Bad Moon Over Astoria

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A World of Darkness Chronicle, set in Astoria, Oregon
I see the bad moon arising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin'.
I see those bad times today.
Don't go around tonight,
Well it's bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.
Bad Moon Rising

The events of the Bonfire Party left their mark on the University of Astoria and many of its students. With the sudden plunge into a world of supernatural predators, the small Astoria pack has seen death aplenty: that of their enemies, and of their closest friends. Though their survival was sometimes in doubt, the Astoria pack made it through the autumn, and have settled into their territory with winter's arrival.

Now, Christmas is past, and the University returns to classes for its Winter Term. And while it seems that Volk's pack have retreated to their territory to lick their wounds and prepare for the worst, it's clear there is a new threat in town: the family of hunters known as the Monks. Their desire to keep Astoria free of werewolves was so strong that even the powerful alpha Volk tried to keep them happy. What happens now when they turn their fanatical, violent attention toward the Astoria pack itself? And why exactly are they so intent on keeping Astoria wolf-free?

Player Characters

Astoria, Oregon
Country: United States
State: Oregon
County: Clatsop
Founded: 1811
Incorporated: 1876
Mayor: Aubrey Astor
ZIP Code: 97103
Area Code(s): 503 and 971
Website: City of Astoria
Total: 10.11 sq mi (26.18 km2)
Land: 6.16 sq mi (15.95 km2)
Water: 3.95 sq mi (10.23 km2)
Elevation: 23ft (7m)
Population (2010)
Total: 9,600
Density: 1,538.5/sq mi (594.0/km2)
Ethnicities: White (90%), Hispanic (5%), Black (1%), Asian (2%), Pacific Islander (1%), Other (15)
Ancestries: German (15%), Irish (12%), English (10%), Finnish (6%), Norwegian (6%), Scottish (6%)
Income: $33,000 per annum (household), $42,000 per annum (family), 16% below poverty line
City Layout
Total: 10.11 sq mi (26.18 km2)
Land: 6.16 sq mi (15.95 km2)
Water: 3.95 sq mi (10.23 km2)
Elevation: 23ft (7m)
City Center: (Low-Mid) Astoria Column • Bank of AstoriaBlue Ocean Thai • CrossroadsDollhouse Hair Salon (and Warner's Loft) • Drina DaisyElaine's House • Kaffe • University of Astoria • Wet Dog Cafe

Alameda WestLex: (Mid) Old Ojala Cannery Warehouse • Youngs River Lofts
Navy Heights: (Low) Columbia Memorial Hospital • Stella's Home
Cathlamet: (Low) x
Greenwood: (Mid-to-High) x
Astoria Basin (CSF): Bonfire Clearing • House of Running Water • Old Ranger Station

Enrollment (2012): 6500 (2500 full time)
AdministrationFacultyStudentsFraternity Members
Athletic CenterATO Fraternity House • Library • Queer Resource Center
Other Info
Floorplans: DormitoriesGreek Row Houses
Mechanics: Status (University of Astoria) • Status (ATO)

Werewolf Mechanics
Basics: Werewolf TemplateRegeneration • Wolf Senses • Animal MagnetismPhysical Augmentation • The Howl • Werewolf Social RolesThe Full Moon
Shapeshifter Traits: Primal UrgeHarmonyEssenceRagePack TacticsGiftsRites
Shapeshifting: Shapeshifting BasicsHybrid FormWolf FormAlpha FormThe Hunger
Werewolf Merits: Mental • Physical • Social • Fighting • Supernatural
The Feral Wolf: ArchetypeFeral Triggers • Going FeralAnchors • Balance (Cults of the Moon)
Banes: SilverAconiteBelladonnaElectricitySimple Banes

