cloak of Idolon (Magic) • Veil of Idolon (Mental Senses, Remote Sensing) • Mists of Malador (Visual Attack) • Obscuring Orb of Obroros (Selective Area Visual, Mental) • Scarlet Shades of Sirrion (Visual Attack)
Create Labors of the Lumenvirate (Light Constructs)
Damage Accursed Fecundity (Tumors; Linked to Affliction) • Storm of Ghorummaz (Lightning) • Hook of Heshem (Claws) • Miasma of Malador (Acidic; Linked to Affliction) • Might of Malador (Necromantic) • Light of the Lumenvirate (Light; Linked to Affliction) • Flames of the Phoros (Ranged Area Fire) • Firelance of the Phoros (Ranged Fire) • Fireward of the Phoros (Reaction Touch Fire) • Flamesummons of the Phoros (Ranged Area Fire; Existing Flames only) • Scythe of ShatachnaSearing Sun of Sirrion (Light, Perception Area) • Shining Suns of Sirrion (Light, Perception Area; Linked to Affliction, Nullify) • Maw of Vhoka
Deflect Third Wheel: The Wheel of Warding
Elongation None Commonly Known
Enhanced Trait Auspicious Augury of Ahgrazul (Advantage: Second Chance) • Arms of the Mother (Advantages; Linked to Extra Limbs, Movement, Weaken) • The Enchantment of Ios (Presence + Fascinate Advantage) • The Everwatchful Eye of Ios (Uncanny Dodge, Danger Sense)
Environment Illumination of Abbridon (Daylight) • Great Gale of Ghorummaz (Storm)
Extra Limbs Arms of the Mother (Tentacles; Linked to Enhanced Advantages, Movement, Weaken)
Feature None Commonly Known
Flight None Commonly Known
Growth None Commonly Known
Healing None Commonly Known
Illusion Illusions of Idolon (All Senses) • Phantasms of the Phoros (Visual)
Immortality None Commonly Known
Immunity None Commonly Known
Insubstantial None Commonly Known
Leaping None Commonly Known
Luck Control None Commonly Known
Mind Reading None Commonly Known
Morph None Commonly Known
Move Object Hand of HeshemFourth Wheel: The Wheel of Winds
Movement Airts of Ahgrazul (Dimensional, All Mystical) • Arms of the Mother (Swinging; Linked to Enhanced Advantages, Extra Limbs, Weaken) • Heshem's Way (Dimensional, All Mystical) • The Crying Road (Dimensional, Dream) • Seventh Wheel: The Wheel of Worlds (Dimensional, All Mystical)
Nullify Abjurations of Abbridon (Binding, Darkness, Evil Summons) • All-Revealing Light of Abbridon (Concealing, Illusions) • Holy Hosts of Heshem (Magic) • Temperance of the Triluminary (Magic) • Occult Exorcism of Obroros (Mind Effects, Possession) • Magefire of the Phoros (Magic) • Sorcerous Sun of Sirrion (Magic, Perception Area) • Shining Suns of Sirrion (Magic, Perception Area; Linked to Affliction, Damage)
Protection Aegis of AbbridonFlameshield of the PhorosShining Shield of Sirrion
Quickness None Commonly Known
Regeneration None Commonly Known
Remote Sensing All-Seeing Eyes of Abbridon (Vision) • Ahgrazul's Compass (Visual) • Omens of Obroros (Obroros Itself) • Second Wheel: The Wheel of Watching (Visual)
Senses Auspicious Augury of Ahgrazul (Precognition) • The Eight Eyes of Ios (Radius Vision, Counter Illusion and Concealment)
Shrinking None Commonly Known
Speed None Commonly Known
Summon Beast of Bal'Hemoth (Demon or Giant Spider) • Summon Dark Young (Thousand Young of the Black Goat) • Dream Denizens (Nightmare Creatures) • Call of Kar'Kradas (Unique Horrors) • Hounds of Kar'Kradas (Darkhounds) • Umbral Kraken of Kar'KradasMalevolent Minion of Malador (Undead) • Servitors of Shatachna (Shadow Demon) • Star Demons of Sirrion • Unspeakable Summoning (Unspeakable Servitor) • Dance of Vhoka (Animated Weapon) • First Wheel: The Wheel of Workings (Animated Objects; Linked to Transform) • Curse of Yig (Vipers)
Swimming None Commonly Known
Teleport Crooked Path of Kar'Kradas (Shadows)
Transform First Wheel: The Wheel of Workings (Broken Objects into Repaired; Linked to Summon)
Weaken Arms of the Mother (Strength; Linked to Enhanced Advantages, Extra Limbs, Movement) • Vile Venom of Vhoka (Strength) • Wondrous Working of Weyan (Magic)

The Antediluvian Mysteries

A corpus of magical rituals, the Antediluvian Mysteries are thought to predate recorded history, traced back to the sorcerous empires of Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyperboria, Kumari Kandam, and other such realms.

  • Arcane Gate: Teleportation, 6 points per rank • Standard Action, Rank Range, Instant • Easy, Extended, Increased Duration (Instant to Concentration), Portal • Increased Action 1 (Move to Standard), Limited to Extended
    • The magician opens a gate to somewhere else on Earth, creating a five-foot wide portal that others may pass through.
    • Effect: This takes two Standard Actions to fully activate, one to summon the gate's enery and the other to open the gate itself. Once opened, however, the magician may use concentration to keep the gateway open. The destination must be somewhere the magician knows or can sense (sometimes through Scrying, see below), within a Distance Rank of 8 + Power Level (allowing a Rank 13 Arcane Gate to reach anywhere on Earth).
  • Astral Projection: Remote Sensing (Visual, Aural, and Mental), 2 points per rank • Free Action, Rank Range, Sustained • Side-Effect (physical body is defenseless and immobile)
    • A ritual that allows the magician to project their subtle body to other places they are aware of within the earthly realm, appearing in such places as a ghostly, immaterial entity in the shape of their idealized self.
    • Effect: Rank of power indicates the distance the astral body can travel. Those in area may senses a presence with an astral presence with an Insight check (DC 10 + spell rank). You can use Perception Ranged effects while in astral form, and be affected by visual, aural, and mental sensory effects.
  • The Atlantean Working: Quickness 5 (Creating Formulae, Performing Rituals), 5 Power Points • x
    • This spell is one practiced by many magicians who delve extensively into ritual magic, speeding up the time it takes to gather the power involved and ground it into manifestation. It is believed that this occult science was what allowed the Atlantean sorcerers of old to achieve the incredible heights of sorcery that they did.
    • Effect: Reduce the Time Rank to perform either the creation of formulae or the performance of a ritual by 5 ranks. Thus, a ritual taking 4 hours (Time Rank 11) instead only takes 8 minutes (Time Rank 6). However, such an enhanced ritual does not qualify for Team Checks unless everyone on the team can use the Atlantean Working.
  • Eldritch Bolt: Damage (Magic), 2 points per rank • Standard Action, Ranged, Instant • Ranged 1 (Ranged)
    • A classic of magical power, the eldritch bolt is a ravening beam of pure magical force.
    • Effect: With a Ranged Attack roll, this magic strikes the enemy with a damage rank equal to the spell's rank, at a range of Short (rank x 25 feet), Medium (rank x 50 feet, -2 to hit), or Long (rank x 100 feet, -5 to hit).
    • Eldritch Barrage (Variant): Powerful war-magics, the Eldritch Barrage adds the Multiattack extra. It costs 3 points per rank.
    • Eldritch Blast (Variant): A magical explosion, Eldritch Blast adds the Area (Burst) extra. It costs 3 points per rank.
  • Eldritch Shield: Protection (Magic), 1 point per rank • No Action, Personal, Sustained • Sustained
    • Considered another basic working that the wise has at their beck and call, this protects the magician from harm, manifesting as a shield of arcane sigils.
    • Effect: This adds +1 per rank to Toughness saves. This is still adherent to the limits to Toughness based on Power Level (that is, Toughness + Dodge cannot exceed double Power Level, nor can Toughness + Parry).
  • Plumb the Akashic Library: Enhance Expertise (Magic), 1 per per 2 ranks • Free Action, Personal, Sustained
    • This spell is used by the magician to delve into the accumulated magical lore of humanity, theoretically since the era of the sorcerous empires of old. Magicians frequently use this as part of their formula design, ritual spellcasting, and artificing.
    • Effect: This grants a bonus to an Expertise: Magic check at a +1 per rank. This is still limited by Power Level of the campaign (a limit of 10 + Power Level), but allows the magician to maximize their Expertise before engaging in prolonged magical work.
  • Scrying: Detect Person (Visual, Auditory), 1 points per 2 ranks + 2 points flat • Standard Action, Rank Range, Sustained • Affects Others, Dimensional (Mystic) • Increased Action 2 (Free to Standard), Limited (People or Objects Known), Medium (Reflective)
    • Using a reflective surface, the magician enchants it to show him a person or object known to him. Others in the area can also see and hear the images transmitted through the surface. It can also be used to pierce into the mystical dimensions, should the target of this spell be beyond the mortal world's boundaries.
    • Effect: The rank of this power determines that maximum range at which it can function (a Rank 21 grants coverage over the entire Earth).