Wereraven Mechanics
Basics: TemplateRegenerationCrow SensesCorvid MemorySpeaker in BlackA Murder's PlansFinesse AugmentationWolf Bond
Shapeshifter Traits: Primal UrgeHarmonyEssenceRageGifts • Rites
Manifestations: Visceral ManifestationEphemeral Manifestation
Wereraven Merits: MentalPhysicalSocialFightingSupernatural
The Rookery: ArchetypeRook-CrazeRookery Triggers • Hoards
Banes: GoldCrowpoisonPuzzlesElectricityHeart StrikeSimple Banes

Witch Mechanics
Traditions: Cunning WitchcraftWolfbanner
Mechanics: Witchcraft Merits • Witchcraft RitesWitch Traits

Spirit Mechanics
Shadow • LociSpirit Ranks • Shadow Diseases
Types of Spirits: ArtificialsElementalsCelestialsConceptualsNaturals

Astoria Pack


Our Dearly Departed

Storyteller Characters

Master Storyteller Characters List


University of Astoria Campus

  • ATO Fraternity House: One of the Greek Row Houses on campus.
  • Queer Resource Center: The room in the Student Center dedicated to the University's Gay/Straight Alliance, and as a general resource center for LGBTQ students.
  • Athletic Center: Two story building with institutional glass windows. The first floor weight room is where "crazy bloody vandalism" happened.
  • University Library: The library is a state of the art learning center with several computers and copious books. There is a heavily secured rare books vault in the basement. Currently there are no books stored here, but there are a couple Ikea sofas. The basement doesn't get cell reception.
  • The Quad: A couple people have noticed that the quad is a loci. It seems to be associated with academics and the urge to study, as well as some possibly ghoastly effects. The sapling appears as a large sycamore with book page bark in shadow. It is populated with book shaped birds, scroll shaped snakes, fighting laptops and the Astoria Bandits Racoon mascot spirit.

City Center

  • Ardorman's Fine Books: An old-fashioned book store that has been given new life by the University.
  • Wet Dog Cafe: A brew-pub known for its beers and burgers.
  • The Crossroads: Nightclub and bar; a favorite gathering place for university students.
  • Kaffe: The small coffee shop closest to the University and open twenty-four hours (a rarity in Astoria).
  • Drina Daisy: A little known Bosnian Restraunt tucked between the eclectic commercial street shops. Volf took Stella on a date here.
  • Blue Ocean Thai: "That Thai place Elaine likes"
  • Bank of Astoria: This historic turn of the century bank is one of the city's praised historical buildings. Aside from having a small working bank the top floors boast a large elaborate two story ballroom that is rented out for events, such as the Fall Formal


Astoria Basin Forest (CSF)

  • Bonfire Clearing: A clearing Warner found and set up with a large fire pit in the university-owned woodlands east of campus.
  • Old Ranger Station: In the forest behind the college there is a small ranger station. It has two small rooms and a closet stocked with emergency preparedness gear.
  • The Old Wolf Glade: An old elm tree, in whose roots past generations of wolves have made their dens. A known locus.
  • The Astoria Reservoir 2: A water reservoir. A known locus.


Alameda WestLex

  • Gunner's Gym: An old boxing gym out by the industrial docks that has started training some of its patrons in MMA styles of fighting.
  • Old Ojala Cannery Warehouse: An old warehouse where three members of Volk's pack holed up with some of their kidnap victims. It has recently become an underground fight club.
  • The Dive: A small nautical themed bar just off the Docks. The decor seems as if it hasn't been updated since the 1970s, but it has cheap beer and fish and chips, making it a decent place to grab a drink.


  • Youngs River Lofts: An old warehouse that has been divided into two swanky three story lofts. These are one of the properties owned by the Dean of Students. Jace has been temporarily gifted one of these by her to allow them easy access to eachother.


Navy Heights


  • Stella's Home: The small house that abuts the woods that Stella owns. Though she only lives there part-time, her son Jarod lives there as well.

Other Locations


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  • WoD Health Levels: House rule regarding World of Darkness Health Trait.
  • Natural Healing: Recovery from injuries in the World of Darkness, including information on medical care. Includes the Quick Healer Merit.
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